Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

Nowadays Thailand has already been a known destination in the premises of Asia for those foreigners and expats who are not just into nice tourist spots, great tradition, and food.

The number one way to meet Ladyboys in Bangkok is through dating sites like Thai Friendly. You can filter girls by gender including ladyboys.

, Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

Thailand is now the country for those foreigners who are looking for fun and sex thus if you are one of those foreigners and expats, you can definitely include Thailand in your must-visit-country list in Asia.

If you go along the streets of Thailand, you can surely find a number of go go bars spread along the country and same goes with massage parlors who offer ‘extra’ services to expats and locals especially in Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok.

Are you an expat who is not just for sexy and hot girls but also loves to explore with some ladyboys? If you are one and you are planning to visit Bangkok then you should definitely give this guide on how to find ladyboy massage in Bangkok.

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Some may find it new to hang out with some ladyboys but if you are able to try, you’d surely find them very interesting and fun to be with. Although it might be hard to find massage parlors in Bangkok who have ladyboys, this guide would surely make your searching much easier.

Body Bliss Massage for ladyboys

Body Bliss right offers a selection of women and ladyboys for outcall service around Bangkok, you can visit their site to see their cast of girls and ladyboys. If you’re looking for a safe and professional experience they are one of the best in Bangkok right now.

, Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

They have dozens of girls to choose from, prices are pretty good and they have a list of services you can try. You can visit their website

Smooci Transgender

If you’re looking for an incall service that is professional, discreet and offers a full range of services, there is no better service than Smooci.

Through their website, you can book any number of girls to come directly to your room and provide you with many services.

, Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

Prices of each girl are listed on the site and at any one time they typically have up to 20+ girls free, you can learn more by visiting their website:

Massage Parlors in Bangkok

Most of the massage parlors here in Bangkok are actually full with Bangkok girls but as I roam around the city, I was able to find these five massage parlors in Bangkok where you can absolutely try and find ladyboy massage which is the following.

Nuch Salon and Massage

You can find Nuch Salon and Massage in the very busy streets of Sukhumitvit Road that is located between Soi 5 and Soi 7 which surely made the massage parlor accessible to everyone especially to foreigners who doesn’t want trouble in finding the said massage parlor.

A massage here in Nuch Salon and Massage is actually a bit pricey compared to other massage parlors in Bangkok but you can still find a number of locals and foreigners visiting the place which is I guess because of their pretty and hot girls and also ladyboys.

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A Thai massage in Nuch Salon and Massage can cost 600baht and if you wanted to have an Oil massage, you may have it for 700baht thus if what you are looking for is an ‘extra’ service after your massage then expect to pay a thousand baht or more here in Nuch Salon and Massage.

Montra @ Spa and Massage

If you find Nuch Salon and Massage an expensive one, you may also give Montra @ Spa and Massage which is located just right next to Nuch Salon and Massage which makes it easier for foreigners to hop from one massage parlor to the other.

As you get inside Montra @ Spa and MassageMontra @ Spa and Massage, you may notice that they have more ladyboys for those who wanted to have ladyboy massage Bangkok and what I like with their ladyboys is that they are surely hot and sexy.

Since Montra @ Spa and Massage is cheaper compared to Nuch Salon and Massage, you may have a Thai Massage here with only 400baht while their Oil massage costs 500baht. By the way, if you find a “Please don’t ask for extras” signage in their rooms, don’t get disappointed or confused because they don’t really apply this so rest assured you can still hear these ladyboys asking you if you wanted to have an ‘extra’ service right after your massage.

Sukhumvit Soi 4 and 5

These may be two of the busiest streets in Bangkok but you can still a few massage parlors located in both places and most of these massage parlors don’t just offer ‘extra’ services but they also have their ladyboys for those expats and locals who wanted to try one.

I was also able to find two nice massage parlors in the area with ladyboys which can be found just across Hillary Bar 3 of Sukhumvit Soi 4 and if you are in Soi 5, you can find one just opposite Foodland that also have a number of sexy ladyboys looking for customers.

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If you are the person who’s looking for ladyboy massage but is on a budget, these streets are the perfect place for you where you can already have a nice Thai massage with only 300baht while their Oil massage is priced 400baht.

Sukhumvit Soi 8

This street in Bangkok do also have a few massage parlors where you can find some ladyboys and although Sukhumvit Soi 8 isn’t that popular in Bangkok, you can still find a number of foreigners and expats walking along the street.

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Sukhumvit Soi 8 is actually just a three-minute walk if you are from Ratchaprarop Airport Link Station which makes the street an accessible one. If what you are looking for in the street are massage parlors where you can find ladyboy massage Bangkok, you can find try the third and fourth massage parlors you can find in the area.

If you wanted to know the prices for massages here in Sukhumvit Soi 8 very close to Nana Soi 4, their Thai massage usually costs 350baht and if you wanted to have an Oil massage, you can have it for 450baht which makes the street a more pricey one compared to Soi 4 and 5.

Thai Prime Massage

You can locate Thai Prime Massage at Silom Road which can found at Soi 6 and the place do you have both girls and ladyboys which give you more option from which to choose. The massage parlor is open from 12 pm until 12 am thus feel free to visit the place of you wishes to have ladyboy massage.

, Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

What most customers in the place like here is that they have more services which give these customers more options such as their foot massage and body scrub which some massage parlors in Bangkok doesn’t have but if you wanted to have a Thai massage or Oil massage, you may still find it here in Thai Prime Massage.

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Aside from these five saunas and massage parlors in the city where you find ladyboys massage Bangkok, you can still find some other massage parlors spread along the city; you just have to choose on which one would suit your taste when it comes to the rooms and ladyboys offered by them.

Escort Services

This option is actually a bit pricey for most escort services that you can find in Bangkok usually offers to high but if you a foreigner who have bought extra cash with you then you should also give this option a try.

It is indeed pretty easy to find ladyboy massage through escort services where what you’ll only have to do is to contact them through email or phone call and from there, you can already book the ladyboy that you want.

One thing also with these escort services is that they have the photos of the ladyboys on their website hence you can absolutely choose which ladyboy would you want to have in your hotel or condo.

Online Dating Sites

Aside from these places in Bangkok where you can find ladyboys, you may also want to give online dating sites a try. This is actually the most convenient way for foreigners to look for ladyboy massage in Bangkok where what you’ll only need is your gadget such as a phone or computer.

Online dating sites are widely used now for those foreigners who are looking for someone to date from a particular country but others didn’t know is that you may also use online dating sites to find some ladyboy massage Bangkok such as the most used online dating site in Bangkok or even in the whole Thailand which is Thai Friendly.

Thai Friendly

What I really love about this online dating site is that it is very easy to use which makes it the perfect dating site for those foreigners who are new to this thing. In Thai Friendly, you can create your account without any charges hence you can absolutely feel free to sign up for this online dating site and look for the best ladyboys in Bangkok.

Also, Thai Friendly has their own section for ladyboys which makes it easier for foreigners in narrowing their search for ladyboys in Bangkok. Here in Thai Friendly, you will be able to view the ladyboy’s profile which would make it easier for you to choose from all those ladyboys you find on this dating site.

The number one way to meet Ladyboys in Bangkok is through dating sites like Thai Friendly. You can filter girls by gender including ladyboys.

, Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

As you check on their site, there are already around 1million members thus if you are a foreigner who really wanted to look for ladyboy in Bangkok for a nice massage or just someone to hook up with, Thai Friendly is definitely the best choice for you.

Streets and Night Markets in Bangkok

The city is also a very known one and being visited by a lot of foreigners for their night market and street foods. If you really wanted to try everything in Bangkok, you may give their night market a try where you won’t just have good food but you may also be able to meet some ladyboys in the city.

Since night markets in Bangkok are a bit crowded, it is indeed inevitable to find a number of ladyboys who are having a great night in the place hence always be ready for the chance to meet one or more ones you are in the streets and night market in Bangkok.

I may have listed a number of ways on how can you find a ladyboy massage Bangkok, you may still be able to find some other ways, therefore, don’t hesitate to explore and always have fun once you are already in the beautiful city of Bangkok., Best Ladyboys Massages in Bangkok

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