5 Places to Find Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

As time goes by, you can already find a lot of foreigners choosing ladyboys rather than real girls when they are in Chiang Mai. Well, on my opinion and observation, a ladyboy in Chiang Mai is indeed a good catch and they won’t just give you a nice sex but also a nice and fun time as well.

, 5 Places to Find Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai’s ladyboys are actually fun to be with and they usually have this light and positive aura with them which makes them a perfect choice for all the foreigners out their who are searching for a great time in the city. If you wanted to know where you can find a ladyboys in  Chiang Mai, you can surely use this guide.

You can surely find ladyboys all over Thailand such as in the bars, strolling over the streets of the country or even in th restaurant serving you and your friends but if you wanted to look for a specific place where you can easily find them and eventually hook up with a ladyboy in Chiang Mai then you should definitely give these 5 places in Chiang Mai a visit where a ladyboy in Chiang Mai often hangs out.

Chiang Mai Nightclubs with Ladyboys

As stroll around the nightclubs in Chiang Mai, you would notice that it is harder to find these ladyboys in most of the famous nightclubs in the city well, it is more likely that these nightclubs don’t allow these ladyboys in their place which makes these famous Chiang Mai nightclubs not a good place for you to find a ladyboy. Nevertheless, you can still find some nightclubs in Chiang Mai that are not that strict when it comes to these ladyboys such as the Tawan Dang and Zoe in Yellow.

Tawan Dang

A very perfect place in Chiang Mai for you to have fun. Tawan Dang do have a bit pricey food and drink but with the great and entertaining shown, you would surely have a great time in the nightclub. You may also wanted to bring your own drinks with you for they only have their mixers. Also, take note that the party scene in the place is more lively and fun from 9pm onwards.

Zoe in Yellow

This nightclub is usually packed every night thus you have to expect a more lively and great music. Ladyboys are quiet usual in Zoe in Yellow which makes those foreigners who loves to hook up with a ladyboy find one in here. Although these two aren’t the best of the best in Chiang Mai, you can still definitely have fun in there specially with all those ladyboys strolling around the nightclub. A night with a ladyboy in Chiang Mai do usually ranges from 1000-2000baht.

Bars in Chiang Mai

One of the best places in Chiang Mai where you can find a lot of bars is the Loi Kroh Road and as you go bar hopping in the place, you can definitely find a lot of them there specifically in Friends Corner. The bar don’t just serves good meals, beers and cocktails but they also have their pretty and hot ladyboys that would surely get your attention.

A glass of beer in these bars usually costs 90baht for the small one and 135baht for the big ones and if you’d like to get your ladyboy in Chiang Mai a ladydrink, it would cost 170baht. If you wanted to take a ladyboy in Chiang Mai with you, bars in Chaing Mai do usually have their bar fine of 500baht and for a short time, you can pay the ladyboy with 1500baht and 2000baht for a long time.

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You may also be interested in watching the very famous cabaret show in Thailand where you can find ladyboys performing on stage. You can actually find these cabaret shows just south in Loi Kroh Road and they have their entrance fee of 700baht but this comes along with one drink already.

Chiang Mai Massage Parlors

You can also find a lot of Massage Parlors in Chiang Mai that do offers extra services in Loi Kroh Road. Although they don’t have that much of ladyboys in their massage parlors but you can still find a few of them if you’re just patient enough to visit one massage parlor to the other.

An hour of oil massage in the area would cost you 200-350baht but if you wanted to have more, you can pay them 500baht for a hand job and 700baht for a blowjob. These prices are actually negotiable thus, feel free to negotiate with them if you find these prices a bit high.

Malls and Nightmarkets in Chiang Mai

If you are the person who’s not that fond to visiting these nightlife scenes to find a ladyboy in Chiang Mai, you may also visit some malls and night markets in Chiang Mai where you can surely find some ladyboys strolling around the area.

Chiang Mai is actually one of the places in Thailand where you can find a lot of ladyboys thus you don’t have to worry that you may not be able to find one in the city. As long as you are open-minded and willing to stroll around the city, you can definitely find a ladyboy in Chiang Mai for you.

Online Dating Sites

Aside from these places in Chiang Mai, you may also wanted to register to an online dating site where a lot of ladyboy in Chiang Mai where able to join themselves as well. Online dating sites are actually a good idea for you can already find a ladyboy Chiang even though you are still in your own country and just meet them when you are already in Chiang Mai; that way, you don’t have to look for one anymore after arriving in the city.

, 5 Places to Find Ladyboys in Chiang Mai

As you go and visit Chiang Mai, you should also keep in mind that aside from their ladyboys, they also have a great tourist attractions that you can also give your attention for your holiday vacation in Chiang Mai.

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