Ao Nang Nightlife Guide for Tourists

You can actually find Ao Nang in the Southern part of Thailand as you go visit the place, you would surely notice Ao Nang nightlife scene.

, Ao Nang Nightlife Guide for Tourists

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Even though Ao Nang is just second when it comes to the most visited place in Southern Thailand next to Phuket, they were also able to set up a good nightlife happenings thus you can already find a lot of bars, nightclubs and other nightlife scenes all over the place.

Ao Nang Nightlife

If you are looking for a ‘normal’ Ao Nang nightlife, you can surely have a good time in Ao Nang’s main road where you can already find a lot of bars and pubs and what’s nice with these kind of bars and pubs is that you can have a good view of the beaches while having your drink.

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Boogie Bar

I guess this one is on top of the list for the best bars in Ao Nang for it is indeed a perfect place for those party people who wants to listen to good music and go dancing with it all night long.

You can find Boogie Bar in Ao Nang Walking Street and as you enter the place, you would notice its 70’s style of a bar.

Here in Boogie Bar, they have their own live band which do performs in a small stage and they are actually one of the reasons why people loves to visit the place.

They also have their pool tables for those who wanted to have a little game with their friends and if you wanted to have a drink while playing, they have their beers and cocktails but let me tell you ahead; Boogie Bar is a bit of an expensive bar thus be prepared to pay more when in the bar.

The Last Cafe

You can actually find the cafe towards the end of Ao Nang Beach thus it is named The Last Cafe and if you are going to hang out in the place, you would surely love how relaxing the beach scene can be.

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Since the cafe can be found towards the end of Ao Nang Beach, it is not that crowded which makes it even nicer for those who wanted to have a more relaxing time in Ao Nang.

They also have their DJs that do performs from 10pm until very late at night and that’s what makes the cafe more complete for those who wanted to relax during the day and have a fun night during night time in Ao Nang.

The Last Fisherman

Also one of my favorite places in Ao Nang Beach and as you visit The Last Fisherman, you would eventually notice its design where you can find their driftwood and bamboo materials from its tables and some chairs.

If you are going to visit the place during day time, you would surely enjoy the coconut tree shades which are indeed very relaxing.

You can as well try their barbecue which are served every night and aside from their delicious barbecue, they also have their Thai food and western snacks for you to choose from.

If you wanted to have a good sight of the sun set while having a sip on your cocktail in Ao Nang nightlife, The Last Fisherman is absolutely a good choice.

The Deck – Cocktail Bar and Beyond

The place is actually a new one in Ao Nang nightlife but as you go over the place, you would surely love the view from the bar.

The Deck is a rooftop bar and as of the moment, it is the only rooftop bar in Ao Nang.

You can easily find the bar for it is located just right after RCA

Entertainment which is also a famous place in Ao Nang nightlife.

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Since The Deck is a rooftop bar, you experience the cool sea breazes in the place and as well as the great atmosphere above from the bustling streets of Ao Nang. The bar is operational from 5pm up to 11pm thus a good place to hang out with when in Ao Nang.

Girly Bars in Ao Nang

Just like with other places in Thailand, Ao Nang do also have their girly bars but not that much though.

I don’t have the names for the girly bars in the place but I have here two area in Ao Nang nightlife where you can find these girly bars which are the RCA Entertainment and Center Point.

RCA Entertainment

The area is actually a 60 meters long alley where you can find a lot of bars lining up in the area and is considered as the only red light district in Ao Nang nightlife. You can find RCA Entertainment just around 400 meter from Ao Nang Beach. As you stroll around the area, you can find 15 bars and most of these bars do have their bar girls which are indeed pretty and sexy.

A beer here in RCA Entertainment do usually costs 100baht while their cocktails would costs 180baht. If you are able to have a girl sit with you, you can order a lady drink for them for 200baht and if you wanted to take her with you, the bar fine in RCA Entertainment usually costs 500baht and for the ‘tip’ a short time is worth 2000baht and 3000baht for the long time but you can absolutely try to negotiate with them.

Center Point

Unlike RCA Entertainment, Center Point is not a red light district and you can only find 10 bars in the area. The area is actually a three-storey entertainment complex where you won’t just bars but also shopping centers and restaurants for you to dine with. You can easily find the area with its big signage in the complex’s entrance.

Center Point don’t also have a girly bar but I do still consider the area a good place to find a Thai woman for their are a lot of locals strolling around the area and that includes freelancers looking for a foreigner to spend the night with.

What’s good with Center Point compared to RCA Entertainment is that it only charges 80baht for a beer and when it comes to their girls, freelancers tends to be much cheaper compared to hired girls in a girly bar and also, you don’t have to pay a bar fine when you are with a freelancer; you just have to take her to your hotel and pay her with the price the both of you agreed.

Ao Nang Nightclubs


You can find Sabina in Center Point and it is mostly like a coyote bar rather than a nightclub.

As you enter the club, you would eventually find a lot of sexy and hot hostess strolling along the nightclub and if you buy them a drink, they would surely do something just to make you feel better in many ways.

Sabina do also have a center stage where you can see some girls performing and just around the hall of Sabina, you can find Nova Club which was able to open its doors to everybody just recently.

Nova Club do also have their center stage where a few girls from the club performs and tries to entertain their guests.

, Ao Nang Nightlife Guide for Tourists


Aside from the party atmosphere in Moonshine, I am sure that you would also love the owner and stuffs of the nightclub for they are definitely very friendly and accommodating.

As you enter the nightclub, they would already come to you and make you comfortable in the place.

Unlike with Sabina, Moonshine is definitely a nightclub from its looks and atmosphere for like the usual nightclubs, the place does have their live music where everyone can dance along the music.

As the crowd in the place is a good one, you can absolutely find a lot of Thai girls in the nightclub and tourists too.

Happy Ending Massage Parlors in Ao Nang

There are actually a lesser happy ending massage parlors in Ao Nang compared to other places and cities in Thailand but if you are just patient enough to stroll around the massage parlors of the place, you can surely find one that offers such services.

When it comes to soapy massage parlors, you can absolutely cannot find one in the town thus, you still have to visit Krabi Town or even Phuket just to find a soapy massage parlor.

If you wanted to have a Thai Massage here in Ao Nang, you can enjoy one with only 300baht and 400baht for an oil massage which is good for an hour.

You may also be able to have a happy ending massage (if you are lucky enough to find a massage parlor that offers one) for an additional fee of 500baht.

, Ao Nang Nightlife Guide for Tourists

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With this guide, you would surely have a good time in Ao Nang and find it easier to go around and enjoy the great Ao Nang nightlife scene.

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Make sure that aside from these Ao Nang nightlife scenes you were also able to have fun in the beaches of Ao Nang which is also one of the best assets of the town.

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