6 Spots to Meet Chinese hookers

In this article you’ll learn where to meet Chinese hookers.

China is not a top sex tourist destination but that does mean you can’t get laid for a fee.

Want to get laid for free in China, check out this article.Chinese hookers, 6 Spots to Meet Chinese hookers

Well, this post will not only answer such question but also provide you with some tips on how to deal with Chinese hooker considering the nature of industry plus other differences.

If you have noticed, you won’t get much information about Chinese sex industry online. That might be because there is limited information online.

For us though, we get in-depth knowledge right from the field. Now stop imagining how many hookers I have slept with to get you all this credible information.

The fact remains, if I have to jump into bed with a 100 Chinese hookers just to get the right information for a bro out there, I would do it over and over again. You can thank me in the comment box.

Now back to finding these Chinese babes. Tip number one in having an easy time getting into Chinese prostitute pants is to know where to find them.

You may not find China popular in selling sex but where to find them if similar to top sex tourist destination e.g. Thailand.

If you are not new to our blog, you might have noticed a correlation with tourist areas with hookers, booze with hookers, beaches with hookers, online dating sites with hookers.

China is no exemption. Now let’s dive right into it.

Chinese prostitutes for in bars

Again we have to thank this amazing drink for creating an avenue to meet cuties for sex. All major cities in China have at least three bars where you are assured to get Chinese girls for sex.

Shanghai nightlife, for example, has Judy’s located on 142 Tongens Rd and Nanjing Xilu, address Jingan Qu. These two bars have and, with the quality of girls, will continue to be favorite for a long time.

In the same city, visit Manhattan Bar located inside the Manhattan  Business Hotel. The bar is lively and swarmed with ladies of the night.

Bar Rouge has built quite a reputation too. This Asian decorated bar has plenty of beautiful and classy women who are willing to fool around for a fee.

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Chinese hookers are not the cheapest but not the most expensive. On a typical day, most girls will ask for around 1500 Yuan, approximately USD 220.

That cost will wash down a lot of men libido considering you can get 3 girls /ladyboys or whatever turns you on, in Thailand or Vietnam.


You got to bring your negotiating skills with you. These Chinese bar girls are freelancers, hence up for negotiation. With some booze and flirting skills, you could have her all over you at half the price.

Note that not all girls in the bar are prostitutes. Some might be waiting for their date while others looking to get drunk.

My point is before you approach her, observe. If she looks too sexy, she is up for grabs. If not , have a normal conversation and see where the nights take you. Who said you have pay for a sexual escapade.

Hookers in sex saunas

Asian countries are popular with massage. This is another industry which caters 50% of prostitution. Long live the parlors.

Fortunately, there are many sex saunas in China. They might not be explicit as soaplands in Tokyo or spas in Bangkok, but what happens inside is what matters.

Due to their external looks, you might need to double check before you walk into one. I have my friends who walk into some only to get a foot massage yet they intended to let go the pressure by having their middle “foot” massaged.

Just to  be sure, try these ones out:

Red House Girls Club

Yes, girls club. Open a man’s club and authority will be on your door the next day with a foreclosure permit.

Here, you can have sex with a Chinese hooker for less than 1000 Yuan, definitely short time. A Nuru massage goes for 100 Yuan.

This makes the spa a cheaper option for quick sex in China.

Mansion Sauna

An average Chinese prostitute cost 1000 Yuan with the models going for 2000 Yuan. Worth checking out.

Other saunas include Million Honor club, classic Asia and International Health club.


While there are many saunas in China, they keep getting shut and popping up in another building. Don’t underestimate what can happen in a hugely populated city.

Also, most of these saunas are disguised as something else. In fact, the salon you just passed might have some sexy girls for sex.

Chinese hookers at KTV’s and Hostess bars

These are like a fancier option of bars in China. You get to pay more and have fun with even more attractive girls.

If you had a boner because of that sexy flight attendant on your way to China, then head to a hostess bar. Here you will find Chinese hookers dresses as an air hostess.

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Like the majority of other KTV’s in around the world, you need to be more careful with your pocket. I mean, tip one stripper huge and the rest will line up to get something. The idea is to get laid as much as possible and not getting bankrupt.

KTV’s place very sexy looking girls at the entrance. They will persuade you to get in, have you buy drinks, too many drinks that you will wake up the next morning, alone with a hangover and a morning wood.

To avoid getting ripped off, these are the decent KTV in China to find Chinese hookers :

  • Xing Ding Hui
  • Gala City
  • Cosmo

Find hookers online

Going online is always an option when looking at getting laid, with a lot of privacy. It could be to find an escort service or fishing a normal girl from the dating site.

While there are many ways of getting laid online, China Cupid has a more successful rate.

Chinese hookers online cost as much as those in saunas but at least you get to pick one that you like.

Another good thing about finding a Chinese girl for sex online is that communication is better. Learning Chinese isn’t easy and might come tedious if you plan to stay there for some weeks.

With China cupid, you can chat using a language translator. This means better negotiation and understanding what the hooker has to offer.

So how do you deal with hookers in China?

For an easier time, just have enough cash with you. It’s quite embarrassing if she starts yelling at you in a language that you don’t understand or when she keeps yelling with a Chinese accent “PAY, MONEY, FOOL!!”

Lesson number two. While the girl has sex for a living, try and churn that away if you are looking to have fun. Think of it as a very short time girlfriends. Treat her nice (not extravagantly) and give your best when both strip naked.

Be fun. You don’t want a bored girl face. It’s humiliating. Talk about something common. It could be a movie, music. Keep off topic related to politics. They are not fun for most girls.

All the best

China is an expensive place to monger but the looks of her girls make it worth a try. Of course, there are cheaper options, e.g. street Chinese hookers. Not the safest option though.

Most of these girls flock China bars or other avenues because they want foreign men like you. Take that to your advantage and always choose the best available girl.

If you are looking for a short time thing, Saunas are the best. If not, meet a girl in a bar or KTV, have fun, talk then take her back to your hotel.

Dating a girl from China cupid is a good option, especially for those who are not into paying money for sex. However, if that fails and blue balls feels too much, remember saunas girls are at your service.

Want to get laid for free in China, check out this article.Chinese hookers, 6 Spots to Meet Chinese hookers

Overall, China is a good country to get laid. The hookers might not paint street like in some other Asian countries but a decent effort is enough to have sex of your life. So as you grab your visa to China, budget for a girl, or two. We are always here to help if you encounter some difficulty getting laid.

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