Cebu Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Cebu

In this article you’ll learn the best bars in Cebu to visit to meet girls.

This is why after in-depth research we have prepared a Cebu nightlife guide with a more focus on bars in Cebu to ensure you don’t miss any nightlife hotspots be it to a party, drink hookup with sexy Cebu girls.

Bars in Cebu, Cebu Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Cebu

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Cebu is the richest province in the Philippines, attracting young Filipinos of both sexes, who present endless fun irrespective your sexual attractions.

The most attractive girls in Cebu are composed of Korean students learning English, then the backpackers, executives, teachers, and pensioners.

With its size it familiar to see guys hitting on chics like all the time. Thanks to this size, you won’t find it difficult to navigate in Cebu. For example, Mango Avenue and Fuente Osmena Circle is a favorite for the middle class while Mandaue city is the venue where a majority of upper-class Filipinos hang out.

These are the areas we shall give more emphasis in our Cebu nightlife guide below.

Cebu is infamous for sex tourism in the Philippines.

If you do not like freelancers, there are a lot of other good girls you can date.

Clubs might be the best place to get a good girl fast but chances of success of having sex are low, and that is why I recommend meeting one from Cebu dating site.

Examples of the dating sites include Tinder and Filipino Cupid where you can meet thousands of girls.

Bars in Cebu, Cebu Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Cebu

If you need to raise your chances of having free sex, try the “pipeline” strategy. It involves contacting many girls as possible months before coming to Cebu. This way, the girls get to familiarize and in fact look forward to meeting you and take it a further step.

Bars in Cebu are considered the heart of Cebu nightlife. Here you can meet all sort of girls from party monsters, prostitutes, college students, office workers, divorcees looking to mend their hearts, to foreigners who are looking forward to getting laid.

All these are categories into three types of girly bars in Cebu: KTVs, Sports Bars, and Bikini Bars. So, from the many bars which are worth every minute and dime? More importantly which one will you meet the gorgeous ladies in Cebu? Well, here is the list.

Smooci in Cebu

If you want to skip the bars and meet a local girl right away and have her visit your hotel or aparment, there’s no better site in Cebu than Smooci.

Bars in Cebu, Cebu Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Cebu

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The Distillery bar in Cebu

The distillery is one of the happening bars. The bar is an excellent place to have drinks after dinner. The music here is good, you can find a large choice of imported beers, and the girls are pretty.  If visiting Cebu on the weekend, get there early as the bar gets packed very fast.

Address: Crosslands Mall neat IT Park, Cebu City

Open Hours: Monday –Thursday: 06:00 pm – 03:00 am, Friday to Saturday 06:00 pm-04:00 am, Sunday 06:00 pm -03:00 am

Price: cocktail at PHP 75

Happy hours start at 6 am and ends at 10 pm.

Website: The distillery

Moral and Malice

Moral and Malice is arguably the most sophisticated lounge in Cebu. This makes it gay-friendly and has, surprisingly, the most beautiful girls in Cebu. This new watering hole for the singles aims to the craft of coffee and cocktail in Cebu.

Moral and Malice has the good beers and more than 15 handicraft drinks on the menu where each has more than 5 local ingredients.  If you are looking for a bar in Cebu with such touch of modernity and share drinks with hot Philippines girls, then this is your spot.

Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu

Open hours: 10:00 am -10:00 pm Monday to Friday, 6:00 pm -2:00 am on weekends

Website: Moral and Malice

All stars

If you are looking to make memorable nights, scoop out pretty girls and get to taste the most exquisite sexy treats, then All-stars is one of the bars in Cebu to visit. One outstanding thing you will notice is that the sexy girls here are not too pushy on selling lady drinks.If you love playing pool table or watch sports as you sip your favorite beer don’t miss out on this Cebu nightlife treat.

Address: General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

Open hours: 1 pm – 2 am

Price: San Miguel beer @ 65 pesos

Girls rating: 8/10

Planet X

Planet X is one of the most frequently visited bars in Cebu. Its location, next to Erik the Red, Bj’s Bar and Viking makes it appropriate to those who love club hopping.

Its entrance is hard to miss, thanks to the setup, and once you set your foot in you won’t be in a hurry to leave with all the hot Cebu girls inside.Bars in Cebu, Cebu Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Cebu

Most of the girls here are in bikini and dancing on the stage. If you like one, all you have is make an order to the mama-san. She will turn a light on your seat, and the girl will be at your disposal. Never shy of from bars in Cebu girls. They will look at you with ‘fuck me’ eyes so all you have to do is buy her a drink and have as much fun as you can. There is free WIFI.

Address: General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City

Open hours: 7pm- 2 am

Price: lady drink @ 200 pesos

         Sex @3500 pesos plus tips

Girls rating: 8/10

Viking bar

The Viking is another great bikini bar in Cebu. It’s located near other three Norwegian owned bikini bars along the road from Mango Square. If you have a long day, the couches here are great. The Viking bar is located downstairs with stages for dancers and pool tables.

Unlike the other bars nearby, the Viking girls in Cebu are prettier. Beer in Viking is cheaper, but the ladies here are more expensive compared to girl price in other bars.

Address: 200m from Mango square

Open hours: 8:00 pm – 3: 00 pm

Price: lady drinks 180 pesos

Bar fine 2000 pesos

Sex @ 2000 pesos

Girls rating: 7/10

Mermaid Bars in Cebu

You will find this bar listed among the best in any Cebu nightlife guide. Mermaid has been in Cebu for a while but is still one of the fun and enjoyable bars in Cebu. In Mermaid, you can choose to sit at a standing table where all the action happen.

The dancing Cebu girls here are not shy, and they might show you their assets just to entice you. If you find yourself dripping for one of them, give her a tip, and she will shake her booty while you relax and enjoy.

Fastest place to find sexy Philippian girls to get laid. Girls dancing on the stage take a shower on the stage so you can have them wet and ready.

Address: Near new bridge in Lapu Lapu City.

Price: beer 180 pesos

Bar fine: 3,500 and above

Arena KTV lounge

The Arena is a Greek-inspired bar in Cebu. It presents beautiful Philippine girls with sexy curves and skinny bodies. Some of the girls here are actual models in Cebu, so the quality is very high. If on a tight budget, then you should stay away from the Arena.

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Most of the guest here are Japanese and Koreans, but that does not mean you aren’t welcomed as long as you pay the fees. Let me repeat, the price here is more than double the charges in other bars, e.g., planet X(see below) So ask yourself, are the girls here twice attractive compared to other bars in Cebu?

Address: along General Maxilom Avenue

Prices: entrance fee of 200 pesos

              220 pesos for a beer

             600 pesos for lady drinks

             Up to 8600 pesos bar fine for the girl

Girl quality: 9/10

Dolvo KTV and bar

Cebu nightlife guide also presents the Dolvo bar, a bar in Cebu with good looking sexy girls. One thing you will notice with Dolvo girls is their taller than average height. Dolvo bar is categorized as a high-end bar but once you enter you will see that the place is worth every dime. The seating arrangement is friendly with the stage at the center to give everyone a view of the sexy dancing girls.

Address: Cogon Ramos across Holiday Plaza motel, Cebu city.

Prices: entrance fee of 200 pesos

Drinks between 150 and 200 pesos

Bar fine: 6,000 pesos

Girl quality: 9/10

To learn more about barfine prices check out my guide on the price of bar girls in Manila.

Infinity KTV and Music lounge

Girls in Infinity look pretty with exotic smooth, brown skin making them very attractive to western men. Its entrance is a heavy neon-lighted Infinity KTV and music lounge bar, so it’s hard to miss.Infinity bar is not only popular with the pretty girls, but also the drinks and food is delicious making it a top spot for men who wish to unwind after a hard works day.

Address: along Archbishop Reyes Avenue, Cebu City

Price: beer 150 -200 pesos

Bar fine: 6,000 pesos

Girl quality: 9/10

Love City bar and KTV

Love city bar has relatively less good dancers compared to other bars in Cebu. If you do not mind more natural girls with slight bellies and wiggles dancing on the pole, this is your bar.

Do not get mistaken, the girls are pretty cute, and you won’t notice the belly once you get drunk. Unlike other bars, Love city has VIP room with KTV and guest s are not allowed go with girls. If you like a girl and want more sex, you have to meet after work.

Address: Mango Avenue, Cebu City.

Price: beer 150 pesos

VIP KTV room: 1,500 pesos

Why our Cebu nightlife guide insist on bar girls, not street girls

Cebu is safer than Manila.

Cheap Filipino hookers are never safe in regards to hygiene and risk of contaminating diseases.

You might get sex at just 500 pesos but the level of desperation from these girls mean they can do anything to get money, even rob you. Only carry what you plan to spend. Wear less jewellery and most importantly drink responsibly.

If you plan to visit Cebu chances are you’ll also be in Manila, read my guides on Manila’s best go go bars and the best nightlife areas in Maktai.

Bars in Cebu, Cebu Nightlife Guide: Best Bars in Cebu

Do you think this Cebu nightlife guide left out a bar that you had an awesome experience? If headed there, we would love to hear about the girls you enjoyed these bars in Cebu.

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