Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

In this article you’ll learn where to find soapy massages in Phuket and Nuru massages.

If this is your first time in Phuket you may want to save this article so you can refer to it when you’re actually here.

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sex massage, Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

Most foreign men prefer Thai girls because of their slim figures and fair skin plus all the action minus the talking.

Most of these massages are offered in local massage establishments and you might also be surprised especially if this is your first time visiting Phuket, that you will be able to read and see huge signage of the so-called happy ending massage.

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, but it is tolerated but that’s a whole lot of story and we’ll just leave that to politics, etc.

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Where to find nuru massages in Phuket

Nuru massages in Phuket are hard to find unlike Nuru massages of Bangkok.

A nuru massage is a erotic sexual massage where the girl uses a special gel (nuru).

There aren’t any nuru massages in Phuket that I know of that specialise in this service.

The reason for this is because most people who come to Phuket are tourists and to give a Nuru massages in Phuket requires a lot of work for the girl as she needs to work and move for the entire massage.

Most erotic massages you’ll find here will not include soapies or nuru gel, but a massage and a bed.

If you want to come to Thailand and experience a nuru massage in Phuket your best bet would be to use an escort service and tell them before hand what you want.

Be careful what you wish for though as a Nuru in your hotel or apartment will get messy quickly.

If you don’t want to visit a massage then read my guide on where to find sex in Phuket

Nuru massages in Phuket must be preformed on a mat and not a mattress because the nuru gel will soak up into the sheets. Some escort services may provide bed toppers at an extra fee but it’s really not worth it.

But yes, if you want nuru massages in Patong you’ll have a hard time finding one.

Smooci Phuket

If you’re looking for an incall service that is professional, discreet and offers a full range of services, there is no better service than Smooci.

Through their website, you can book any number of girls to come directly to your room and provide you with many services.

sex massage, Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

Prices of each girl are listed on the site and at any one time they typically have up to 20+ girls free, you can learn more by visiting their website: www.Smooci.com

What about Soapy massages in Phuket?

Soapy massages in Phuket are much easier to find.

To perform a soapy massage in Patong all that’s needed is a bathtub.

Do note that not every massage shop in Phuket will have a bathtub, some just have showers.

When you walk into a Phuket massage shop, the mamasan will ask you what type of massage you want.

If you’re looking for a soapy massage ask them if they have any rooms with bathtubs, most shops will charge you more for the room which is common.

Expect to pay an extra 200-700b on top of the price of the massage if you want a soapy massage.

The second thing to note is just because they tell you they can offer you a soapy massage doesn’t mean you’ll get the real experience.

Some massage shops will tell you yes we can give you a soapy massage but the girls aren’t qualified because it’s a rare request.

If you’ve had a soapy massage in Phuket then leave a comment below letting us know where.

Prices for soapy will be between 2,500-3,500b, anything more and you’ll be over paying in most cases.

Phuket is not the place you go for value, read my guides on sex massages in Pattaya and where to meet freelancers in Pattaya for more info.

Christin Massage 

Christin Massage is not hard to miss.

This is located on Kathu District and is open 24 hours. If you see a huge pink building near the famous Bangla Road, that is definitely the place. Since they are open all hours this means that they cater to many visitors and houses lots of girls.

For first timers, once you enter Christin Massage massage Phuket, you will be welcomed by a mamasan offering you a menu for the drink list. Then you will be directed to check out the fishbowl where you can go and pick the girl that you would want to be your masseuse. Girls are priced according to their looks and age, so the prettier and younger they are, the expensive they can be.

Okay so you pay them up, then you will be led to the room (which you have paid as well for certain hours). The room at Christian massage consists of a huge bed, a bathtub and a television.

Patrons are given a bath or a wash in their birthday suit on the tub and that’s usually where the action starts.

sex massage, Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

Here’s a photo of Christian massage that I took one night.

As you can see from the size of the sign if you’re looking for a discreet massage in Phuket, Christian massage is not the place to go because it’s on a huge open road and easy for everyone to see.

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Either the masseuse will give you a hand or a blow job – but it is mostly foreplay. Once you are both in the groove, she will direct you to the bed where she will give you a “fake” massage but it’s mostly just in your groin area where her hands are wandering freely. Then you will have sex but it still depends on the girl on how you are going to do it. Or it is safe to say that it depends on the price?

How long do these usually take? A patron will be asked to pay for 75 minutes’ worth of service for the price between 2,500 to 3,300 baht (again that depends on the quality of the girl you will hire). But most of these girls are just in the fun of doing business.

The sooner you shoot your load off that means that they are done with the service and she can move on to the next sex-starved customer and the more money she will earn for the day.

For those who are new, Christian massage is perhaps the famous sex massage parlor in Phuket. They are located at 206 Rat-U-Thit 200 Pe Road.

Business hours are from 2 pm to midnight. It is best to come around 6 or 7 pm since there isn’t much patrons and the girls are just starting to come in so you will have more girls to choose from.

If you come by early, expect to see around 10 to 20 girls by the fishbowl and most of them are not quite good looking.

Location can be found here.

Grand Plaza Soapy massage in Phuket

Another place for a soapy massage is Grand Plaza located at 23 Tilok-U-Thit Road, Phuket Town. This establishment is also famous for this type of service. You can also choose women inside a fishbowl and you can pick them based on their numbers. Girls are displayed in 3 groups – sexiest, popular and the regular looking. Prices vary from 3,000 baht to 1,800 baht.

They also have huge rooms where you can enjoy a soapy massage Patong style. The rooms are a little bit outdated but overall they are clean and decent looking.

Happy ending massages in Phuket on Soi Kepsap 

Soi Kepsap is quite the town when it comes to soapy massage in Phuket. Just walk down the road and you will hear women shouting “massssaagee!!” to anyone who would be willing to try it.

There isn’t a specific place or massage parlor because almost all of the massage salon in that place offers happy ending. You can have a sex massage Phuket style in either any of these establishments.

Unlike Christin’s though, they are small parlors and the rates are quite cheaper. There’s no fishbowl or glass house where you can choose your masseuse.

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These girls are lined up in front of the parlor waiting for someone to choose them for their service.

Prices are about 800 to 1,000 baht for a 45-minute massage.

This is where you will be given a real massage and just about when it is done she will ask if you want “happy ending.”

If you say yes, just negotiate with the lady how much and she will probably give you a bargain but that depends on her mood. Just don’t expect full sex compared to Christin’s because you can just be given a hand job – which is an easy way to shoot your load off.

If you are staying in Patong or Phuket, head down to Soi Kepsap and try one of these massage establishments at a different time for an incredible sex massage Phuket experience.

In the Patong area, this will be the cheapest place you’ll be able to get sex massages and hand jobs like Bangkok. Most of the girls I think are average but there are a few nice looking ones if you spend enough time looking.

Pink Lady

Located on Phang-nga Road, the place is called Pink Lady because most of these girls are in their pink outfit. There were many women so you could have a variety of ladies to choose from for your sex massage Patong escapade.

The place is clean and decent as well. They are also fairly priced so you could not go wrong when you hop into this place for an afternoon or early evening delight. These Patong girls are priced between 1,300 baht to 2,000 depending on their looks.

The service is great and most of these girls are friendly except that they speak little English. You can have a great experience with these women as they seem to please their customers unlike with the other sex massage places in Patong who are just rushing for you to cum so that they will have more time to look for other customers.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pinkladycafephuket

Sea Pearl

When you want someone that will really perform, Sea Pearl is your best option. This massage parlor is located at 42 Montri Road. While you don’t expect good looking girls (who are model-looking, etc.) the girls in this place are average looking so the price is fair. Cost for a soapy massage in Phuket about 800 baht to 1,200 baht.

Compared to the big sex massage places in Patong, Sea Pearl do not have a fishbowl. Girls are all waiting for customers at the front so you can be able to see them closer.

Once you have paid, you will be taken back to a small room where you will be massaged naked. At the end of your session, you will be asked if you want something special but that part is negotiable. You can pay the girl 500 baht and you can have a real happy ending.

While soapy massage in Phuket establishments are not as many in Patong, there are also other alternatives which are happy ending massages. Here are some of the places that you can be able to enjoy sex massage in Phuket.

Bali Hai

This place actually offers couple Happy Ending in Phuket, while this might not be something of your interest, it might be someone else’s!

The cost for a massage is 900 baht and you can tip the girl/s 500 baht if you want something special at the end of your session.

Suzy Wongs

Suzy Wongs is in my opinion the best go go spot in Phuket. While they don’t offer sex massage inside the complex, you can barfine girls and take them back to your room. There are two Suzy Wongs in Phuket, be sure to visit the one below and not Suzy Wongs 2 as the girls there are not as hot:

sex massage, Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

Barfines start from 1,000b and short-time is around 3,000b, longtime 5,000b upwards.

These girls you take back to your apartment. If your room has a bathtub you could ask her to give you a soapy massage in Phuket, you’ll need to ask nicely though.

Phuket nightclubs

Almost all of Phuket’s nightclubs have prostitutes working there. You can take them back to your room anywhere from 1,500b upwards.

The better they look the more they cost, some will even have Russian girls working there, you can read my post on Russian girls in Pattaya if you want to know how much they cost (hint: it’s a lot).

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One of the best places I found for this was ILLUZION which only gets busy at 2am:

sex massage, Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

You can find normal and tourist girls here too if you want to get a girl without paying.

Tootsie Massage

Tootsie offers happy ending massage although firmer. This is a place to go and have a sex massage with a ladyboy in Patong!

They are open from 11am up until 12. The establishment is decent and clean but all masseuse are actually pre-op boys. But they are friendly and there is no doubt that they can give you a good rub down.

sandwich massage in patong

I do not know where you can find a sandwich massage in Patong sadly.

I do get a few emails from couples asking for the best sandwich massage in Phuket – sorry  I cannot be of help.

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sex massage, Where to Find Sex Massages In Phuket

They also accept couples massage so you get the idea. Tootsie is located at 241 Rat-U-Thit Road and it is not hard to miss.

Read my guides on the nightlife in Krabi and where to meet girls in Ao Nang, which is only a 1 hour ride away from Phuket and much cheaper.

Where are your favorite places to get a soapy or Nuru massage in Phuket?


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