8 Handjob Massages in Bali

In this article you’ll learn where to get the best massages in Bali, including happy endings and full erotic massages.

If you go to Indonesia specifically in Bali, then there are certain types of activities that you can do.

Surf, sand, party, meet Balinese girls and of course the famous Bali massage. There are actually two types of Bali massage – the decent one and the infamous Bali sex massage.

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In this article, I will be giving you a couple of places where you can get massages in Bali.

To be more on the fair side, we’ll divide it into two sections – the legit, decent massage and the most exciting part that is happy ending massage.

Best massage in Bali?

People normally ask where is the best massage in Bali?

If you’ve had more than dozen massages before you’ll know that question is impossible to answer.

The message you receive depends on a number of factors including how you treat the girl and what she thinks of you.

If she has had a bad day then you’re not going to get the best massage in Bali ever.

The best you can hope for is a great massage.

To sum up, there isn’t a best massage in Bali, it depends on several factors most of outside your control.

bali massage, 8 Handjob Massages in Bali

Body to body massages in Bali

A body to body massage in Bali is always an erotic massage. The women will be naked and typically use a nuru gel to provide the massage.

Finding body to body massage in Bali are quite hard, they are not as common as Nuru massages in Bangkok or Thai soapy massages.

Expect to pay in the upward of $100+ for a body to body in Bali.

For women I believe you can find men who will do this for you or you can choose a women.

A body to body can also be called a nuru massage in Bali, in a nuru massage they use a special type of nuru gel.

Erotic massages in Bali

A erotic massage is the term used for a sex massage.

Massage shops can’t openly say they provide sexual services so if you hear the terms erotic massage or tantric massage assume they mean full sex.

Erotic massages are hard to find in Bali if you don’t stay in the tourist areas and they do cost more than sex in Jakarta or Thailand for that matter.

As girls come to Bali for sex too, you’ll often find erotic massages in Bali catering to both men and women, below in this article you can find a few places that offer these services.

Nuru massages in Ubud?

Ubud is nothing like the other parts of Bali. When I was there in 2013 you could not find a Bali night club never mind a nuru massage in Ubud.

If you’re looking for any type of erotic or happy ending massage in Ubud, you’re going to have a tough time finding them and I would advise staying near Nusa Dua beach in Bali for nuru massage and more.

They are easier to find, Ubud is a place to relax and chill, read here to learn where to find the best Bali red light district areas.

Swell Spa Bali

Swell Spa in Bali is probably my favourite place to get an erotic massage in Bali.

Their spa is clean, they offer a range of services, just email them to ask everything.

bali massage, 8 Handjob Massages in Bali

They are one of the few services in Bali that caters to tourist, have English staff and lots of girls to choose from. Been there once and had a great time.

You can learn more by visiting their website: SwellSpaBali.com

You can also contact them on Whatsapp at +62 823-3996-6677

Decent Massages in Bali

Well there are still a couple of decent or legit massage salons in Bali. Indonesia is famous for its Balinese spa and a lot of foreign tourists are also enjoying the service because it is relatively cheap compared to getting one back home. A full body massage for an hour would usually just cost 60,000 Rupiah.

Other services such as foot massage are priced at 55,000 Rupiah. Now these are just the ones that are middle class spas. There are also upscale spas that cost higher than the regular.

bali massage, 8 Handjob Massages in Bali

However, some of these spas also offer unconventional services.

Apart from the happy ending massage where male clients prefer to have, female clients also have what they call Kendedes, otherwise called as “vagina fogging” or “vagina smoking.” This is believed to tighten it up and have been used mainly by royalties dating back in history.

If you’re going to Jakarta after this check my article on the best sex spas in Jakarta.

Bali sex massages and handjobs

Now, the other part of Bali massage is what they call “happy ending.” These are usually offered even at the most usual place. Bali sex massage usually takes about 1 hour (that is for the traditional or standard massage) plus if the woman starts giving you hints then that means she is offering an extra service. If you are wondering how much it is going to cost for a Bali sex massage, the going rate is about 1 million Rupiah and this includes the following: massage, sex and the room.

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Here are some of the places where you can have Bali sex massages (and they are not even discreet since their happy ending service is even posted online – which seems to be one of the main feature of the establishment)

How much does a happy ending cost in Bali?

Riverview Legian Spa – located at Jalan Kresna and the place looks really clean with nice big bed and would be considered a legit spa because of their interior design. This spa offers 3 sexual services and the prices are listed below.

Standard massage with happy ending or otherwise called as Massage Plus Plus (handjob) costs about 450,000 Rupiah. If you would like to avail of the entire shenanigan (full sex) and a room with Jacuzzi, their going rate is 950,000 Rupiah. Now, if you are the adventurous type, you can have a massage and a menage a trois with 2 girls for 1.7 million Rupiah.

Delta Spa – this is the latest massage parlor in Bali. They don’t just offer massage service but the establishment is really a Spa/Karaoke/Hotel and some sort of a club. The cost for the karaoke room is free but the girls cost about 600,000 Rupiah each. You just have to be careful about the bill though as you might get scammed. One guy actually had a bill of 1.2 million Rupiah just because of some “dancer” who came by their room and stayed for a little while – probably about 5 minutes and was billed for the dancer.

When it comes to the massage service, there are 2 packages: one costs about 600,000 Rupiah and the other one is for 900,000 Rupiah. There’s no difference really. It is just the same massage service plus the happy ending. But it depends on the type of room. However, I don’t have any complaints regarding the room since it is fairly new – everything is still new as well as clean. If you are planning to get Bali sex massage, then this place is a definite to go to.

Swell Spa – another legit looking spa is located at Jalan Intan Permai. Just like Riverview, it does look like an upscale spa but they indiscreetly offer sensual and erotic massage which of course, includes happy ending. I just checked out their website and they have this funny tagline saying, “if it swells, rub it!” So I guess their massage therapists know exactly what clients want. The place is clean and has private shower/bath for their facilities.

Zona Spa – this just opened last year and the best part of this spa is that their therapists are wearing different costumes. They are either a French maid, Japanese Geisha, school girl or stewardess. The place provides originality with this theme. Price could range between 800,000 to 1 million Rupiah for the whole package which includes the massage and happy ending (which runs about a total of 90 minutes). If you are looking for a different Bali sex massage experience, Zona Spa is located at Jalan BypassNgurah Rai.

Body Arum Spa – located at Jalan Tukah Yeh Aya, Body Arum Spa offers another different type of massage service which they offer and that is called “beer massage.” I haven’t tried this but I am guessing that girls will lather you or bathe you in beer and use that as oil for the massage. Their bestselling package is the plus plus with two girls(Triple S) and that costs about 350,000 Rupiah plus tip.

Refrezz Spa – another massage parlor which caters to men, both local and foreign. The establishment is located in Denpasar but it is quite cheap compared to Riverview Spa. The only happy ending service they offer though is a hand job but nothing for the full Bali sex massage service. Their Facebook page can be found here.

Getting a handjob massage in Bali

What if you want something more than just a tug? Luckily, this beach destination has plenty of places to get erotic sex massages.

Note that prostitution is illegal in Bali so don’t expect to find sex massage displayed on pink salons. Instead look for plus plus services on the menu.

A handjob massage in Bali does fall under the plus plus service. Other massages you can expect sex in Bali include Nuru massage, four hands massage, nude body to body massage in Bali etc.

In four hands massage, you can get a threesome if you have enough cash to tip the girls.

Majority of these places cost an average of 450K for a rub and tug, 890K for a body to body sex massage and 1.2 million for sex.

If you want a threesome massage in Bali, 2.5 million + tips get you entertained.

Basically, the treatment starts with a massage to get you relaxed, followed by a plus plus service of choice.

bali massage, 8 Handjob Massages in Bali

If not take a walk in any tourist areas in Bali. You will most likely walk through a street with girls begging to offer you a sex massage. There are more Bali street girls than girls in Jakarta.

If you see one that you like, accept her offer and ask in prior if she can provide plus plus services.

Besides the spas in Bali, you can get sex at other establishments such as Karaoke and sex hotels. If not you can have a girl delivered to your hotel for a private HJ massage.

So is it advisable to get sex massage in Bali?

I don’t see anything wrong with that. If you think it’s morally wrong you shouldn’t have read the article in the first place.

Always check their ID to ensure you’re not going home with a ladyboy in Bali.

One thing you need to enjoy tugs and rubs or any other erotic service in Bali is money. Forget credit cards, carry enough cash. You do not want commotions at the front desk after working on 19 years old thoroughly.

Bali attracts lots of tourists who make the city thrilling even late at night. This, in turn, has attracted girls, both locals and from other countries, looking to earn a living from the sex craving men swarming its streets.

To get laid is then not difficult. All you have to choose if you want it from a Bali hooker, a masseuse, an escort, a college girl, a good girl and so on.

To get a good girl in Bali, stay off ones in Bali bars, lining streets and sometimes in clubs. Instead, look for ones on dating sites like Asiamate.org or Indonesian cupid.

The good thing about online dating site is that you are free to sample without wasting too much time and money.

In fact, you can choose to interact with 1000+ Bali girls online and arrange to meet ones you like when you get to Bali.

bali massage, 8 Handjob Massages in Bali

As you may already know, Bali hookers are all about money and that might not be your aim. It’s therefore recommended to be on the lookout when meeting Bali girls for sex.

They cost more than Jakarta hookers imply because more tourists visit the island.

Rule of thumb, like always, use protection. We don’t want a bro cursing in the comment box after contracting some weird preventable diseases from infected Bali babes.

On matters of sex, not all girls are okay sleeping with you, even when you offer cash for it. This is why sex parlors have a common policy – getting intimate with their girls is between two consenting parties (you and the girl) and not a concern of anyone else.

Do you need to be concerned about legal issues? Most of the pink salons are authorised to offer normal massage in Bali.

The plus plus services are illegal with raids politically related. Cases of raid and arrest in these establishments are therefore rare but no impossible.

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bali massage, 8 Handjob Massages in Bali

Now, massage parlors in Bali don’t just cater to straight men. They also have gay massage parlors but I am not sure whether they offer the same type of service as with the standard happy ending massage parlors.

To name a few they are called: Apple to Apple Sensual Massage, Fantastic 4 Hands Massage and Adam’s Apple Massage. It seems that the gay Bali massage scene is pretty popular among locals, expats and tourists.

Where is your best place to get a sex massage in Bali?


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