Tourist Guide to Bali Red Light District

As time goes by, Bali, Indonesia was able to attain great feedback from all the expats, foreigners and backpackers who are able to visit the place. Well, it isn’t actually new because Bali, Indonesia is undeniably one of the best places you can spend your holiday vacation with.

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, Tourist Guide to Bali Red Light District

If you are able to visit Bali already, you would surely be amazed at what this island in Indonesia can offer especially the beaches in Bali where are absolutely breathtaking and they also have their nightlife scenes from those Bali Red Light Districts that everyone should give a try as well.

Bali Red Light Districts

Whenever you come across the shores and streets of Bali, you would surely notice that there aren’t any proper red light districts that you can find along the area but if you would just spend more time strolling through Bali, you can still find a number of Bali nightlife scenes and events all over the island.

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One of the best places in Bali where you can surely have fun is along Sanur where you can find a lot of clubs, bars and even erotic massage parlors spread all over the area and what you only have to do is to choose among them and have fun with those pretty and sexy Bali ladies available.

5 Best Nightclubs in Bali

Bali has a number of nightclubs spread along the island but as I was able to check on these nightclubs, these five particular nightclubs that I really loved which are the following:

Mirror Bali Lounge and Club

For me, this one is the best among the nightclubs in Bali Red Light Districts where you can surely appreciate how they were able to come up with a very amazing interior design that would make your night in the nightclubs a perfect one.

Aside from the interior design, they also have their international DJs which are all experienced to give the crowd the best music for the night from deep bass, industrial, hip-hop, and house. They also have their futuristic lighting system that definitely helped in giving a very lively crowd.

, Tourist Guide to Bali Red Light District

The place also closes very late which gives you more time to have fun and get drunk til the sun rises. Mirror Bali Lounge and Club is located in Seminyak, Bali and is operational only during Wednesdays to Saturdays 11 PM up to 4 AM.

Sky Garden

If you are in Bali, you must always include in your vacation Legian Complex where Sky Garden is located. In Legian Complex you can find many nightclubs, bars and lounges spread along the place where you just have to choose which one would you like to try first.

Sky Garden is located at the complex’s rooftop which made it the best one in the area where you can have a nice time looking through the busy streets and people of Bali. Aside from these, they also have their eat-all-you-can buffet where you can have a nice and delicious meal before you have a long night in the club.

Just like with some other nightclubs Bali, Sky Garden also have their own world class DJs hence if you wanted to give this place a try, you can visit Sky Garden from 6 PM until very late at night.


You can also find Jenja in Seminyak, Red Light District thus you can surely do some nightclub hopping when you are in Bali since nightclubs are located just near each other. As you get inside this place, you would eventually find their restaurant where you will be served with their Middle-Eastern Menu.

When you go further the place, you’ll then find spiral stairs that would lead you downstairs where you can find their bar that offers a wide selection of drinks from cocktails, whiskey, and beer. The DJ booth and dance floor is also located downstairs where you would surely enjoy the ambiance the nightclub gives its visitors.

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If you wish to visit Jenja, they operational from 10 PM until 2 AM but they are only open every Wednesdays to Sundays but they may be operational if there are any special event or occasion.

Bounty Discotheque

Also called as Bounty Ship which is also located at the Legian Entertainment Complex and operates from 8 PM to 4 AM. Bounty Ship is actually known as one of those legendary nightlife scenes in Bali Red Light District because of its wet n’ wild parties which are loved by mostly the youngsters.

The Bounty Ship is also a one-stop place where you can find a restaurant where you can dine-in, a bar where you may ask for a nice drink for the evening and their dance floor as well where expats and locals can absolutely have a good time swaying and dancing.

As you visit Bounty Ship, you can also find their karaoke inside which can surely give you some leisure time singing and drinking before you and your friends have a great time with Bounty Ship’s DJs at the dancefloor.

Koh Bali

Do you want to try some Berlin clubbing scene? Well, Koh Bali offers such experience where you can find several DJs making the night at Koh Bali one of the best in the area. Koh Bali is located in Seminyak, Bali too and what I really like about this one is they can stay open up until 5 AM during Fridays and Saturdays.

Koh Bali also has their famous DJs such as DJ Matt Weir who’s from the popular dance club called S.A.S.H. and Dane Gorrell also plays in Koh Bali which gives you all the more to go and visit Koh Bali whenever you are in Bali Red Light Districts.

Bali Beaches

Well, if you don’t want to try those loud and wild nightclubs in the Red Light Districts then you might want to try the famous beaches in Bali. Beaches are actually a good way to relax while having the best view you can see in Bali.

Since Bali is best known for their beaches, there are already a lot of resorts you can find all over the island such as the Westin Resort Nusa Dua which is obviously located in Nusa Dua. The resort is huge where you can find more than 400 guestrooms which makes it the perfect place for tourists and foreigners.

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Westin Resort Nusa Dua have their Deluxe Rooms which has an area of 38sqm and if you are with your family or in a group, you can also have their Family suites of around 117sqm hence, Westin Resort Nusa Dua is definitely the best resort whether you are traveling alone or with some colleagues.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Are tired enough strolling along the streets of Bali? Then why don’t you have some relaxing massage from these erotic massage parlors? With these erotic massage parlors, you can now enjoy your relaxing massage and a happy ending as well towards the end of your sensual massage.

Since massage parlors are now known sex scenes in Bali Red Light District, you can already find a lot of these spread along the city but I have here three of the best erotic massage parlors in Bali I have found so far.

Swell Spa Bali

You can locate this erotic massage parlor at Kerobokan, Bali and what made me love this erotic massage parlor is their sensational massage that could really help you a lot in relaxing and having a good time at their massage parlor.

As you try the place, you can have their private rooms which are definitely perfect for your ‘extra’ services later. Swell Spa Bali actually have different kinds of massage for you to choose from such as their Wipeout, Swell, Tsunami and if you are with someone, you may also try their Endless Summer for couples.

Prana Spa Bali

If you are looking for an erotic massage parlor in the island of Bali that is inspired by Middle Eastern and Indian massage sensation then Prana Spa Bali is the place for you. If you wish to try Prana Spa Bali, you can find it at Jalan Kunti Seminyak, Bali.

Aside from their Middle Eastern and Indian massage sensation, Prana Spa Bali is also a large massage parlor hence they can entertain and receive a lot of clients a day thus you can really make sure to it that you can have your massage at Prana Spa Bali anytime.

Minahasa Spa Bali

Maybe it is unusual for you to find gay massage parlor but I can assure you that giving these gay massage parlors a try isn’t that bad at all. Minahasa Spa Bali is one of the first gay massage parlors that you can find on the island but still, there are already a lot of expats and foreigners who love to visit the place.

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Minahasa Spa Bali is located at Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu and girls in this erotic massage parlor are indeed one of the best in Bali for they are able to acquire their training at Thailand. This massage parlor is operational every day for 24hours thus you can definitely visit the place whenever you want to.

Online Dating Sites

Aside from all these places you can visit when you are in Bali, you may also want to give these online dating sites a try. These sites are actually a good choice for those foreigners who want to meet some amazing and single girls in Bali even though they are still in their hometown.

I was already able to use a lot of online dating sites these past few years and as I was able to check these online dating sites, there is this one site that I really loved and I’ve been using this for quite a long time now.

Indonesian Cupid

Maybe you have already heard about this online dating site. Well, Indonesian Cupid is actually my favourite one whenever I wanted to look for single ladies not just from Bali but also from other cities in Indonesia.

What’s actually nice with Indonesian Cupid is that it already narrowed your search to single ladies from Indonesia only compared to those online dating sites who are too broad and open to ladies from other countries thus giving you a hard time looking for a pretty and single girl from Bali and Indonesia only.

, Tourist Guide to Bali Red Light District

Although these online dating sites are a good way to find ladies from Indonesia, let me tell you also that you have to be careful when communicating and giving your trust to these ladies. There are already a lot of incidents where a foreigner gets tricked by these girls and I am pretty sure you don’t want to be included to their victims.

There are a small % of Bali ladyboys on the site too, so if you think someone looks like a man, they probably are.

It might be hard to say if who you are communicating with is a trusted one or not but you can keep yourself safe by being wise all the time and as time goes by, you can eventually learn how things go when it comes to online dating sites and can find a way on how to meet a trusted and nice single ladies from Bali.

Bali, Indonesia is truly a great place to visit where you would surely have a great time appreciating and loving the view of the white sand beach and all those people around the island having a nice time as well. Therefore don’t wait any longer and plan your vacation to Bali right away. Where is your best place to visit in Bali Red Light District?


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