Paleo Robbie Food Delivery Service Review

When I’m not talking about Bangkok escorts or interviewing Bangkok BDSM dominatrix – I like to eat. This week I tried out Paleo Robbie food delivery service.

Paleo Robbie, Paleo Robbie Food Delivery Service Review

While I do like to live on a tight budget of $1,000 per month in Bangkok, I don’t mind paying a little bit extra for quality good, be that Paleo foods or Kobe beef in Bangkok.

Paleo Robbie, Paleo Robbie Food Delivery Service Review

I don’t know about you guys but I tend to find the quality of western food in Bangkok – well meh.

Unless I am spending 500++ baht on a meal I never expect much and I never get much.

As your eyes and ears in Bangkok I figure I would try out Paleo Robbie, a delicious and healthy food  delivery option (their words not mine).

What is Paleo Robbie?

Paleo Robbie as the name suggests focuses on Paleo philosophy, I don’t know what Paleo means other than it’s meant to be healthy. They offer a number of different meals that all look pretty good and they will deliver to your door.

Paleo Robbie aims on providing its clients “Healthy, convenient and delicious food anywhere in Bangkok”.

They are not like Food Panda or FoodByPhone, they have a foreign chef who cooks the food and offer a range of meals for clients to pick from via their website.

How Paleo Robbie works

Paleo Robbie is not an instant food delivery service. You place your order before 5pm Friday of each week to get your meals the following week. Each day they have four different meals to pick from.

They then order the food in, cook it and delivery to you at your chosen date and time. I assume this ensures the food is of the highest quality and not frozen for months on end like we get in most places.

They accept PayPal, Bitcoin and local Bank Transfers.

Read here to get a full breakdown on How Paleo Robbie works.

How did I rate it?

I’ve pretty much always been disappointed with food delivery options in Bangkok and in England. So as always my expectations were not so high.

The first meal I ordered was the Hot Smoked Wild Alaskan Salmon and Apple Sauerkraut. I asked for them to delivery it for 10am and it arrived at 9:55am. Off to a good start.

The presentation of the food wasn’t restaurant quality with everything neatly separated, but more like what I would expect from a home cooked meal. I heated it up (food needs to be heated) and it was a real tasty kunt. I enjoyed it 10x more than I thought I would.

This cost me 399 baht and it was worth every penny… I mean baht.

Paleo Robbie, Paleo Robbie Food Delivery Service Review

The salmon was 450g and three times the size of what I normally get in Bangkok restaurants. It reminded me of home cooked food that my mother makes.

I was impressed and couldn’t wait for my next meal.

The next meal I ordered was Braised Lamb Shoulder with Caramelized Fennel. I have no idea what fennel was but I took a risk. #YOLO

Paleo Robbie, Paleo Robbie Food Delivery Service Review

Once again I was impressed, the lamb was tasty and much better than most of the crap I usually pay at restaurants.

I found it hard to complain about the quality of the food or the service. The staff were quite friendly and using Paleo Robbie was the first time in Bangkok I had ever had a positive customer service experience in Thailand.

My only complaints were that I thought the website should have more pictures of each meal. The pictures on their website are much smaller than what they send out which is odd unless they are pictures of the smaller meals.

They offer smaller meals for 299 baht and bigger meals at 399 baht. Both times I could barely finish the first meal I was stuffed. Expect western sizes not Thai.


If you’re a short-term holiday maker (aka sex tourist) (just kidding) I am not sure how much use you will have in using this Paleo Bangkok food delivery service.

For expats who are looking for proper good quality western food that comes in western sizes and actually tastes good, Paleo Robbie is a good shout.

This is the second time I had been really impressed with the quality of food served in Bangkok, the first time was in Isao.

The food is slightly out my price range to eat on a regular basis but I have started to order from the grocery page and cook the food myself. Some decent value on the grass-fed beef – perfect for making gains.

That’s my take on the Paleo Robbie delivery service. Have you guys tried it before? What were your experiences or will you be trying Paleo Robbie in the future? (The food not the person).


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