How To Find Ladyboys In Pattaya

Ladyboys or katoey, – it does not matter in Pattaya. Men love them and fantasizes having sex with them. Thailand is not just a country that boasts of bargain shopping for knock offs. It sure does boast of its tropical beaches but one thing that attracts many tourists are the ladyboys.

If you want to find ladyboys in Pattaya discreetly, check out this dating site to get them to come straight to your hotel or apartment.

ladyboys in pattaya, How To Find Ladyboys In Pattaya

Google the words “ladyboys” and most return searches will be Pattaya.

Pattaya is a ladyboy friendly this is why there are many ladyboys there compared to Bangkok. If you are interested with ladyboys in Pattaya, we can give you a guide as to where to find ladyboys in the sin city of South East Asia. So in case that you will be visiting the city, you know where to go. Here are some of the places where you can find Pattaya ladyboys.

There are several ways for you to find ladyboys in Pattaya. The choice and option is only limited by your budget.

Ladyboy Bars in Pattaya

There are several ladyboy bars in Pattaya and you can find them spread along three main places such as Soi 6/1, Walking Street and Soi 13/2.

Soi 6/1 is the main hub for most ladyboy bars in the city. The place caters to tourists or clients who like to hook up with ladyboys. There are several ladyboy bars in this short alley and most establishments also have short time rooms. You can just pick up a ladyboy from the bar, pay the bar fine and rent a short time room for sex.

Drinking at the bar is not really necessary. You can just go straight to your business. The good thing about this is that since the place is just a narrow alley, you can be discreet. If you are worried about the budget, Pattaya ladyboys at this place costs about 1,500 baht for their service. If you are good at bargaining, you can be able to negotiate the price down to 1,000 baht so maybe a little bit of Thai language is not so bad after all.

Next to Soi 6/1 is the Walking Street. Compared to the first place, it would be difficult to be discreet. There are also rooms available to rent for short time and costs about 300 baht.

There is also a hidden alley called B.J. Alley where most rooms are located. Another place where you can pick up ladyboys in Pattaya is Soi Buakhao. Ladyboys from bars are not just the only ones you can pick up. You can also pick up freelancers or street hookers from these places.

If you would like to visit any of these places here is just a simple breakdown of how much you will be paying: beer costs about 100 to 105 baht a bottle and ladies drinks cost about 120 baht in most bars.

To name a few of these bars – Lita Bar which is considered as the best bar in the place; there are also Nam Bar and Layla Bar all from Walking Street. There are also Pook Swan and Fantasy Lounge from Soi Buakhao.

Ladyboy Go Go Bars

You can find lots of Pattaya ladyboys from these ladyboy go go bars from the following places: Soi 13/4, Soi 13/1 and Soi Buakhao. To name a few top ladyboy go go bars from these places – there’s Obsessions A Go Go or Kitten where short time room rent is around 500 baht.

Soi Buakhao is becoming the top hotspot for ladyboy go go bars in the city. One go go bar that is making such unforgettable memories among patrons is the Baby Boom bar which is located on a side road. This provides you absolute discretion. What makes it a favorite is because of the shower show and candle show. They also give private dance show so you can have the dancer all by yourself.

Cost for a ladyboy is the same as with the previous – 1,000 baht for a short time. Bar fine costs between 500 to 800 baht. Drinks are the same with the other bars in the area.

Ladyboy Massage

What’s good with happy ending massages?

You can have them whenever you want! There’s no need to wait until the sun sets. Soi 13/1 and 13/2 have massage salons where you can get happy ending such as hand job or blow job from ladyboys. There is no need to pay for bar fines or rent a short time room when you go for this service. You can just tip these lovely kathoeys 300 to 500 baht.

ladyboys in pattaya, How To Find Ladyboys In Pattaya

You can get dirty massage from Pattaya ladyboys from these establishments such as Boyz Town, Soi Honey or Sunee Plaza which are located on Second Road.

Ladyboy Freelancers in Pattaya

Depending on your budget, you can still have a good time by hooking up with a ladyboy street hooker or freelancers. Positive side – there is no bar fine to pay and you can just rent out a room for short time and do your deed. On the negative side, since they are freelancers you don’t know who they are working for.

It would be difficult to find them in case they rob you. But if you think you can manage, you can find ladyboys hookers between Soi 13/4 and Royal Garden Plaza. There is also a hub for hookers called Marine Disco that is located on Walking Street.

Online Dating Sites

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of leaving your room to hook up with someone, you can still look for a date through online dating sites. You can go to Thai Friendly and arrange for a date by just looking at their profiles. You can search through a number of people women and ladyboys alike who are looking for a good time without having to pay them for anything.

ladyboys in pattaya, How To Find Ladyboys In Pattaya

My Own Verdict:

You can be able to hook up with a ladyboy depending on your budget.

Most ladyboys from go go bars and beer bars costs about 1,000 to 1,500 baht for a short time. Plus you have to pay third party before you can take them “home.” Freelancers costs a little bit cheaper because you only have to pay for their service and the room. Finding ladyboys in Pattaya is not so hard. You just have to know where to find it.

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