Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles

Are you looking for a place to shrug off some loneliness? Bali, a small island in Indonesia, is the best Asia can give.

Bali nightlife girls, Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles

The nightlife is even better with Bali nightlife girls coming out in large numbers to entertain its visitors. All you need is to be at the right places and at the right time, and you will easily get laid or better, win a Bali girlfriend. Bali nightlife presents its best girls, and if you are a foreigner, good looking and have some cash, you will be spoilt for choice.

Bali nightlife does not start until 11 pm. If you already have a girl, you could start by enjoying a fantastic meal together then head out for more fun. If yet to win a girls heart, then you need to read and pay attention to the details I shall provide you with this article.

Bali has rich history wrapped in a colorful explosion of beauty. Most of the Bali nightlife girls are friendly and natural beauties. When the nightlife kicks in, it’s the best time for single men to hook up and find love, and I mean all type of love. Majority of the Bali nightlife girls you are about to meet have stunning looks, polite, shy which makes them a cat during the day but wait until you get to bed and they shall unleash their inner tigress.

In this article, we shall focus on best places Bali has to offer for singles. I have mentioned the diversity of venues to ensure that everyone gets what you are looking for – Bali bar girl, Bali good girls, Bali 200 pounds girl, foreigner girls in Bali, Bali university students, etc.

Bali nightlife girls in nightclubs

If you love partying, Bali has nightclubs in every major city. Kuta is the epicenter of Bali tourism with not less than 15 nightclubs. Its only 15 minutes away from the airport making it very accessible for tourist. If it’s your first time in Kuta, picture crowded gold-sand beaches, many souvenir shops, and a crawling traffic jam.

Clubbing in Kuta is fun, especially for young singles. Drinks are cheap, music not so good music but by 2 AM you can score with any Bali nightlife girls. Do expect to find Balinese hookers working here so do ask if you’re ever unsure.

Here are the nightclubs you should party in Kuta:

Skygarden nightclub

  • Plenty of promotions
  • Sometimes drinks are free for Indonesian girls
  • Has 4 floors with a different kind of music
  • Ratio of guys to girl: 70% guys to 30% girls
  • Composition of female crowd: prostitutes, western tourist, Indonesian tourist
  • Percentage of prostitutes: 25%
  • Picking girl possibilities: 8/10

Bali nightlife girls, Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles

Engine room

Popular first stop on club-hoppers

  • Open hours: 16:00 -14: 00 / happy hours 19:00 -10:00
  • Cost: IDR 10,000 for a Smirnoff ice shot
  • Location: Jalan Legian, Legian
  • Tel: + 62 361 755 188

Here is where you should party in Seminyak:

La favela

La Favela is trendy mix bar and nightclub in Seminyak. The atmosphere there is beautiful with the art resembling Brazilian wooden furniture. There are lots of hot Bali nightlife girls -90% local who want to meet expats and foreigners.

  • Location: Jalan Kayu Aya, Seminyak.
  • Entire fee: $0, but has long queues on weekends.
  • Ratio of men to girls: 55: 45
  • Percentage of girl prostitutes: 10%
  • Female crowd composition: western tourist and expat
  • Pick up possibilities: High

Club Jenja

Club Jenja is popular with expats in Bali. Despite the shrink of girls recently, you stand to get a beautiful Bali nightlife girl.

  • Entrance: IDR 250,000
  • Ration of men to girl: 80:20
  • Male crowd: Western expats
  • Female crowd: Indonesian girls
  • Percentage of prostitutes: 20%

Bali nightlife girls, Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles


Most of these clubs are known to have “working girls” who are looking for financial sponsors. They expect you do buy a drink or two and from there you will read the vibe if they want to go home with you or not.

If you notice a girl staring at you and when you approach her she starts calling you baby, it’s a prostitute trying to get your money at the least time possible.

Bali nightlife girls in bar 

If you want a Bali girl for a one night stand, Bali bars is the place to narrow your search. If it’s your first time in Asia, there is a bar fine you have to pay to take the girl. Otherwise, you can buy her drinks, ask her number and meet the following day before she gets to work.  Not all girls are available. To notice an easy catch, look for those with extra makeup and sexier dress.

Bali nightlife girls, Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles

Bar girls in Kuta

Most of the girly bats are located along Jalan Legian street in Kuta. Since it’s along the street, zero your search between Jalan Benesari and Ground Zero Monument where you will find more than 20 bars with young and sexy bar girls working. Usually, there are girls at the entrance to try and bring in customers. Once you walk inside, order a beer and start your search. In most cases, a Bali nightlife girl will come over and start small talks. If you like her, buy her a drink and keep the conversation going. If not, you can request for another girl as per your taste.

  • Beer price: most cost between 30 and 40k.

                              Imported beer such as Heineken cost between 40 and50k

                             Decent spirits, cocktail and wine cost between 70 and 80 k

                             Lady drinks value 60K (bottle of beer or a glass of whiskey)

If you are a foreigner, most girls have horrendous price expectations, e.g., 2 million. Try and negotiate. Anything less than 1 million is a good deal.

Bar girls in Seminyak

Motel Mexicola

It’s one of the trending bars in Seminyak. Its Mexican theme has become a magnet for sexy girls, mostly Indonesian and Australians. To increase your chances of landing a gorgeous Bali nightlife girl, sit at communal tables and angle a group of women seeping margaritas.

  • Ration of men to girls: 40: 60
  • Percentage of prostitutes: 10 %
  • Pick up possibilities: 6/10


Jungle is a new spot between Canggu and Seminyak. It swarmed with stylish young hot foreign girls living in Bali. Friday is the best day to try your luck with some of the models partying in the bar. Entry is free.

  • Ratio of men to girls: 60: 40
  • Percentage of prostitutes: less than 10%
  • Pick up possibilities: 5/10

Bali nightlife girls in Massage parlors

If night partying and drinking is not your vibe, a massage, full body and probably with a happy ending to offload the tension will do you just great. Despite the crackdown on most of the illegally operating massage parlous, there are still places to enjoy Bali massage parlor girls. In the massage salons, taking a girl home is out of the question. However, you are free to ‘take it far’ during the two hours massage with the girl of your choice.

Well, the thing is most girls in massage salon try to pile on extra cost once you stop thinking with your head. You need to be stick on what you want. If its back massage, let it start that way from the beginning. The rule of thumb is to choose the massage parlors wisely. Here are the main three areas to get an unforgettable massage in Bali.


Kuta city has no doubt the highest number of happy ending massage in Bali. The massage parlors here are scattered, and the traffic is terrible unless you visit late in the night. You can find tens of massage parlors with beautiful girls along Jalan Legian and its street sides. Most of the client here are hungry western men walking up and down the street, so Bali girls tend to ask higher prices for the massage plus tips.

Bali nightlife girls, Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles


The Bali girls here are not only more beautiful but also relaxed and friendlier than the cold, arrogant colleagues down in Kuta. This can be associated with the fact that the city is less crowded reducing the tough competition for massage clients. In Seminyak, you can get an erotic massage in two main streets: Jalan Kayu Aya and Jalan Camplung Tanduk.


Sanur is a district notoriously known for its shady brothels, but you can still get a few decent massage parlors along Jalan Tempe.

Most of the service here are handjobs and blowjobs with the majority offering sex if you promise a decent tip.

The good thing about massage salon in Sanur is that the area is less popular with foreigner hence the prices are much more reasonable. You never really dish out more than INDR300k for a happy ending massage. However, the traffic to the place is terrible so you probably won’t endure a ride back despite lower cost for the services.

You can read my guide on sex in Bali and where to find nuru massages in Bali.

Prices for massages in the above three areas

Body massage or full body massage with some oil cost around INDR90k. This is way much less compared to prices for the same service in Thailand and Bangkok.  This price does not include a happy ending. If you want a happy ending, you have to negotiate the price separately with the Bali lady.

  • Handjob: INDR 200-300k
  • Blow Job: INDR400-500K (not many girls in Bali are willing to do it. Try spas of Sanur if you thirst for it)

Note: There is no standard price for massages in Bali so bring your A game of negotiation. Very few places have Balinese ladyboys working there.

Sleeping with Jakarta hookers is much cheaper than Bali because there are more tourists on the holiday. However meeting Jakarta girls is much harder because the capital is mostly Muslims whereas Bali is Hindu.

Bali nightlife girls in brothels

Well, prostitution is illegal in Bali, so most people don’t know where to look if they need to pay for sex.

If you see a red light area in Bali with some digits and X with it that an “X house” (disguised brothel.) Sanur is known for this type of girls. You can find X-Houses in these four streets in Sanur: Jalan Sekar Waru, Jalan Tmbak Sari, Jalan Sudumala and Jalan Lantang Hidung.

How things work in X-houses

When you walk inside this X-houses, you will meet an Indonesian guy who will ask you what you want. For a white foreigner, they will ask INDR300k. You can tell him what type of girl you want. Feel free to request another one if not impressed with what you see. I won’t recommend doing girls in these brothels due to safety issues.

Girls in cafe

Not all café in Bali sell just coffee. Some give extra if you care to ask. Drinks cost the regular bar price, but the cost of girls depends on the girl, the service, and negotiation (something between INDR100-500K.)

Going to the capital? Read my Jakarta nightlife guide to find the best clubs in town.

 girls in Karaoke

Singing is a great way to release stress. It’s even better drunk and with an escort of hot Bali girls. Some famous places for ‘singing’ include:

  • Akasaka Karaoke in Jl. Teuke Umar, Denpasar
  • Grahadi Karaoke in Jl. Ngurai Rai, Tuban
  • Bintang Karaoke in Jl. Teuke Umar, Denpasar
  • Blue Eyes Karaoke in Jl. Teuke Umar, Sanur

For exact location ask the taxi driver. When you get there, spend money to get the girls drunk otherwise they will be difficult to convince. Note that girls here are not typical whores. A majority are storekeepers, sales girls and college students looking for fun and extra cash in the process. Most singles in Bali say the experience here is way much better here compared to other places.

Price of girls: INDR 1m -2.5 m depending on the service and negotiation.

Freelancers Bali nightlife girls

Freelance prostitutes are easier to find in Kuta. During the night take a walk in Legian Street, from Embargo to Paddy’s club, and you will see them standing in the walkway. Typically, freelancers in Bali ask if you want a body massage. Most of their targets are foreigners so if local you need to talk to them. You can also find them in newspapers in the Iklan Baris area. Call and tell them you want a “full body massage.” This is inclusive of gay massage, lesbian massage, and girl to boy massage.  Again price is varied and depends on negotiation.
Bali nightlife girls, Bali Nightlife Guide for Singles

Think this Bali nightlife guide for singles was helpful? If so, don’t forget to share your experience with Bali girls below. All the best.

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