9 Best Happy Ending Massages in Manila

Happy ending massage in Manila is not as prominent compared to the massage in Bangkok. However, there are still some massage parlors that offer extra service.

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You just have to know where to find it. Happy massage in Manila is also called “spakol” by locals. It is a combination of the words “spa” and “jakol” which means “hand job” in Filipino slang. There are several ways that you can enjoy happy ending massage while you are in Manila.

Nuru Massage PH

One of the best out-call massages in Manila is Nuru Massage PH. They have an online support, dozens of girls to pick from and are well known.


Their outcall service to Metro Manila and Angeles City at Pampanga.

Their prices start from 3,000php for 90 minutes which is cheaper than getting a girl from the bar. You can learn more about their prices and see all their girls at their website: www.nurumassage.ph or you can contact them at +639996731868.

Where to find sex massages

It might be difficult to locate these establishments as prostitution is not legal or tolerated in the Philippines. Some of these extra services are discreet since there has been a couple of crackdown for these places around the Metro. But this guide will give you some of the best happy ending massage in Manila. Most of these are disguised as Lingam or Tantric massage. You can also see these services being offered at local online ads such as Craigslist, Backpage, etc.

Safe sex in Manila

The Philippines is a very religious country, most of the local population is catholic. As a result, some of the girls will perform full sexual services without a condom.

As a test I asked 3 hookers in Manila if I took her back to my room was it okay if I did not use a condom. All 3 said they’d rather I did not use a condom.Even in some go go bars and massage the girls won’t pressure you to wear a condom. For handjobs or blowjobs they aren’t really needed, but if you go for full service, always wear a condom.

Even in some go go bars and massage the girls won’t pressure you to wear a condom. For handjobs or blowjobs they aren’t really needed, but if you go for full service, always wear a condom.

I am not sure how often they are tested but I assume it’s not as often as Thailand (every 3 months).

The Price

The cost of the full oil body massage starts at 250 pesos. If you want to enjoy happy ending massage in Manila, you can tip the girl a decent 1000 pesos. Normally, these places are actually legit spas and massage places. Girl masseuse will just offer you extra service for them to get extra income. 1000 pesos only involves a hand job. If you want to avail of different services such as blowjob or sex then that involves more money.

You can learn more about the price of sex in Manila here.


One of the advantages of being in Manila is that Filipinas are friendly and accommodating. They can converse in English quite well so you know that you can have a decent conversation with them. They also understand the Western culture well. Sex is great with Filipinas because they know how to have a great time and give you a great time as well. They are good looking and have slim and slender bodies.

Girls in Bangkok are good. They are also willing but Filipina girls are a breed of their own. Many foreigners seek to have a relationship with Filipina women but if you want to have short, casual sex you can opt in to go to places such as these massage parlors for quick sex.

Once you enter a typical massage parlor in Manila, you will be greeted by a mamasan.  You can be able to choose the girls from the fishbowl (which is what they call aquarium). Then you will be escorted to your room upon payment where the girl will be waiting for you.

Places to go to for happy ending massage in Manila

When you say Manila, there are several cities comprising of the whole Metro Manila. Unlike other red light districts in neighboring countries, there are several strips on Manila where you can be able to find these establishments concentrated in the area. Most of them can be found in Quezon City, Pasay City, Manila and Makati. These are the places that are often visited by tourists. We have listed down the main places that you can go to for happy ending massage in Manila. Here are some of the couple of places that you can check out for a blissful and relaxing massage (with happy ending, of course, while you are in Manila):

P Burgos Street

P Burgos street is where you can find some of the best Manila go go bars and hand job massages. The street itself only gets busy after 8pm and is full of women and guys offering massage services of all types.

barfines manila

You will get cat-called right away with people shouting “massage sir”, they will quote a flat fee of 400-500 peso for the message itself but if you want a handjob, blowjob or full sex then you need to negotiate that with the person before you leave.

Below is a picture of a bar for Arabs where girls were quoting me a barfine of 8,000 peso just to take them out the bar, and that other services cost more:

P burgos street Malina

You’re looking at around 2,000 peso for a handjob and 3,000 or more for full service in this area.

Most girls will ask to come back to your hotel or apartment, but some of them do work for shops and you can go there. You may have to pay a fee for the room too.

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  • Note: Keep in mind that girls you take from the street do not work for a bar, so be sure to check their ID card to ensure they are 18 or older. As I walked P Burgos I saw girls looked young, there are also men offering massages here, some who also did not look 18. If they do not have ID I advise you walk away.

P Burgos Manila is ideal if you’re staying in Makati, there are a few good go go bars too such as XOXO and Kojack, you could also watch some midget boxing too:

Quezon City

Executive Health Club – located on Quezon Avenue, this place is quite a legend since it has been in the male pleasure industry for years. Normally caters to locals and Asian foreigners such as Japanese and Koreans.

Price for massage varies depending on the room and time of the day. It is usually cheaper between 12 noon to 7pm starting from 800 pesos. After 7 pm rates go higher starting from 1,200 depending on the room type. Tip is at 1,500 pesos.

Kremlin – this is another spa establishment located on Quezon Avenue. It is beside the famous gentlemen club Classmates. It is a pretty decent establishment with big rooms. Again just like Executive Health Club, the price depends on the room type. Price is approximately between 800 pesos to 2,000 pesos.

happy massage in manila

Wilderness Health Zone –  Located inside Heartbeat, Wilderness has also been in the business for quite some time. It is not hard to miss, just tell the taxi driver to take you to Heartbeat along Quezon Avenue and you will be on your way. The place is also great and large.

Price at Wilderness is a bit pricey compared to its competitors. Starts at 1,300 pesos and tip is standard at 1,500 pesos.

Imperial Health Club – One of the good thing about Imperial Health Club is that it is not as pricey compared to the other massage parlors along Quezon Avenue. Their showroom are good and especially, the girls are also good looking. You can be able to locate Imperial Health Club as it is just beside Queen’s Castle strip. They have valet parking and the staff are very professional and friendly.

They also run an all-day promo during Saturdays. Price starts at 800 pesos which also have toilet and bath. They also have a room with Jacuzzi, steam bath and private shower and starts at 800 pesos up to 1,400 pesos. Again tipping is also standard at 1,500.

Sylvanus Health Zone – If you frequent Manila’s sex nightlife you might as well be aware of the famous gentlemen club Pegasus. Women here are model looking so you have to expect to pay higher compared to the others. Why am I saying it? Sylvanus is the massage parlor located at Pegasus. If you know your way to it, then locating Sylvanus is not that difficult.

Sylvanus is just on the basement part of Pegasus. They have small rooms and are quite basic. Perhaps the price is higher just because they have a “name”. During promo hours, price starts at 900 pesos and tip is at 1,200 pesos. For the regular hour, room is at 1,000. You can be able to locate the establishment at Quezon Avenue.

Pasay/ Paranaque City

Utopia Health Club – If you are staying near the airport, then there is a big chance that you have seen Utopia Health Club as you pass by. It is located inside Salem Commercial Complex where there are several food chains and commercial establishments in business. Girls working at Utopia are very friendly and accommodating. Try their “kuliglig” nights and there is a great chance for you to encounter a young or new part-timers working there.

Price is cheap which starts at 800 pesos for a room. They also have a Jacuzzi room and tip is standard at 1,500 pesos.  

Flight 168 Spa – Another high class spa located on Ninoy Aquino Avenue (near the airport). Flight 168 is under Air Force One. Just like Sylvanus, the spa is located on the basement of the KTV complex.

Famous politicians and businessmen also frequent this place because of the girls. There are also Asian businessmen who come here to avail of their service. Their rooms are divided into three groups: Economy, Business and First Class. Again price depends on the room type. Massage service is approximately between 1,000 pesos to 3,500 pesos for a handjob massage in this Manila spa. You can also receive full service at Flight 168 Spa.

If you have the budget, Flight 168 Spa is a decent place to go to. Their place is clean and the girls are all good looking.

Starfleet Health Zone – Starfleet is located on Don Santos Avenue in Paranaque City which is again near the airport. One of the reasons why you should check out this place is because most of their attendants are good looking. Many locals also frequent this place and they are sure to give their patrons or customers a good time.

Price starts at 800 pesos and tip is at 1,500 pesos for a handjob massage in Manila.

The Cave – This is a newly opened place located on Roxas Boulevard. Since this is new, you can be sure that the place is still up to date and clean. The girls working here are skillful with their hands to ensure that you will get the best sensual experience. No many reviews so I don’t know how good the Happy ending massage in Manila is here.

Total price that you can pay for their full massage service is around 3,000 pesos.


Eustacia Inn – Moving away towards the country’s financial district – Makati, you can be able to find Eustacia Inn along Arnaiz Avenue. It is best that you check out this place during their regular hours so that you can be able to choose from many options. It is a little bit expensive compared to the others as price starts from 1,500 pesos.

You can go in late night as they are open up until 2 am. So if you get tired from partying in Makati you can avail of their service and relax.

Palacio Don Pedro – It is a small and quaint massage parlor located along Kalayaan Avenue. Most of the girls are also good looking so it is still worth it to come here. Price starts at 800 pesos. Tip can go in between 1,500 to 2,000 pesos.

Phoenix – Phoenix Gentleman’s Club is quite difficult to locate because of its discretion. You can be able to reach this massage parlor if you go inside One Roman Suites Hotel. Their fishbowl is located after taking two flight of stairs from the hotel lobby. Rooms can go from 1,200 pesos up to 2,000 pesos just make sure that you negotiate with the attendant.

Filipino girls

Where do you go to get Happy ending massages in Manila?


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