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Singapore Love Links is the biggest and safest Singapore dating site that expats and locals use. Unlike the west, using online dating sites such as Singapore Love Links is not such a taboo and is actually common place in most parts of Asia. The usual demographic of Singapore girls tend to be from 18-35 but there’s certainly older girls too on these Singapore dating sites.

Why use Singapore Love Links?

Well why not? It’s a great way for expats or holiday makers to make friends (or more) as they make their visit to Singapore. As a tourist it can be hard to know where the best bars, clubs and restaurants are without having a local by your side, using a Singapore dating site such as Singapore Love Links can get you a free tour guide or help you set up several dates for your visit here.

Singapore Dating, Singapore Dating

What type of girls are on here?

You get everything from your typical office girls who are too busy with work to go out to bars or other social events and mingle and meet people, so instead they turn various Singapore dating sites, Singapore Love Links being the most famous. You will also find a lot of normal working girls perhaps lower on the financial ladder looking for a western guy who can be their boyfriend or even someone to have a fun week with.

There’s a lot of students on here too, most from university who are looking to make friends, some looking to improve their English a bit more and not shy to hooking up with western men.

Are girls hot on Singapore dating sites?

There Asian, of course they are going to be hot! Just like with any dating site, you’re going to have a mix of everything, cute, sexy, hot, not so cute, not so sexy or not girls. It’s a mixed bag but there’s certainly enough hotties for western men to find something they like.


Free members don’t have any features expect for browsing profiles. Paid members get pretty much everything from being able to contact girls, video calling, emailing and other cool features such as knowing who has viewed or like your profile. It’s is a well established dating site used by pretty much everyone in Singapore.

Well that’s just a quick overview of Singapore love Links, the number one Singapore dating site in Singapore. Check it out and let us know what you guys think.

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