9 Places for Bali Hookers

In this article you’ll learn everything about Bali hookers and escorts.

Are you an expat who loves to travel from one country to another?

One of the main attractions an expat may see in a certain country are the beaches especially if you’ve got the beach where you can do surfing.

If you want to get laid with normal Balinese girls for free, then read this article.

, 9 Places for Bali Hookers

Well, if you are one of this kind of expat then you should definitely consider Bali, Indonesia in your next travel.

Bali is actually a small island that can be found in the country of Indonesia and as you visit the said island, you would surely be mesmerised by how beautiful their beaches are.

Aside from the beaches, expats who come across this island also loves the nightlife scene that Bali can offer both the expats and locals. Bali may be a small island but you would surely get enough with Bali nightlife scenes ones you are already on the island.

Since Bali is a great party venue during the night, it is indeed inevitable to find a lot of Bali hookers spread along the area.

If you wanted to try some girls from Bali or may even wish to give Bali hookers a try, you can absolutely use this guide which gives expats a number of ideas with where they can find these hookers such as the following.

Before that here’s something you should know about Bali Prostitution.

The facts about Bali prostitution

Prostitution in Bali is not legal, but like most of the world it’s not enforced.

If you’re thinking about coming here to take part in Bali prostitution then my only tips of advice would be as follows:

Wear protection – a simple rule that applies anywhere in the world, always wear a condom if you’re going to sleep with a Bali prostitute.

It’s really that simple, if you don’t like sex with a condom then I suggest you don’t sleep with Bali prostitutes or have sex in Jakarta without one.

Always check their age – the legal age of content here is 16 but you need to understand that your country’s legal age is higher you must abide by that rule.

When dealing with Bali prostitution always ask the girl to show her ID card to see her age, to be safe I’d make sure every girl is over 21.

Bali prostitution with trafficking – I don’t know much about sex trafficking in Bali but I’d say it’s much lower than Europe, as girls often choose to get into Bali prostitution as there’s no other jobs on the island.

But you should always ask the girl if she is working there by choice or not, as sleeping with traffic traffickers is illegal and you should not do it.

Be discreet – Indonesian is a Muslim country with over 85% of people being Muslim.

Always be discreet and quiet when going home with a Bali prostitute.

If you plan to stay in a small hotel or guest house I would double check the rules as some will not allow you to bring girls back, especially Bali prostitutes.

This only happens to be the case for Muslim run guest houses by small families.

You can find Bali prostitutes in bars and clubs and massage parlours.

There are less Muslims in Bali than other parts, and it’s much easier to date than meeting girls in Jakarta.

Cost of hookers in Bali

Unlike a Soapy Bangkok massage or erotic massage in Bangkok  which will cost around $70-$100, the cost of hookers in Bali tend to be much higher with prices around $100+.

The reason for this is simple – tourists.

Most people who visit Bali are tourist here for a short-stay and they are fine with paying higher prices.

If your goal is to Bali prostitution in bars and clubs then expect to pay a higher price than other cities in Asia.

I’ve had friends quoted as much as $300+ for a night with a Bali prostitute, if you’re looking for value then the follow massages listed below will be better than looking in bars or clubs.

Erotic Massage Parlors in Bali

Just like with most other countries and cities in Asia, Bali do also have a lot of erotic massage parlors spread along the island.

If you wanted to really have a relaxing time in Bali then you should also consider these erotic massage parlors where you won’t just get a massage but a ‘happy ending’ as well.

Learn where to find the best massages in Bali.

Viva Tantra Massage

You can find Viva Tantra Massage in Kuta, Bali and you can visit the place from 7:00 am up to 12:00 midnight from Monday to Sunday which gives you the chance to visit the place any day you want. What made this massage parlor a known one in Bali is that you can book and have your massage session at your own hotel room.

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Viva Tantra Massage has their sexy and pretty masseuse too who are all trained in doing their erotic massages which makes it the best option for those who wanted to have a very relaxing and yet exciting massage in Bali.

River view Spa

This massage parlor is also located at Kuta thus if you wanted to have a massage parlor hopping, you can just go directly to Kuta, Bali. The said place have their own beautiful girls as well who are going to help you have a great massage experience in Bali.

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Riverview Spa, on the other hand, is a great massage parlor for those who wanted to have a good time being dipped into the jacuzzi which can be found in your own private room after your relaxing massage with Riverview Spa’s hot girls.

Minahasa Spa Bali

Well, Minahasa Spa Bali is actually a place where you won’t just find Bali prostitution because they also offer males and Bali ladyboys for those expats and locals who wanted to try something new. The place is open every day even during holidays for 24-hours which made the place a very accessible one for everybody.

, 9 Places for Bali Hookers

You can find Minahasa Spa Bali in Jalan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu of Bali and what definitely made this massage parlor on the island a very known one aside from Bali prostitution is their Tantric Gay Massage which is now being tried by some of the clients of Minahasa Spa Bali. So if you wanted to give their services a try, feel free to visit the massage parlor anytime you want.

These three are just a few of all the erotic massage parlors and you may still be able to find more as you go along the streets of Bali hence don’t hesitate trying other massage parlors and compare one place to the other such as Swell Spa, Tantra Joy Massage and Sky Tantra Massage.

Bali hookers on the street

If you are going to roam around the island of Bali, you would surely find a lot of street hookers along the area and some of them may even approach you and offer you a massage for a cheap price but ones you ask them for sex, they would also give you this with an extra payment of course.

A sex with this kind of Bali hookers usually costs around 200k up to 500k Rupiah and if you are foreign, you would certainly be asked and approached with these street hookers ones you go past them.

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Getting hooked with these street hookers are actually not a problem where you can simply get a room on some short-time motels found in the place if you don’t want to have it in your own hotel room. If you don’t know what motel or hotel to go to Bali, you can just ask these Bali hookers for they know where can you both find the nearest motel.

Freelancers in Bali

Aside from the street hookers, Bali does also have a lot of freelancers who you can find in the bars of Bali and what foreigners and even locals love when it comes to freelancers is that you don’t have to pay a bar fines thus helping you save a lot from it.

Most of the freelancers in Bali stays at Sky Garden located in Kuta, Bali and when it comes to their prices, it usually depends on the girl’s quality which is from 500,000 up to 1,000,000Rp for a night but if you are really good when it comes to negotiations, you can surely have a fun and wild sex in Bali with a cheaper price.

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If you wanted to look for these freelancers, you can simply visit big bars in Bali or Sky Garden in particular and just like with street hookers.

Freelancers here in Bali are the one who will approach you, therefore, you really don’t have to worry about what you should do when you find one. You can read my Bali red light district guide should you want to know more.

Female Escort Services

There are a lot of female escort services you can find in Bali where you can absolutely find many Bali hookers to choose from.

These female escort services are also one of the ways for expats to find Bali prostitution where what you only have to do is to send their website an email with the services you needed or you may also opt to give them a call and from there forward, you can already book for these Bali hookers.

The best choice for those who just wanted to stay at their hotel and wait for the hooker to arrive.

Through these female escort services, you will also be given the chance to choose the girl that you want but you should also be aware that some workers in these escort services are ladyboys thus make sure to ask them if it is a girl or not before you confirm your reservation to them.

Online Dating Sites in Bali

Have you ever tried signing up on some online dating sites? This method is actually one of the easiest ways for foreigners who wanted to meet girls from other countries to find them. Through online dating sites, you will be able to find a number of girls that would match to your preference and alike.

Today, there are already hundreds of online dating sites that you can find on the internet but one of my favorite among these online dating sites where you can find many Bali girls registered and also looking for men to hook up with is Indonesian Cupid

Indonesian Cupid

As of the moment, there are already more than a million who were registered in this online dating site thus if you are a foreigner who’s looking for a Bali girl, you can surely find one in here. Indonesian Cupid is also for free so you won’t have to spend any penny just to find for pretty and hot girls from Bali.

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, 9 Places for Bali Hookers

Also, there are already a lot of Bali hookers who are also using this online dating site to find foreigners who are looking for sex once they’ll arrive in Bali, Indonesia hence Indonesian Cupid is also a good place for you to find some Bali prostitution

Through Indonesian Cupid you don’t have to roam around Bali anymore just to find some Bali hookers for you are already able to spot even before you arrive Bali.

Strip Clubs in Bali

If you are the expat who’s used with finding hookers in the strip clubs well, as of the moment Bali doesn’t have any strip clubs where you can find hookers who are just wearing their underwear or even no clothes at all. What Bali only have are bars who have girls performing and dancing on the stage but not as sexy and hot like those strip clubs.

Bali, Indonesia is surely a great place for every foreigner to visit where you won’t just have a nice time checking their tourist spots but I am sure you’ll also have a sumptuous vacation in the city with all the pretty and sexy Bali girls and Bali hookers hanging out around the beautiful city of Bali.

Where is your best spot to meet Bali hookers?

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