B Fashion Spa review (2018)

Jakarta has superb nightlife. South Jakarta has a regular and upmarket nightlife, with the North Jarkarta providing the naughty nightlife. Massage parlors in this city have earned a reputation of leaving its client very relaxed. If you want something wet and one that will blow you to space,  visit B Fashion Spa.

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B Fashion Spa, B Fashion Spa review (2018)Years after its opening, B Fashion Spa continues to be a must destination for Jakarta visitors who want an adult experience. Other spas in Jakarta are competitive, but B Fashion is outstanding particular for it special services.

Services offered in B Fashion Spa

If you are looking for plus-plus spa services or even plus-plus-plus service, then this parlor is your place.

Most of the services provided here are sexual, so if you are not into such massage, I advise you find another spa in Jakarta.

Sweet honey

The massage girl will cover your entire body with honey, then lick it erotically.

Ice mouthy/ Alaska dream / Dreaming Ice

Its name sounds kinky and that exactly how your massage will be. With this one, the girl puts ice in her mouth then gives you blow jobs.


Butterfly massage is the same as dreaming ice plus a private body massage before and after.

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Tiger Claws

This is the mother of adult massage. It’s an extreme body licking by the girl, followed with sex. Apparently, only a few girls in Jakarta can pull this skill making it very special.

Traditional massage

This is not the standard Asian traditional massage. The masseuse doing it is topless and always end with a tug job or a happy ending.

Prices for the massage

  • Ice mouthy/ Alaska dream / Dreaming Ice: 480, 000 Rupees.
  • Sweet honey: same as Ice mouthy 480, 000 rupees.
  • Butterfly massage: 580, 000 rupees
  • Tiger claws: 880, 000 rupees

Girls doing the massage do not expect any tips, but if you like her service, it’s nice to appreciate it with a tip.

B Fashion does not only comprise of a spa. It’s an actual hotel with an executive club plus a Karaoke. If you book a room here, you can order any girl from the spa to come to your room for a private plus-plus massage.

Rooms are clean, large bed and have LED TVs. There is also free wifi.

If you do not want the girl for a long time, you can choose to hang out at the hotel pool or take drinks at the club as you enjoy the strip dance form beautiful Indonesian girls.

How to find B Fashion Spa

  • Location: Jl. Aranda No.1 West Jakarta, behind Mall Taman Aggrek.
  • Call: +62 -21 29 666 777
  • Open hours: 24/7

To get there, you can walk or take a taxi depending on your location. Tell the driver the address, and you will be dropped at the entrance. Taxi charge as per meter.

5 minutes’ walk from Taman Aggrek mall and central park.

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35 minutes’ drive from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport.

What to expect inside the spa

Go to the 9th floor and enter the spa. At the front desk, you will get a wristband with a tag number.

Inside the spa, there are lockers, hot pools, spas and swimming pool. You can use all these facilities for 150,000 rupees with the exemption of massage.

Inside the complex, you will be met by an English speaking Papasan or mamasan who will help explain the type of massage in the best way possible.

They mention the charges as well. This is very important in case there is fluctuation in the prices we mentioned.

Tell the mamasan the massage you prefer. You can even choose a girl that speaks English. It all depends on your preference, language or looks or both if available.

You will choose a girl from the paraded ones. Usually, around 30 in number so be assured to get your taste.

After that, the girl will wash you then take you to the bed for the massage. Normally, the massage last 60 minutes and 30 minutes for lovemaking, a total of 90 minutes per session.

If you visit on off-peak hours, e.g., on Mondays, you can get a bonus of 30 minutes for free.

After your session, the girl will give you another hot bath then escort you back to the counter. You will settle your bill using the tag number.

If you prefer to take a drink and watch the girls dance in the club, the extra cost will also be added to your tag. You are expected to show your bill receipt at the exit door.

You can choose to walk back to your hotel or call a taxi. Note that Taxi charge as per meter reading so no extra cost.

Spa tips

If you are in the country for the first time, it means you will be a little-laid back. This is worse for the adult spas first times.

The fact is there is nothing to fear. All you need is have enough cash to blow.

First, avoid visiting the spas during Ramadhan. It’s like they cease to operate during this period. Quite ironical, if I’m to comment.

You will probably notice that these spas have a strip club in the same building. If you don’t carry enough money and end up buying more lady drinks that you expected, you might get into trouble when it comes to settling the bill.

To avoid spending more, you can visit the spas or club during off-peak. During such hours, the cost of drinks is a bit low compared to the weekend.

If you plan to meet a Jakarta hooker and later a massage upstairs, do it late in the night when these girls have had their fill. Otherwise, they will need more drinks which cost more money.

For the spas, weekends are busy, and after queuing, you might not get a girl you like as they are already selected and active with other clients.

I also hear that it’s so rare to get the 90 minutes during peak times as the girls want to move to the next client and make more money.

The good thing is Jakarta does not come short of nightlife girls if you know where to look. Indo Cupid is an online platform for all types of Jakarta girls to have fun with during your stay.

Go to the website and sign up. Chat with many girls and ask them if they are interested in having a good time.

You need to be careful with scammers asking for money before meeting up.

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B Fashion Spa, B Fashion Spa review (2018)

Other than that visit B Fashion Spa and remember to share with us your experience.

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