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Cost of Living in Bangkok 2017

How much does it cost to live in Bangkok in 2017? For the entire month of January I have jotted down every baht I spent and I’ve documented it all below. In the month of January I spent 42,252? (excluding visa and health insurance costs). Here is the breakdown below of my living costs in

Why Every Guy Coming To Thailand WILL Cheat

Yes it’s true, every guy who comes to Thailand will cheat on their partner… if given the chance. I’ve lived in Thailand for 5 years and I’ve had well over 25+ people visit me, ranging from 23 year-old backpackers, good looking guys who lift with hot girlfriends, to everyday working professionals (40+) who are happily

Best Airbnb Rentals in Bangkok

When someone messages me about staying in Thailand, I pretty much always advise them to use Airbnb over hotels. Not only do you get more value for money, you save a lot of the bullshit you get with hotels in Thailand. In this article I’m going to tell you why Airbnb is better than hotels