Why You Should Leave Thailand in Your 30s

At what point should you consider leaving Thailand? If you want to leave with your mental health in check, you need to leave within 3-4 years of living here, or when you hit 30~. “What, leave Thailand, are you crazy Harvie?” Yes I am, and if you’ve been here 3 years or longer, chances are

A Day in the Life of a Creep

A faint light appears. I instinctively rub my eyes and see it’s 9:27 am. I can’t remember the last time I used an alarm clock. I get out of bed, relax on the balcony and take in the views. I hear splashing. Two (hot) women are taking selfies in the condo pool. I see them, but

How to Cure Your Hooker-Phobia

I didn’t realize until recently that some men have trouble speaking or being around hookers, well I did, but never thought it an epidemic. If you thought Ebola was bad, hooker-phobia is on another level, and what worse, it mostly affects white people! Hooker-phobia: the term used to describe someone who has a negative feeling when talking

The Black and Indian Guide to Dating Thai Girls

What’s it like for Black and Indians in Thailand, and do Thai girls like us, have been the most emailed questions to me in 2018. Disclaimer: the rest of this article is going to be intentionally offensive, uncomfortably racist and triggering all in the name of dark humor. Please leave now if you’re offended easily.