Hookers in Singapore – Where to Find Them

In this article I’ll show you where to find hookers in Singapore.

Asia is indeed the continent where you can absolutely find almost everything that you’ve been looking.

If you want to get laid with girls in Singaporeread this article.

If you are going to tour around the countries Asia, you would be able to discover countless of touristy attractions, cultures, and traditions.

Sure thing, it won’t be easy to tour around those 48 countries we can find on the continent but if you wanted to spend the best holiday vacation then you should definitely place Singapore as number 1 in your list.

Do note that hookers in Singapore a lot more expensive than other parts of Asia.

For example reads my guide below if you do intend to visit other parts of Asia

Singapore can be found in Southeast Asia and as of the moment, it has been successfully inviting more and more tourists and expats to visit this island. True enough, staying in Singapore is a bit pricey especially with their hotel room and tourist attraction rates but if you are clever enough, you may also be able to enjoy this beautiful city without spending too much.

Few of those tourist attractions you can do in Singapore are their Gardens by the Bay which is absolutely breathtaking, the Universal Studios Singapore, Night Safari and much more but what others didn’t know is that Singapore also has the best nightlife scenes in Asia.

If you are the foreigner who loves to spend most of your night dancing and grooving with all those new faces in the clubs and bars then Singapore is the place for you. If you are going to stroll around Singapore at night, you won’t just find their high-end clubs and bars but also those numerous Singapore hookers all over the city.


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, Hookers in Singapore – Where to Find Them

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Online Dating Sites

Online dating sites are already a known way nowadays to find and meet ladies from all over the world. One of the best things about these online dating sites is that it is very accessible where you can sign up to the sites with just using your cell phone or computer.

Just like with some other countries in Asia, these online dating sites are also known in Singapore where you won’t just find a lot of single and pretty girls but also a number of Singapore hookers who are looking for expats and foreigners to hook up with.

, Hookers in Singapore – Where to Find Them

There may be many online dating sites you can find on the internet today but if you’re new on online dating sites, Singapore Love Links is the best one you should try first where a lot of Singapore hookers were also a member. Singapore Love Links is very easy to use so you won’t have a hard time figuring out how online dating sites work if you just use this one.

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Smooci in Singapore

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, Hookers in Singapore – Where to Find Them

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Prostitution in Singapore

If you wanted to know how prostitution work in the city, it is actually not illicit but those other related things to prostitution are somehow illegal in Singapore.

Doing any transaction or payment for example in an open area where a lot of people can see you is illegal thus make sure you deal with those Singapore hookers behind closed doors.

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Those Brothels where you can find a lot of Singapore hookers are also illegal but authorities from the city often ignore these Brothels and let them operate regardless of the law. Singapore hookers are only legal if they do prostitution for herself only and do it at her place but these Singapore hookers are also required to be checked for STDs from time to time.

Singapore Nightlife to find hookers

What’s great with Singapore is that they can easily transform the city from being a well-efficient business hub into a buzzing network of nightclubs and bars when the sun is starting to go down where you can find all those sexy and hot Singapore hookers.

If you wanted to have fun in Singapore and enjoy most of the ‘Lion City’ then Singapore’s nightlife is the best thing you shouldn’t miss ones you are in the city. If you would just stroll around the city’s premises you would surely find a lot of high-end nightclubs and bars that you’ll surely love.

Nightclubs in Singapore

If you are able to visit Singapore a couple of months or years ago and you’ve decided to try the same nightclub you’ve been before then you have to make sure you’d check if that nightclub is still open or not because as Singapore being a very fast paced city, nightclubs in the premises do also come and go.

Nightclubs here in Singapore are surely one of the best you can find in Asia where you can find a sophisticated and very classy clubbing experience and here are five of my favorite nightclubs in Singapore where you won’t just have fun partying all night long but also a good place to find a number of Singapore hookers.

Zouk Club

I guess Zouk Club is one of the oldest in Singapore that has been running for eighteen long years already. The club is located at Singapore Riverside and the place has already earned a legendary status not just because of its age but also with the numerous zones and rooms you can find inside the Zouk Club which every party goers love so much.

Zouk Club, by the way, have an entrance fee of $S20 where you can already have a free drink and every Wednesdays, Zouk Club has their free drinks for the ladies. The club is only open during Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 21:00 up to 4:00 and as being one of the best clubs in the city, it is also inevitable to find a lot of Singapore hookers in here.

, Hookers in Singapore – Where to Find Them

Club Kyo

This one is actually an underground club from the music they have every night and also with the club’s location as well which is a former bank vault that can be found in the basement of Keck Seng Tower which made the clubbing experience in Club Kyo a much more exciting one.

What I liked in this club is that they have plenty of room for you to sit so you would also have some time to relax after standing and dancing for a couple of hours. Just like with Zouk Club, Club Kyo is only open during Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10:00 until 3:00 and when it comes to their entrance fee, they charge from $S20 to $S25 depending on the night.

, Hookers in Singapore – Where to Find Them

Canvas Nightclub

Are familiar with Home Club or have visited it before? Well, Home Club was been closed already but glad to let you know that it has been replaced with a new party destination which is now the Canvas Nightclub that can be found at Clarke Quay and opens every day from 15:00 up to 3:00.

During daytime, you would find an art gallery inside Canvas Nightclub but as the sun goes down, you would eventually feel the underground feeling this club can give. Although Canvas is just new in the industry, it already made a good vibrant to party goers and if you wanted to look for some Singapore hookers in this club, you would also find a number of them here.

Trace Lounge

Trace Lounge is also located at Clarke Quay hence it is a great choice if you’d like to hop from one club to the other. If you the person who’s into hip hop and EBM then Trace Lounge is a must visit for you especially with their lighting effects and sound system that are indeed perfect for an exciting night at Singapore.

They are also open three night in a week (Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday) which is pretty common in most of the clubs in Singapore. Opening hours of Trace Lounge are from 22:00 up to 3:00 during Wednesday but they extend until 4:00 every Friday and Saturday.


Well, this Singapore Nightclub the third nightclub that I really like in Clarke Quay and what people really look forward to this one is that it is operational seven days a week hence you can surely visit Attica any day of the week.

Attica is also known for the best DJs in town such as Paul Oakenfold and much more. This club is one of the largest one in Singapore but with all the party goers in here, you would still bump into each other ones you are in the dancefloor. They also have an entrance fee of $S30 but with this price, you can already have two drinks for the night.

Other Nightlife Scenes in Singapore:

Marina Bay Sands

After running for about seven years today, Marina Bay Sands was really able to be a great focal point in the city where you can definitely chill out and relax after a very tiring day from strolling around Singapore’s premises.

Marina Bay Sands doesn’t just have a vibrant aura but it also has a number of clubs and bars and one of those is Club Kyo that is listed above. CE LA VI, 1-Altitude and many more party scenes in Singapore are also located here in Marina Bay Sands thus you would surely have fun ones you try this area in Singapore.

They also have some shopping malls in here where you can buy almost everything that you’ve been looking for. Esplanade is also a great place that you can find in Marina Bay Sands which is a Concert Hall and multi-purpose art center where you’ll see a fantastic and amazing array of shows at the bay area in Singapore.

Geylang Road Singapore

If you are looking for a place in Singapore where you can find numerous Singapore hookers and Geylang girls then you should give Geylang Road a visit. Here in Geylang Road, you would find hundreds or even thousands of Singapore hookers, Geylang girls, and massage ladies.

What’s good here in Geylang Road is that their Brothels are legal thus you don’t have to worry of being raided when having a great time with their Geylang girls. These Geylang girls in this area are mostly 20 to 29 years old and they also have a lot of girls who are from Malaysia, China, Thailand and even from Russia and much more.

After finding out that there are a lot of Geylang girls who are working in this area, the government has already given those Geylang girls a certificate where it allows them to work as prostitutes in the Geylang Road as long as these Geylang girls won’t do it along the roadside or in the hotel lobbies.

If you would stroll around the streets of Geylang Road to look for some Geylang girls, it is also inevitable to find a few houses with a “Private Residence” and they often do it just to prevent those wrong sort of guests at their houses hence if you are looking for Geylang girls, make sure you are able to enter the right place and avoid any embarrassment.

Geylang girls are actually available all the time but if you wanted to get the best one, you should check these Geylang girls from 12:30 onwards where a lot of these Geylang girls are starting to show up and if you are the shy type of person who doesn’t want to be seen at Brothels here in Geylang Road, you can visit these Brothels from 13:00 to 15:00 where there are still a few guests.

Massage parlors and brothels in Geylang Road usually price $50 (Singapore dollars) for a twenty minutes sex with their Geylang girls inside a cramped area inside the establishment but if you wanted to extend it to an hour, they ask $S100 for average Geylang girls and $S200 for attractive and pretty Geylang girls.

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With this Singapore nightlife guide, it would surely be easier for you to stroll around the city premises and look for those Geylang girls and Singapore hookers who are absolutely a must try ones you are in Singapore.


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