Gay Thailand – How to meet Gay guys

If you live in Bangkok you can meet gay Thais anywhere, this post is about everything related to gay Thailand. I live in a quiet area, far from the tourist scene with no gay Thai bars, nightclubs or saunas. Nevertheless, I have been propositioned in a local restaurant, in a local Starbucks in Bangkok, and on several occasions on the street. It depends how good your gaydar is. For the uninformed, gaydar is like radar for gays. My aunt Audrey (a very straight lady) had a great gaydar, she would often point out gays to me on the streets in Western Australia.

This is another guest post by: I am Tweed, British by birth, Australian by Citizenship, Thai by choice.

Thailand Gay dating sites

The most famous two are Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly. They cater for men wanting to find women, guys, and of course ladyboys. Both gay Thai dating sites allow members to search for men and ladyboys which makes it easier. Unlike the girls who are a bit more reserved, as you would expect from a lady, the men and ladyboys are not as coy and getting yourself a hot date, or a meet at your hotel room, is very very easy.

Other popular sites for Asian men is Utopia. Please be careful when using any other Gay Bangkok Dating Sites than Thai Cupid or Thai Friendly. Some of these sites disappear quite rapidly. Many fall badly out of date. Do not pay to join these sites, if they ask for fees it is probably a scam.I have joined many in the past which had a paid fee and they were rubbish. The only ones I stick to now are Thai Cupid and Thai Friendly,I have been a paid member on both on and off over the years, and I have never had a problem with either, in fact I have met several hot guys from there :).

Body Bliss Massage Bangkok

Body Bliss Massage is a new but very good outcall massage where you can get handjobs in Bangkok. They offer services for both male and females.

Gay Thailand, Gay Thailand – How to meet Gay guys

They have a range of massages including soapy and prostate . You can view all their girls but visiting their website at


These were often the best cruising spots but tighter security is making them less popular. However, gays love shopping and a walk around some of the bigger malls can be very rewarding. In some of the higher class malls you are more likely to meet gay Bangkok money boys but if you have charm, charisma and a sprinkling of good looks you will find your gay Thai for free. (Guess I must have charisma).

Beware of the ‘lookers’ in public toilets, quite clearly they are dick hunting and that may not be what you really want. The eye contact made on escalators or just browsing as you pass shop windows will often reap golden rewards – and these Thai gays are definitely golden: beautiful, smooth skin that is only very slightly browned (mostly because many guys use skin whitening products).

Gay Thailand, Gay Thailand – How to meet Gay guys


If you are into dancing then you should try DJ Station in Soi 2, Silom Road for a good gay Thailand experience. (Soi just means Street). In the same street you will find other drinking venues, some with live music. The whole Soi is dedicated to the gay Thailand nightlife.

In Silom Soi 4, in the same area, you will find very many bars. All dedicated to drinking, all dedicated to gay Bangkok nightlife, all dedicated to bringing two people (or more – if you like that kind of thing) together.

Everything is available and anything is possible. You can hire a guy for a short time, for a few days or even a couple of weeks. Rates vary from 1500 Baht ($50) for a short time to as little as 2500 Baht ($80) for a day. Weekly rates start as low as 10,000 Baht ($350) but sex might be considered as extras.   Whatever you want you can bargain for and no one is going to be offended if you end up saying No. Do, however, be polite – all Thai people are. Say something like, “Sorry, I do not have that much to spare” rather than “You’re not worth it.” (Yes, I have heard the latter). Believe me, some of these guy Bangkok guys are so damned hot and sexy they could be worth 10,000 Baht for just a weekend – if you have that much to spend.

The idea on Silom Soi 4 is just to sit with a drink outside the bar and wait for that initial eye contact that will lead to conversation, that will lead to – who knows what?  Just be like the Thais – smile. They do not call this the Land of Smiles for nothing. A warm smile will open many doors and many a pair of jeans. Remember, ‘sex’ in Bangkok is not a dirty word. Just one word of caution – do not try to guess the age of a gay Thailand man. Make sure they are of the age of consent, currently 18.


The place to go for these would be Twilight Bar – the street known in Thai as Pratu Chai.

If you just want to peeve on absolutely gorgeous gay Bangkok men, this is the place for you. Drinks will cost you 300 Baht ($10) even if it just coke. You will be able to sit and watch a parade of handsome boys in skimpy underwear and, if you choose, select one to take away with you. You can stay a while and watch the Cabaret. Some good dancing, maybe a great lip=synch performance, certainly a huge cock display and in some places a real sex act. Well, it looks real but is just an act. My favorite would be the two boys in the shower, lots of soap, lots of massaging, both very well-endowed and lots of suggestive movement. Actually leaving the sex act itself to your imagination – a great idea as some of us have more vivid imaginations than others.

Sex in all of these places is definitely pay as you learn plan. What you will learn is that sex needs to be short and sweet so they can move on to another customer, sex is the act (any expressions of love are from a script), when the boy has finished with you he may very well rush off to take his girlfriend to supper, this guy you almost fell in love with will do the same thing tomorrow with a woman (many women go to gay bars to get turned on by these gay guys with huge dicks). Remember, you have paid for the use of his body not control of his life.

Sex is all around you in gay Thailand but it has a sense of decency about it. Which is why some people easily mistake it for love – it is not. But love is also found everywhere in Bangkok = all you have to do is look a little harder. First, take a closer look at yourself.


Gay Thailand is a happy place because everyone allows others to find their own form of happiness. I hope you find yours. For other ways to find Gay Thai men check out these Gay Thai dating sites.

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