Ultimate Krabi Nightlife Guide

In this article I’ll talk about the best places to see in Krabi nightlife.

, Ultimate Krabi Nightlife Guide

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Krabi Town can actually be found in Thailand and unlike with some other tourist destinations in the country.

Krabi tends to have lesser attention and that’s because people thought that the town doesn’t have that much to offer them but as you go and visit the place.

Compared to other nightlife scenes in Thailand.

Krabi nightlife do have a much more relaxing and soothing nightlife happenings where you can enjoy the great view of the beaches and their locals are very accommodation which makes the place perfect for tourists.

Bars and Pubs in Krabi Nightlife

Just like with some other cities and towns in Thailand, Krabi Town do also have its bars and pubs where you and your colleagues can have a great time having a glass of beer and here are five of the top bars and pubs in the town that you should pay a visit when in Krabi nightlife.

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Illumanorah Show at Paka Park

If you wanted to experience some great show when in Krabi Town then you got to give Illumanorah Show at Paka Park a visit. They do have their traditional Thai shows which their unique costumes, music and choreography that made everyone that visits the place get amazed with it.

You can find Paka Park in Central Krabi which makes it a very accessible one for everybody.

The bar is operational from 5pm up to 11pm and it is indeed very perfect for those who are in Thailand to experience their traditions and culture. It is also a good place if you are with younger people for their shows are perfect for all ages.

Cozy Bar

The bar is located in Chang Wat Krabi Town and this bar is also a good one for tourists who wants to listen to some live Reggae while having a couple of beers or a glass of cocktail perhaps.

They can also serve you food if you wanted to have a meal first before going on a long night in the bar.

You can actually find a lot of tourists going to the place thus; you can surely have a few new friends when in Cozy Bar.

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They also have their kind and friendly stuffs which would definitely make your visit in the place a more comfortable one.

Roots Rock Reggae Bar

If you are looking for a lively place to visit in Krabi nightlife then you can absolutely try Roots Rock Reggae Bar. You can find the bar in Bombay Palace and as you enter the bar, you would eventually notice a number of both locals and tourists having a good time in the place.

, Ultimate Krabi Nightlife Guide

What people love in the place is their affordable and you can actually have a bottle of beer in here with only 90baht and 150baht for their cocktails. You can also have a good time in the place by just listening to their live band which does have a good singer which makes everyone going back and forth in Roots Rocks Reggae Bar. The bar is open from 5pm until 2am by the way.

Chilling Bar and Restaurant

This one is actually one of the most popular places in Krabi Town for its Krabi nightlife scene. Chilling Bar and Restaurant is actually a sports bar and they accommodates all sports events thus a good place for those who wanted to watch a live show of their favourite team.

Also, they serves Thai and international cuisines so, if you are a tourist that misses the food from your home town, you can surely have one in here and if you wanted to have a new taste of food then you can also have their Thai cuisines. They also have their live music which is being played occasionally and great for those who wanted to have a relaxing Krabi nightlife in town.

Paddy’s Pub

A good pub that can be found in Klong Muang and here in Paddy’s Pub, you can enjoy both a great dining experience and lively party Krabi nightlife scene. As you go inside the place, you would surely find it very casual and when it comes to the places atmosphere, you would notice how comfy and friendly the pub’s atmosphere is.

They also have their live sport events where you can watch your most awaited sport game and if you wanted to play dart or billiards, they have their dart and pool game as well.

When it comes to their food, the management was really able to inherit international cuisines and one of the best one I was able to try in Paddy’s Pub is their ‘chicken tikka burger’ that everyone should absolutely try for an affordable price of 260baht.

Girly Bars in Krabi Town

Thailand is now a known destination in Asia for prostitution and such but here in Krabi Town, you can only find a few girly bars and there are also some who uses ‘karaoke bars’ just to hide their bar’s true identity. If you wanted to look for these kinds of bars in Krabi nightlife, you can find a number of them in Maharaj Road.

If you are able to visit a karaoke bar, there are some them where you would pay for their girls to sit with you or may even just have to pay the bar owner for their bar fine and take the girl with you right away.

Even though the town doesn’t have a lot of prostitutes, you can surely find their girls pretty and hot.

, Ultimate Krabi Nightlife Guide

A beer here in Krabi Town’s girly or karaoke bar usually costs 100baht and if you want a girl to sit with you, you can pay an additional of 200baht.

A short time in most of the bars in Krabi Town usually costs 1500baht while their long time would costs you 2000baht. When it comes to the rooms, you can already find a decent place for the both of you for only 500baht.

Happy Ending Massage Parlors in Krabi

Well, just like with the bars and other Krabi nightlife destinations, the town don’t also have that much of happy ending massage parlors for what you can find in the place are those regular massage parlors with masseuse who are wearing traditional dresses and not a short skirt and tight shirts.

If you are really eager to try a happy ending massage in Krabi Town, you may also visit Soi Seebaramee 1 where you can find two massage parlors that do offers such services; you just have to stroll along the area and you would eventually see a few sexy Thai girls standing outside their parlors waiting for a costumers.

You may have a Thai massage from these happy ending massage parlors for only 200-300 baht and if you wanted an oil massage.

They would charge you 500+ baht but if you want more, you can surely ask for a hand job and just pay the masseur 500 baht and for a ‘boom boom’ or simply sex, they usually costs 1000~ baht.

Lee Lao Dee

This one is actually a Soapy Massage Parlor that can be found in Krabi nightlife. In Lee Lao Dee, they only have around 8 girls in front of you for their fishbowl but rest assured that their girls are pretty and sexy.

A girl in this soapy massage parlor do costs 2000 baht and you can already have a good massage, bath and sex with this price.

You may be wondering with what’s the difference with happy ending massage and soapy massage parlors.

In soapy massage parlors, they have their fishbowl where you can choose the girl that you wanted and as you have them, it is already expected that they would give you their ‘extra services’ unlike with happy ending massage parlors where you can just have a Thai or oil massage.

Krabi Town Night Market

What I really love and I always look forward to every time I go visit Thailand are their night markets. Everywhere you go in Thailand, you can surely find a night market and these places are actually great for those who wanted to do the three: shop, eat and drink and one of the most famous night market in Krabi nightlife is the Krabi Walking Street.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect souvenir you can bring to your hometown then you should shop in Krabi Town’s night market where you can find a lot of stalls selling almost everything.

They also have their Thai foods which are also being sold by their stalls and if you wanted to have a good drink, you can surely have a sit with your beer to their outside seating area.

, Ultimate Krabi Nightlife Guide

Krabi nightlife may not be that vast compared to Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and other places in Thailand but if you’ll just see Krabi Town for yourself.

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That’s my guide on Krabi’s nightlife, hope you enjoyed it.


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