The South East Asia City Breakdown

You, an aspiring heterosexual male, ready to leave your mother’s tit and make the move to Asia. A move you’ve been planning for months, maybe even years. As you fiddle downstairs trying to find your peanut size balls to make the jump, a question you’ll ask yourself is Which city in Asia should I move to? So

How to Meet Good Thai girls in Thailand

My blog has many different niche groups. You have the forever aloners who have never spoken to a girl, but want to move to Thailand. You have the young digital nomads who are saying NO to the Matrix and trying to figure things out in the War Zone. You have successfully Bangkok expats who read

How to Pick up Girls in Thailand

Comments on my recent Oscar Award Winning blogs have been the above . “Hey Harvie, how do I pick up Thai girls?” Well wait no longer, I have created the A Farang Aboard’s Guide to Picking Up Girls in Thailand. How to pick up girls in Thailand Picking up girls in Thailand is easy. You