5 Ways to Win Over Vietnamese Women

Let’s face it, upon arrival in Vietnam, other than the small slices of the Saigon and Hanoi, the majority of the Vietnamese women are frustratingly conservative and will not put a one-night with anyone.

Vietnamese Women, 5 Ways to Win Over Vietnamese Women

I say “frustratingly” because even though there are droves of sexy Vietnamese girls who will be grasping for your attention upon arrival. What gives?

Here are 5 ways to immediately grab the hearts of Vietnamese women so that you can find one to fuck your brains out in the shortest time possible:

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1. Insert Yourself in Their Photoshoots

How this works is you find a group of Vietnamese women taking photos of each other, or even in pairs, and sneak up behind them and make a funny face as they snap the photo.

Works *every* time and gets them laughing and feeling flattered that they were the “chosen ones” for the foreigner to tease (out of the groups of girls at the venue). There are likely already several Vietnamese women in the area that would straight up ask to take a picture with you.Using this method is only slightly more ballsy.

Vietnamese Women, 5 Ways to Win Over Vietnamese Women

Then look at the picture to see how it turned out. Tell them to take a picture with your camera since yours is “clearly better” (even if it’s blatantly not), then showing them your old pictures of USA or wherever… and keep the ball rolling until you get the Facebook or number. Never will you experience cock blocking this way.

2. Ask Vietnamese Women Dumb Touristy Questions

Acting dumber than you are in general works wonders with local Vietnamese women, who are more than eager to tell you about life in Vietnam.

Even if the girl doesn’t speak English, you’ll quickly be pointed to a girl that does. Often, the English-speakers are not as hot but will serve as an anchor to build connections with her surrounding hot friends – i.e. when she invites you to dinner, she’ll have a handful of friends and cousins around.

The best part about opening sets in Vietnam is that groups of all-girls is more common than mixed sets with guys mixed in (unless it’s a nightclub). And when I say make dumb comments, I mean really REALLY dumb, borderline sarcastic. Western girls would pick up that you’re joking, but anyone experienced in Asia knows this sense is lost among Vietnamese and Chinese.

Vietnamese Women, 5 Ways to Win Over Vietnamese Women

inaccuracies like (“Are the French still here?”) to using chopsticks with 2 hands to thinking Vietnam hookers are illegal here will get their heads spinning with fascination. It is important to remain still and unmoved by their chattering reactions.

3. Act Like You Hate Vietnam

Once you get on a 1-on-1 date, sometimes it may call for donning the “expat cloak”.

If you’re not already living in Vietnam, lie about it. I found that the best job to tell them is to claim a university job (“Dai Hoc”) here to teach at. This is a job that is looked upon well that evades the English teacher stereotype, and sets in her mind that since you will soon be surrounded by college girls, to steal you as fast as possible.

The next step is – believe it or not – act like you are having a bad time with the Vietnam lifestyle. You are supposed to be here long term, but because you are so-adjusted to the comforts of 1st-world living, you are on the edge of bailing out and calling it quits.

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The partially-invested girl will immediately view herself as the anchor, determined to keep you locked in and overcompensating to provide for you in the coming days. This should be obvious, but do *not* bring up war history is a reason to hate Vietnam – it has to be for environmental / lifestyle reasons.

Eventually, even Saigon girls would go *well* out of their way to be there for you, including excursions (personal experience).

She will twist and turn every which way to convince you to stay, and it is your job to insinuate to her that a good fuck would be the only way to keep you in town.

4. “Accidentally” Learn Vietnamese Phrases

It is unnecessary to learn any Vietnamese before arrival – most likely you’ll be pronouncing words wrong anyway. But, while engaged in conversation a massive booster to your game can be to “sprinkle in” random Vietnamese phrases.

Do this by repeating portions of sentences the girls say to one another, or to the waitress, or whomever. She’ll likely giggle her ass off, ask you if you know what that really means, and tell you what it does – if it’s useful, keep it in your reserve, if not just wait for the next opportunity.

Some easy ones are “oi zoi oi” (oh my god), “[girl] ya hoi” (girl is ugly/crazy) “thoi niep” (too bad) and “dien” (crazy) which will perk her up. Like the rest of Southeast Asia, these girls will feel a lot more justified in sleeping with you if they pretend there’s a chance you’ll adapt with their community.

5. Use Strictly Direct Game

One thing I find unique about conservative Vietnamese women, is that unlike other SEAsians, they do not beat around the bush at all when it comes to getting romantically involved with you.

In fact, they look at foreigners as nothing more than romantic prospects. You’ll be pummeled with questions such as your age, whether you have a girlfriend, how lonely they are.. instead of retreating and backpedaling onto other topics to jump off a more platonic platform (which you would do in Western countries), do the exact opposite and push further into blatantly romantic topics.

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Overstate how much you like her and show your sexual abundance. Depending on the girl, you have to dive into either overt sexuality (“girls always use me for sex”) or wanting to marry her on the spot (“but I don’t marry girl until she fucks me”). Never, ever, hover in an ambiguous zone especially if she’s shy.

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Once getting a girl’s number: the rest is a piece of cake. As long as she met you in a group setting, Vietnamese women will rarely “bring a friend” along since she already met you amongst her friends or other locals.

During your dates however, be on the lookout for a few signs: richer Vietnamese women will be down to fuck more than the poorer ones (i.e. if they have a sweet motorbike, shop at expensive clothing stores) and nerdy ones would rather have marriage material men than quick fucks.

At the same time, be wary of girls that are openly suggestive and slutty right off the bat – they probably do that with every guy, and will leave you at the drop of a hat if you fuck your game up for the line of other men she has seduced.

When sealing the deal, hotels are usually associated with immediate sex and prostitutes, so having your own pad is essential for assuring the girl that she is not “a bad girl” for coming to bed with you.

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Follow the 5 rules outlined above, remember that foundation rule when it comes to these types of Vietnamese women is that you will have to blow through many, many conservative girls to find one that will fuck you. The biggest challenge is having the strength to toss aside girls that refuse to escalate, no matter how sorry they try to make you feel. Have standards, and you will own.

Vietnamese Women, 5 Ways to Win Over Vietnamese Women

What are you experiences with Vietnamese women? Leave a comment below and check out my review of Vietnam Cupid.


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