Becoming an Ethical Whore-ist in Bangkok

Yes there is such a thing as ethical whoring, while this guide focuses on Bangkok you can take the main principles and apply them to almost any city in the world. So children, let us begin. What is ethical whoring? Ethical whoring is much like a Bitcoin transaction, there are no middlemen involved and both

How to Get a Thai Tourist Visa in Manila

In this article, I tell you how I got my Thai Tourist visa in Manila, Philippines. What you need To get yourself a single entry Thai tourist visa in Manila, you will need the following paperwork: Passport Flight ticket to Thailand Flight ticket out of Thailand Hotel reservation Bank statement from your home bank showing travel

Cost of Living in Bangkok 2017

How much does it cost to live in Bangkok in 2017? For the entire month of January I have jotted down every baht I spent and I’ve documented it all below. In the month of January I spent 42,252? (excluding visa and health insurance costs). Here is the breakdown below of my living costs in