Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

Indonesia is another destination for your Asian holiday, and there are lots of places to find sex in Jakarta.

Its major city is Jakarta and the nightlife is as interesting in Thailand. But one word of caution, Jakarta is not as flamboyant as Bangkok or Pattaya. Mainly because it is a Muslim country and prostitution is not tolerated.

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sex in jakarta, Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

But if you are planning to go for a holiday in Indonesia, specifically Jakarta then you should read this. This is a beginner’s guide on how you can hook up with a girl and have sex in Jakarta.

Indonesian Women

However, there is no reason why you should not consider Jakarta as your sex holiday destination. Think about Javanese women. They are extremely good looking with big breasts. Some of these girls can give you one of the best sex in Jakarta you will ever have. They are very much willing and ready to fuck. They are also great in bed which is why lots of foreign tourists and expats frequent the country. Prostitution is one of the major tourist attractions in Indonesia.

They are also great in bed which is why lots of foreign tourists and expats frequent the country. Prostitution is one of the major tourist attractions in Indonesia.

sex in jakarta, Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

You might be confused as to why it has become a major tourist attraction. Prostitution is not as prominent in other neighboring countries but it is still prevalent especially in Jakarta. There is no need to worry about not having to pop your juice while in town.

Isn’t Jakarta a Muslim populated city?

Yes but that doesn’t mean it’s hard to get laid in Jakarta for free or by paying. The strict Muslim girls will never be out at bars or clubs, so the girls you do see are either relaxed Muslims or of another religion. During my stay in Jakarta I met dozens of girls who were up for a party and good time.

You won’t have issues with local Muslim girls because the ones who don’t drink or party won’t be anywhere you go (online dating sites or bars and clubs).

sex in jakarta, Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

Jakarta is a very underrated city in Asia and it gets a bad rep because it is a Muslim country. But don’t get it twisted, Jakarta is a great place for sex and partying.

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Jakarta Nightlife

Jakarta has a mixed crowd. The nightlife is mostly concentrated in three areas: Jalan Jaksa, Blok M (Jalan Falatehan) and Little Tokyo.

For good, clean fun you are most likely to go to Jalan Jaksa where you can find a couple of bars, discos and also some freelancers just in case there are sleazebags who would like to hook up in one of these bars. Jalan Jaksa is the backpacking district of Jakarta. Expect to see foreigners or bule in one of any of these bars having a drink or two.

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Here are just some of the bars you can visit while you are in the area:

Cocktail and Friends – this is a popular place for young crowds (usually students) but there are also a mix of expats and foreign tourists during the weekend.

Equal Park – this is a good place with good reggae/ live music located on Jalan Jaksa. They are open from 6pm and can stay open up until 3 am or longer especially during the weekends. This is a small café where you can hang out with friends. This is not a place to hook up with prostitutes. You might meet a local girl but that would be quite difficult.

Immigrant – this is one of the best nightclubs in Jakarta but the crowd mostly comprises of young locals and younger foreign tourists/ expats. You can be able to find a sexy Jakarta girl (if you are lucky) to bang with at this place. They play different types of music such as hip hop, R&B and dance music depending on their theme for the night.

Dragonfly – if you go to Jakarta, you might have been probably told about Dragonfly where you can be able to party all night long. This place tends to be full especially during the weekends.

sex in jakarta, Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

You can also be able to find Jakarta hookers in this place looking for rich expats. Entrance fee is quite high at 200,000 without a drink. They also have a strict door policy that only allows you to enter if you are dressed well. Make sure that you also bring an ID.

Colosseum – another nightclub that is famous on this side of town. They host great events and parties with the best sound and lighting system. It can also be pretty expensive as the entrance fee costs 200,000 with a free drink. A lot of people here take drugs so if you see locals in a zombie-like state, that is why.

sex in jakarta, Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

It can also be pretty expensive as the entrance fee costs 200,000 with a free drink. A lot of people here take drugs so if you see locals in a zombie-like state, that is why.

Sports Bar – If you are a sports fan, you can hang out with the same crowd at B.A.T.S. It is located at Shangri-La Hotel but you can seldom find hookers in this area. These are the places that are absolutely ayam-free (working girls).

Hookers in Jakarta are much cheaper than Bali prostitutes.

Finding Sex in Jakarta

Like what was mentioned earlier, sex in Jakarta is not as tolerated compared to Bangkok or Pattaya. However, sex clubs in Jakarta is prevalent. There are several sex clubs where you can be able to find and hook up with great looking local women.

Here are the best sex clubs that you can find in Jakarta:

Terminal 2 – located at the 2nd floor of Classic Hotel. The area is quite big enough to accommodate customers and still feel comfortable. There are couches where the women are sitting waiting for a customer for the night. They also have nude shows so you can see these girls grinding their ass on the dancefloor. One reason why they are famous is because women in this place are young (in their 20s) and all are not bad looking.

You can just hang out with the girl but make sure to buy her ladies drinks. If you want to bang her, you can take her downstairs for a short time and that would cost about 325,000 Rupiah. If you feel that one girl is not enough, you can add another girl into your party for another 200,000 Rupiah.

Alexis Hotel – this is a huge entertainment complex which is built for men.

There are dance clubs where you can have a drink or two and hook up with a girl or prostitute or whatever. But on the 7th floor you can find their spa. There are women sitting on the area where you get to choose which one you want to have a good time with. They are actually seated according to their nationalities – Thais, Chinese, Indonesians, and even Russians.

Once you have chosen a girl, you can enjoy a dip with her in the swimming pool. That approximately costs higher than the other places (about $200). You will then be escorted to a private room where you can have your massage with happy ending. You will also find retired Thai working girls in this place.

Malioboro – this place is not too hard to miss. It is one of the biggest clubs located on Jalan Gadjah Madah. Dance club is on the first floor and there are lots of working girls of different sorts. Go up the next floor and you will find the strip club. Buy these women a pair of shots and they will take their bikini tops off and let you suck their tits and grind their ass on your boner. There are also private rooms where you can be able to enjoy great sex with these women in Jakarta.

Prices for these women depend on where they are from. Local girls cost about 350,000 Rupiah while Russian girls cost about 2,000,000. However, it is still worth it because women working here are slim, young and doable.

Kings Cross – another one of the biggest entertainment complex in Jakarta. They have different types of entertainment for men on each floor just like the rest of these establishments. One floor has a huge dancefloor where you can watch women doing their sexy dance in skimpy bikinis as you sit on the tables surrounding the center stage. Another floor offers full service massage with happy ending. There are also dance clubs filled with working women that you can take to their private rooms to fuck.

Travel Hotel – it is not one of the biggest but the place is modest. The price is quite fair but you can still have a great time with one of their girls in their private room for only 350,000 Rupiah.

  • Updated: I have now made a new article dedicated to various sex spas in Jakarta. If there are any I have missed out or you feel need to be added, just leave a comment below.

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Other places for sex in Jakarta:

There are also other places aside from sex clubs where you can find casual hook up in Jakarta.

Little Tokyo – this is where mostly Asian tourists from Japan and Korea go to. There are KTV/ Karaoke bars where you can enjoy singing with one of their working girls. You can take them to a private room of these establishments for a short time. Normally standard rates starts at 250,000 Rupiah for short time and 600,000 Rupiah for an all-nighter.

Brothels – there are also brothels in Jakarta. These places are hidden (Kalijodo is a prime example). It was a different type of red light district. If you’ve seen movies where heinous crimes and violence happens, that is how it feels like once you step into that place. If you are the risky type, try it for a different experience of sex in Jakarta. If you are a beginner, this is not probably a good place to start your sexcapade.

Can you bring girls back to your hotel in Jakarta?

Most hotels, guest houses and Airbnb rentals won’t mind if you bring a girl back to your room. During my trips to the city, I have never had any problems with that. You may be asked by the hotel for the girl’s ID which they will use to log in their book and nothing more.

You also want to check their ID to ensure you do not bring home a Indonesian ladyboy.

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If you want to avoid this from happening when booking your hotel you could book it for two guests and just make a name up for the other person, but it will usually be fine.

  • Note: If you’re on a budget and stay at a cheap guesthouse, if it is a family run place that uses shariah rules, then you will not be allowed to bring girls back. So always check before hand.

Is it safe to bring girls back to your room?

If you pick a girl from a dating website or from a non-hooker club, you won’t have any issues with robbery. Most local girls are honest and genuine, I’ve never experienced anything other than good things (i.e they will actually clean up your room).

If you bring back a hooker then it depends, in most cases, they will be fine if you picked them from a bar or club. Before you leave your room just lock all your valuables in a safe and don’t leave anything in open sight. Overall I found Jakarta to be pretty safe just like Thailand, just use basic common sense and you’ll be fine.

Good Girls vs Working Girls

Sex in Jakarta is averagely easy. Not all women in Jakarta are working girls. If you are looking for a cheap, casual thrill you can opt in to visit one of the sex clubs because it is easy. Of course, there is a danger of getting a disease if you are not safe. You can still be able to hook up with a good Indonesian girl as long as you know where to go.

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sex in jakarta, Beginner’s Guide To Sex In Jakarta

There are still places that you can go such as normal places if you are looking to build a normal intimate relationship with a decent Indonesian woman, or find sex in Jakarta.


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