Where to Find Ladyboys in Shanghai

Unlike other cities in Asia e. g Vietnam and Thailand, ladyboys in Shanghai are few and far between. This makes sense considering China’s conservative rules and customs.

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ladyboys in Shanghai, Where to Find Ladyboys in Shanghai

However, we dug deeper and pinned these places as the best to find Chinese ladyboys be it just sex or as a lover. China is well of economically. Money attracts prostitutes and where there are prostitutes, you will find some ladyboys hookers too.

Before we get to the places to find ladyboys in Shanghai, it’s good to outline some shortcoming you might encounter during the process.

Challenges in finding ladyboys in Shanghai

If you visit a foreign country with different traditions and values, you might get a bit of culture shock. Well, when it comes to China, there is a major one.

The Chinese language is undecipherable and many things are carried out quite differently. Did you know there is no Google in China? How else will you translate what someone said?

I don’t mean to scare you. We travel far and wide and not a single trip have we ever regretted despite the cultural difference.

When it comes to LGBT, or who we call ladyboys in this post, the information is quite vague. Shanghai is a modern city and Trans are welcomed which gives us a few places to find these lovers.

To improve your chances of finding ladyboys in Shanghai, it’s recommended you go with the online option.

China cupid is the best dating site. We will cover more about it later. If you are searching for a Chinese ladyboy hooker or for a serious relationship, China cupid is the best.

You can use online dating sites to find Chinese ladyboys in smaller cities e.g. Xian, Harbin, Chengdu, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Suzhou etc.

In general, if you want to find ladyboy in Shanghai, head to the tourist and Shanghai nightlife districts and try bars that look welcoming.

Ladyboys in Shanghai night shows

In the last decade, the LGBT movement has made significant strides not only in Asian countries but also worldwide.

In Shanghai, there are many LGBT bars, nightclubs and drag shows where you can meet cute Chinese ladyboys for sex in China or hookups.

Like we had mentioned earlier, Shanghai is not an easy city to track ladyboys. This means you need inside information about happening drag shows for better chances of success.

ladyboys in Shanghai, Where to Find Ladyboys in Shanghai

To make things easier, you need to network and give it time. You can visit any of the below bars. If you come across a Chinese ladyboy, ask her trending gay shows in the city. You never know where such fun will lead you.

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Here are some LGBT bars in Shanghai known to host live drag shows.

  • Angle
  • Smash
  • Telephone 6
  • Elevator
  • Celia
  • Daliah
  • Lucca 390
  • Happiness 42

Check their website to see upcoming drag shows and plan your visit accordingly.

Daliah, for example, host drag shows biggest LGBT party in Shanghai known as Snap. This gives you better chances of hooking up with the Trans.

If you play your game right, drag shows attract most of the cutest Chinese ladyboys. Try picking up one of the drag queens from the cabaret performance. If not the crowd has potential hookups too.

Online dating Shanghai ladyboys

If you are looking for an online dating site to meet ladyboys in Shanghai then use China cupid. This is a top-ranked dating site for straight and gays.

To use China cupid, you don’t have to be in China. You can sign up before getting to Shanghai. This way you can meet many ladyboys, shortlist then meet them physically once in Shanghai.

Another good thing about China cupid is that communication is made easier thanks to a translation tool. This way you are not limited to those Chinese ladyboys who can speak English.

By using China cupid, you can specify the kind of ladyboy you need. For example, you can specify the age, likes and looks making it easier to find a ladyboy you find attractive.

The only con about China Cupid is it’s vulnerable to cons like any other online dating site. This means you have to put your guards up or else you become a  victim.

Avoid these Trans who ask:

  • Money for transport
  • Ask for money claiming a relative is ill
  • Ask money for food

If you are looking for a ladyboy to date, you need to try even harder. Most of the ladyboys in Shanghai are get into LGBT for money hence they are hookers.

Some of the Trans profile look like they are good Shanghai girls but are hookers. If you meet them and develop feeling then they will scam you money for months with the name we are dating.

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I would advise falling for these girls especially hookers. It not new to hear tales of how men feel in love with a hooker and send her money to keep her “off the street” which they don’t yet continue to receive the money.

Escort ladyboys in Shanghai

If prostitutes are your thing, there are several escort agencies in Shanghai. The two major escort pickup bars in Shanghai are Manhattan and Judy’s.

You can find escort ladyboys in online dating sites too. In the Trans profile, look for words like massage, ladyboy or escort.

If you can differentiate people from various Asian countries, you will notice that most Trans are not Chinese but from Thai, Philippine and Vietnam.

These three countries have the most thriving LGBT scenes in Asia. Due to China’s economy they come here as business is better.

Ladyboy in Shanghai red districts

There are several red light districts in Shanghai. You can take a walk and try your luck in finding a cheap ladyboy. They include:

  • Golden bridge on Jinqiao, Pudong District
  • Wusong area along Shuancheng Road
  • Ganquan region along Zichang Road
  • Rushan Road in Puding District
  • Zhaohua Road
  • Nanhui town in southeast suburbs
  • Dahua village in Putuo district

Note, if you pick a ladyboy from the street you need to be extra cautious. If you plan to take her back to your hotel, always lock your valuables in a safe box.

Ladyboys in Shanghai KTVs

There are some ladyboys in Shanghai KTVs. Any KTV in the red light district will do.

However, you need to be cautious if you don’t find any foreigner inside. KTVs in China are notorious for scamming foreigners.

Once inside you better ask prices first be it room price, drinks or anything else chargeable. Some of these KTVs use cute ladyboys to drain your money.

Dating ladyboys in Shanghai

As you have seen there is not much info about ladyboys in Shanghai or China in general. The advantage is unlike other cities swarming with ladyboys, you have a better chance of finding a ladyboy to date in Shanghai.

You won’t find ladyboys to date in the clubs, bar or any other red light areas. They are harder to come by and might not be in the online dating sites.

The only way to find them is during daytime and in decent places e.g. malls and coffee shops. While they might be discriminated in jobs, good ladyboys work in Shanghai offices too.

Some prostitutes can be good ladyboys but forced by circumstances to venture into the industry. While we advise against dating hookers in Shanghai, some can be good girls if given an opportunity to live a better life.

When dating a ladyboy in Shanghai, you need to treat them right. Meet them for coffee or dinner, be a gentleman and have a nice conversation with them.

There are quite a good number of Chinese ladyboys looking for life partners. Others want casual dating while other want casual sex in Shanghai.

To meet these good Ladyboys find them during the day, away from redlight districts or online.

How much will you pay for the ladyboys ?

The price for a lady in Shanghai depends on where you found her, how beautiful she is and sometimes if she likes you or not.

In general, the cost of ladyboys in China is higher considering their scarcity. Prices will, therefore, range between 500 yen – 2500 yen.

If you want cheaper sex with ladyboys then I suggest you head to Vietnam or the Philippines. We have good guides on where to find ladyboys in Bangkok, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

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ladyboys in Shanghai, Where to Find Ladyboys in Shanghai

If you have ever visited China and had successful encounters with ladyboys in Shanghai, our reader would be grateful for the information. Please comment below. We might have to verify its credibility to avoid any misleading.

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