My Place Spa Review (2018)

My Place Spa is a chain spa with its shops located in different areas in Jakarta. Over the years this spa continues to get special attention from the sauna, spa lover and relaxation enthusiasts. Most of the clients here are men with the massage girls providing extra services.

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My Place Spa, My Place Spa Review (2018)

My Place is not just a spa but has other facilities such as a bar, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, hot swimming pool and a restaurant.

 Locations of My Place Spa in Jakarta


  • Komplek Ruko Permata Senayan, Block D No. 38 to 52, Jl. Tentara Pelajar
  • Open hour: 11 pm – 12 am
  • Call: +62 21 57940849

My Place Spa in Kelapa Gading

  • Komplek Gading Bukit Indah, Block M No 26 to 29, Jl. Bukit Gading Raya
  • Open hour: 11 pm – 12 am
  • Call: Call: +62 21 57940849

Cikarang Commercial center

  • Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17550, Indonesia
  • Call: +62 21 89842072
  • Open hour: 11 pm – 12 am

My Place Wijaya Iin Grand Wijaya Complex

  • KebaYoran Baru
  • Call: +62 21 7257669
  • Open hour: 11 pm – 12 am

Golden boutique hotel My Place and Café

  • Ground Fl. No 1 RT.7/RW.5 10720
  • CALL: +62 21 6122222
  • Open hour: 12 pm – 12 am

Kebon Jeruk

  • Komplek Kedoya Elok , Block DC No. 40-43, Jalan Panjang Kedoya
  • Call: +62 21 5802993
  • Open hour: 11 pm – 12 am

You can also find My Place Spas in other Indonesian cities: Surabaya, Balikpapan, Makassar, and Bandung.

Use a taxi to get to these spas if you stay in Jakarta. Taxi charge as per the meter readings, so you need to be timely and avoid traffic. The average cost for a taxi in Jakarta is IDR 25K-30K for approximately 3-5 km.

Buses are hectic considering they won’t take you to the exact location.

However, if you are living on a low budget, you can use a bus as long as you have a smartphone to show direction where a walk is needed.

Massage services to expect

Let’s start with the usual massage:

  • Herbal massage – this is a relaxing massage done using herbal oil
  • Body scrub– it’s used to exfoliate the skin leaving you sparkling clean.
  • Reflexology massage – this is a feet massage. It is quite relaxing than you imagine.
  • Hot stones – you have probably seen this one with stones lined on the back. Mostly done for relaxation and therapeutic purposes.
  • Traditional massage – it uses Indonesian remedies, rituals, and treatments to leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Shiatsu massage – this is an erotic massage with fingers and palm reaching arousing body parts.
  • Petik manga– this is an Indonesian word translating to mango picking. Often the massage girl will let you play with her privates, top only.

The good news about this massage is that most have a happy ending if you want. Most last 90 minutes. The girls are not expected to give plus plus plus (sex) though.

Some of the spas have no restriction so you can get more depending on your persuasion skills to negotiate a win-win deal.

My Place Spa Jakarta prices

The price for the massage varies from spa to spa. The range is however between 300k rupees and 500 k rupees.

In most of the place spas, there is an entrance fee of 150 k, which a lot of clients dislike.

In these spas, there are various room sizes which cost different. Standard room 360k rupees, Deluxe room 415k rupees and there is a presidential suite which of course cost more.

Difference between these rooms is space, bigger beds, amenities such as TV, hair dryers, etc.

Extra services like essential oils cost from 30 k rupees.

Extension time (usually 45 mins) is charged between 110k and 130 k.

The plus plus services cost 300k. Price varies between branches.

When done with the massage the girls do not expect tips. However, it’s courteous to give a tip when you enjoy the “service.” 50k to 100k is generous enough.

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About the girls

The girls’ quality on these spas varies a lot. Once you get to the spas, you can request to choose your massage girl.

Pick one that you like. However, it’s good to listen to the mamasan advice. Some of these girls have the looks but lack skills.

VIP services get more attention compared to other plans, and the service is superb. I assume they get massaged by the very best in the spas.

If you look at the place spa review, you will get mixed reviews, although most are positive.

To get the best out of your money, you need to have the ability to ask for more and most necessary, build a girlfriend experience with the girl.

Again, it’s advised to visit the spas when there is less traffic. During the weekend, most of the rooms are booked meaning you have to wait.

Sometimes, you won’t get a place to park outside with chauffeurs waiting for their bosses. The massage girls might be exhausted compromising their quality.

First time to erotic spas in Jakarta, where is what you should expect

This is a quick rundown of how things work in my place spas in Indonesia.

You will walk into the spa, and the lady at the reception will give you a locker key for 2 functions: to secure your valuables and to save all things you purchase during your stay in the facility.

Most girls at the reception speak English and local language, not so sure about other languages.

You can choose to take a relaxing bath/sauna or head upstairs where girls hang out. It’s best if you pick your masseuse.

You will get the price and pay. In some spas you have to sign an invoice and the manager will add it to your locker key and pay when checking out.

The girl will take you to your room. Don’t expect much talk from the girl; they are English illiterates. The girl will give the massage and most likely a “happy ending.”

Note that different girls got a different procedure in relaxing their clients. It might come down to your persuasion skills, but still, some don’t want to be touched on specific areas.

Why the difference in review between locals and expats

Many Indonesia won’t give a “wow” impression in a majority of spas and massage parlors in Jakarta, with the likelihood this is a “normal “activity and nothing to brag about. For the majority of expats, they report it as the most memorable experience.

Most of the complaints you might come across are that the therapist was not in the mood, but the professional once always delivers a great girlfriend experience. A lot of clients in my place spa Senayan complain about the fees, while those in Gunung Shari and Kedoya branch compliment the spas for their pretty masseuses.

If you do not want to pay the entrance fee, it’s acceptable. Say you won’t pay or turn around to another spa within Jakarta.

If all these sounds too much don’t worry. There is plenty of other ways to get “relaxed” in Jakarta. One of the best one is finding single girls in online dating apps, with the best one in our case being Indo cupid.

It could be a sexual relationship or friendship. Note that majority of the girls here do not speak English so keep a google translator close.

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My Place Spa, My Place Spa Review (2018)

Hope you found this My Place Spa review helpful. If you are planning to visit Jakarta and want clarification on any massage or how to meet local girls, don’t hesitate to ask and we will gladly help out.

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