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What Being Poor in Bangkok is Like

What it is like being poor in Bangkok, what type of lifestyle can one live? I’ve been poor and for at least 2 years I’ve lived in Bangkok on less than $800 per month. You could make the argument that living on $800 is not at all poor as the minimum wage in Thailand is

Can I get laid in Thailand?

Can I get laid in Thailand is a typical question I get a lot in various forms, here’s one email I got last week: I’m sure a lot of people already asked, but I’d like to know if a physically mediocre European guy with neither a lot of money to flaunt can get local girls

Is Bangkok Expensive in 2018?

If you’re planning a 6-12 stay in Bangkok or are thinking about moving here indefinitely, you might be wondering how expensive is Bangkok in 2018? Depending on who you ask, people will tell you that Bangkok is either cheap or expensive. In this article I am going to break down why people tell you Bangkok