How to Use Tinder in China Like a Boss

So you’re going to China, and you want to get some action with the cute Chinese ladies. Despite the hoopla against using Tinder in China, it’s fairly simple to get girls on there.

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tinder in china, How to Use Tinder in China Like a Boss

Once you know how to maneuver your way through the B.S, Tinder can work wonders for you.

There are, however, a few downsides to using Tinder in China, but that’s why we’ve created this bulletproof guide to getting you those Chinese hotties.

How to Get On Tinder in China

First off, the Chinese government is a real cockblock to us men. In order to access Tinder in China, you need to use a VPN. The government in China blocks many apps and websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, YouTube, and Tinder.

Yes, even Pornhub is blocked. But don’t worry, with this guide you can find a real hot babe instead of fantasizing over one. So it’s fairly simple, just pay for a VPN service that works in China, so your IP address shows that you’re located somewhere else.

tinder in china, How to Use Tinder in China Like a Boss
Tinder Beijing

What We Love About Chinese Tinder

Despite the restriction on Tinder, there are plenty of beautiful women hanging out there. Here are a few reasons why Tinder in China is a gold mine. 

  • Girls Want International Men – Just think about it. The ones who make an effort to have a VPN and download Tinder are looking for international men like yourself.
  • Little Competition – The great thing is that most men in China are extremely conservative, meaning you can blow them outta the water. Just have a little courage and make the first move. 
  • English is a Plus – Many Chinese girls have learned to speak English during childhood, so you won’t have to worry about the language barrier. Also, from what I’ve seen personally, Chinese girls really have a thing for white guys (who speak Native English).

There are so many hot girls in China, so you won’t go wrong trying to find one for yourself. With a decent profile and a bit of confidence, you’ll bring one home in no time!

Things we don’t like 

Before you begin swiping, you should know the common traps that you might get into with Tinder in China and the profiles you’ll find. 

  • Time Wasters – It’s bound to happen, especially in Asian countries where girls are more conservative. Many girls just want to chat for a long time before finally meeting up. If you see that it’s going nowhere, just move on. Another tip is to screen them out by telling them you’re only here for X number of days or weeks. You can also take them out to the night scene, such as a bar or club. There’s nothing worse than being text buddies with a girl only to find out she’s not willing to put out. 
  • Scammers –  If the profile looks too good to be true and if it just seems too easy, that’s a huge red flag! You should stop to think. What is this girl after? Here are a few possible scenarios:
    • Catfish – Tinder pictures can be deceiving. Personally, I always like to ask for their social media. If not, get them to send it over through Wechat. 
    • Gold Diggers – Sadly, there are some that are just after your wallet. Always choose an inexpensive date spot. For example, I always like inviting girls to a boba date because it’s super casual. 
    • Fishing Information – Be aware when you see the hottest looking profiles because they might be internet hackers looking to steal your information. Just be careful. If they try to have a dirty talk with you immediately, that’s a huge no-no. 
    • Hookers – there are lots of Chinese hookers on these sites who are looking to scam you.

Using Tinder Shanghai 

Shanghai is home to some of the most beautiful women in Asia. These girls have perfect light skin with long legs and a very submissive personality. Best of all, they love their European and American men. 

Location is key. I suggest knowing where the hot girls’ hangout in Shanghai. For example, staying near Nanjing Road or IFC Mall, where all the shoppers are, gives you the best chance to match with cuties. You want to stay close by popular areas because typically girls who do want to hook up rather stay in close proximity. 

Have a profile that displays your personality. Showing your humor is a huge turn-on with Shanghai girls. Remember that other men are very conservative, so if you can be a little bit outgoing without coming off as obnoxious, you’re golden! 

Girls in Shanghai might seem difficult to crack at first, but once they open up to you, they’re all yours. Their submissive personality also makes them very loyal. They can be an excellent tour guide to show you around this beautiful city too. 

tinder in china, How to Use Tinder in China Like a Boss
Tinder Shanghai

Alternatives to Tinder in China 

What about other ways to meet cute Chinese girls online? Don’t worry, there are dozens of Chinese dating apps. Tinder can be more annoying than useful, so sometimes it’s better to use lesser-known apps where there is a better guy to girl ratio. 

One dating app we support is ChinaLoveCupid. One reason we love this app is that it advertises International Chinese Dating to its users. This means that girls who go on this app often are looking to meet foreigners like yourself.

There is even a designated category that says “Single Western Men.” They also make it convenient for international people by allowing users to swipe outside of the country before your trip. 

It’s quite simple to start. Just create a profile, browse photos of members, and start communicating. It’s a free site and doesn’t have all the fake profiles that Tinder has.

Final Thoughts  

Now that you know how to succeed on Tinder in China go out and explore the field. You have all the tools to find a beautiful girl that you’ve been dreaming of. China is filled with all kinds of girls, so there is something for everyone. 

Want to meet girls for free in China, check out this article.

tinder in china, How to Use Tinder in China Like a Boss

Don’t let any more time pass! Begin swiping and ask a cute girl on a date. I’m sure you’ll have dozens of new matches soon. We can’t wait to hear about your Tinder adventures in China!

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