9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

In this guide learn where to find the best go go bars in Angeles City.

The Philippines is definitely one of the countries in Asia that everyone should be looking forward to.

As you go over the country, there are indeed a lot of cities that are worth visiting for but if you wanted to look for a place where almost everything you’ve been looking for is present then you should go straight to Angeles City in Pampanga.

, 9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

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Although Angeles City has a lot of things to offer its tourists and locals when it comes to its tourist attractions, the city is still being visited by many by one main reason and that is with its nightlife scenes.

By the way, Angeles has been named as the ‘Sin City’ of the Philippines and that’s all because of all the go go bar spread all over the city of Angeles.

Yes, they’ve got numerous of go go bars thus making the city a perfect one for those who wants to have fun with some Angeles hookers.

Go Go Bars in Angeles City

Below are a list of the best go go bars in the city, there’s more go go bars here than Manila.


If you’ve been looking for a place in in the city where you won’t just find sex in Angeles but also to have and experience some fun with those pool tables and giant televisions in Angeles then you should give Dollhouse a try first.

, 9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

Dollhouse can be found at Balibago, Angeles City and what really made people visit the place is its big area. The bar is one of the largest bars in the city where you can find sex in Angeles thus you can really have your own room and space when in the bar. They also have a nice interior design which gives a more sophisticating look for the bar.

And also, Dollhouse is operational 24hours a day thus locals and foreigners who were bored and wants to have fun can come to the bar any time of the day. Finding Angeles hookers may be a tough job during day time where most of them are still at their crib but with the help of this bar, it would be easier for you to find a number of them.

Smooci instead of go go bars

If you want to get away from the go go bars and would like something more discreet and cheaper, you should take a look at Smooci.

, 9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

Smooci has two advantages of the go go bars, the first is you don’t need to pay a bar fine so your overall cost is lower, and secondly you don’t have to leave your room.

Through their website you can choose up to 25+ girls who will visit your hotel or apartment without you having to step outside. You can learn more by checking out their website: www.Smooci.com

Crystal Palace Bar

Crystal Palace Bar is also a bar in Angeles City with a large area and you can find the bar just behind Dollhouse which made it easy for you to go bar hopping from Crystal Palace Bar to Dollhouse if you want to.

, 9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

What this bar is known about is the performance of one of the bar’s groups called ‘The Incredible Spinners’ which is a group of hot Angeles hookers doing some pole dancing in front of everybody. The Incredible Spinners are not available in the bar every day but you can catch up with them every Tuesday up to Saturday.

They also have their own modeling show every Thursday and Saturday that would definitely make your night in the bar a more exciting one. Crystal Palace Bar is open every day from 7:00pm until 4:00am so feel free to visit the bar if you wish and experience their shows.

Lipstick Bar

You can find this bar in Don Juico Ave of Angeles City and what made Lipstick Bar the second one on my list is how lively the ambiance of the bar is and that’s all because of their upbeat music which is being played in the bar all throughout the night.

As you get inside the bar, you’ll surely notice how classy and stylish its interior design is which I also liked with Lipstick Bar. The bar has their disco ball as well which was able to give a gleaming light inside the bar and added a totality of the dancers’ performance on the bar’s stage.

They also have their Angeles hookers all over the bar; dancing and entertaining guests the whole night. When it comes to the bar’s drinks, they have their cocktails and drinks as well that are being served by their pretty and hot waitress.


This one is actually the former Fantasy Club at is located at Fields Avenue, Angeles City. Equus was able to change its name after their management was changed too thus you shouldn’t get confused with these two bars in Angeles City nightlife.

What made Equus popular within both the local and foreigners are there Angeles hookers. Yes, Equus has numerous girls which can be up to 300 girls performing every night. Hookers from the bar is absolutely sexy and hot which will surely make your night in the bar a perfect one.

The bar is also a good place for those who wanted to have fun until the sun rises because they close at around 6am which gives you more time to hang out with some Angeles hookers inside the bar.

Aura Bar

Well, just like with some other bars in Angeles City, Aura Bar is also located at Fields Avenue, Balibago and if you are able to visit the bar, you’ll see the most of their guests are Koreans but of course, everyone is very much welcome in the bar.

Aura bar is actually a small hostess bar and you’ll only find around 20 working girls inside the bar but rest assured that these 20 girls are above average Angeles hookers thus you visit and hooker hunting is all worth it if you are in Aura Bar.

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The bar is a bit hidden especially that it is a small one but you may always ask the people in the place where it is located. If you wish to give the bar a shot, they are operational from 6:00pm until 2:00am and the last time I checked, their bar fine costs 2500 pesos; a bit pricey but already a good price for a hot girl.

You can read my guide on the bar girl prices in Manila for more info on pricing.

I ? Color

This bar is also called as Color Bar and although the bar is a small one, there are still a number of locals and foreigners who visits the bar to have a look on their dancing girls and get a chance to take one with them.

I ? Color is also located at Fields Avenue, Angeles City thus you may always drop by in the bar if you are able to visit one near the area. As you get inside the place, you will then find around 15 girls dancing on their stage and just like with some other bars in the city, they too have sexy and hot girls here to ask for some sex in Angeles.

When it comes to their waitress, they have 5 waitresses every night that would accommodate you all throughout the night. I ? Color is operational every day as well but their opening hours are from 3:00pm until 11:00pm only so you better visit the place earlier.

Viking Bar

Well, if what you’ve been looking for is a bar that would impress you not just with their girls but also with their interior design then Viking Bar is a good choice too. Viking Bar has an outdoor view which is basically made of wooden furnish and that design itself would definitely make passes to check on the bar.

They also have a ship-like design with all those net riggings that would definitely make guests feel that they are in a ship. Aside from the great design, Viking Bar has their own hot Angeles hookers as well that are absolutely a must check for local and foreigners who are looking for sex in Angeles.

Their drinks are a must try too especially that it will be served by their charming hostesses. Viking Bar by the way is located at Fields Avenue, Angeles City and you may visit the bar every day from 2:00pm until 4:00am.

Q Bar

If you are going to have a walk through Fields Avenue, Angeles City, you would surely notice on the big letter ‘Q’ sign in one of the bars in the place and thats exactly Angeles City’s Q Bar.

Q Bar is previously named Shark Bar thus you don’t have to worry if you find a new bar in the same spot for they are just the same bar. The bar is being run by Koreans when it still named as Shark Bar hence you can still find a number of Korean guys inside the bar having fun with the bar’s sexy and hot Angeles hostess.

The bar is one of those bars in Angeles City that can give you a relaxing experience from their lounge area where you and your friends can have a seat. Anyway, operating hours of Q Bar is from 6:00pm until 4:00am. You can more about the bar here and their Facebook page here.


If you’ve been to a number of bars in the city where you can find stages where dancers perform, here in Rhapsody, they have their small platforms where solo performances are given. In this way, girls from the bar will be given emphasis.

As what I have observed, Rhapsody is not really into the quantity of their girls rather they wanted to have a good quality performance. You can also have a great night in the bar through their grand dance floor where you can dance all night long in the bar.

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You can also find Rhapsody around Balibago particularly at Fields Avenue and you may want to experience their ‘Maniac Mondays’ and their ‘Wow Wednesdays’ which are both very entertaining and interesting to watch.

Patches Bar

This one is actually a bar in Angeles City that has been closed just recently. Patches Bar is indeed one of the best bars in the city but sad to know that the bar’s owner and mamasan got a bit of misunderstanding when it comes to handling their Angeles hostess which then caused the bar’s closure last 2016.

Although Patches Bar was able to close its doors to locals and foreigners who want to have sex in Angeles, there are still a lot of bar in the city that they can check on and I may have a list here but you may still try on some bars that attract you when in the city.

If you’re unsure if you’re talking to a Filipino ladyboy or not, just ask they won’t mind.

As I was able to check on these bars in Angeles City, I’ve observed that most of them have the same prices such as their ladies drinks that cost 150 pesos each while most of their bar fines cost 2500 as well.

, 9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

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Also, if you wanted to have an easy access to the bars in Angeles City, you better head to Fields Avenue, Balibago where a number of hostess bars are being scattered around which gives you the privilege to visit one bar then the other if you wanted to.

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With this list of the top 10 bars in the city where you can surely find and experience sex in Angeles, it would surely be easier for you to tour around the city. You may also include in your list some tourist spots Angeles has such as their historical infrastructures which I also love to visit whenever I am in the city.

What is your favourite go go bar in Angeles City?


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