Where to Meet Girls in Jakarta

Most Jakarta women are without a doubt good looking and have a body to die for. Jakarta girls also have an outstanding quality when it comes in bed.

Jakarta girls, Where to Meet Girls in JakartaIf you would like to meet Indonesian girls from Jakarta for free, check out this article.

This is why most expats would want to meet and date girls in Jakarta. For first timers who have hopes of meeting and date a girl from Jakarta, your question would be where to meet girls in Jakarta?

Good girls vs. Bad girls

If you are up for some casual fling then meeting naughty Jakarta women is easy. You can simply meet them at lewd places such as bars or Jakarta nightclubs.

Indonesia is actually an Islamic country which means that prostitution is considered a crime against morality. But it does not mean that it is totally banned. Prostitution is tolerated and regulated in the country. Many Jakarta women choose to enter this type of industry because it is an easy and quick way to earn money. Most of them who work into prostitution come from middle-class or poor families.

Sure an expat would love to be able to meet a good girl in Jakarta whom they would like to date and perhaps want to marry. But the chances are quite slim especially if you don’t know where to find them.

There are very few ladyboys in Jakarta and mostly you’ll find them on the street at night.

Most of these women would see foreigners as some kind of a cash machine especially those who are working at clubs or anywhere within the sex industry.

Sex spas in Jakarta include:

Meeting good girls in Jakarta

If you want to find good Jakarta girls, here are some of the places that you should be looking into. These places are not guaranteed that you will actually meet good Jakarta women but it is a good place to start:

Private parties – this place is particularly applicable especially if you have been staying or planning on staying in Jakarta for quite some time.

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Tourists staying for a short time have slim chances of getting invited into private parties unless if you actually know a local or a friend who have been staying in Jakarta for quite some time now. The best thing about meeting Jakarta women through private parties is that you would actually know that she is not just after your money. No offense meant with girls in Jakarta working at bars, etc.

Arranging dates through good friends – if you are getting sick of the bar scene, asking a good friend for help to hook you up with a local girl in Jakarta would also be a good idea.

First is that you would know they are within the same social circle, have had good education and are earning decent money. Plus, these girls have probably passed your friends’ standards and they know that she is a good catch.

Classes – enrolling at classes such as cooking or dance will also be a good way to meet Jakarta girls. The best thing is that most of these Jakarta women attending these types of classes are rich and probably wanting to settle down with their age (mostly in their 30s). They speak good English and have normal, decent jobs.

Office / workplace – another good way to meet good Jakarta girls is through your workplace. It is a great place to start since you will be able to get to know the girl up close and personal. You would also know that they had decent education, came from decent families and probably wanting to settle down and not play around.

Weddings – if you have the chance of being invited to a wedding ceremony, take the opportunity to go there. Most of Jakarta women attending weddings have this notion that they will be able to meet their potential boyfriend and hopefully, their future husband.

Jakarta girls, Where to Meet Girls in Jakarta

Shopping centers – while this is not really one of the best idea, there is still a good chance for you to meet a decent and good girl in Jakarta. If you are able to strike up a conversation with them at a mall then getting their number would be the first step. Then go ask them for a date, etc. However, decent girls in Jakarta are quite shy especially in front of their friends. They would be likely to ignore you or not speak to you. Just be friendly and act cool, don’t be too obvious in showing that you are eager to date them.

If going at a mall to look for Jakarta women, then you should be able to identify which is a good girl from the naughty ones. You should be able to know if they are working at a bar if they are dressed skimpy or showing off too much skin. Malls are generally the place that all women in Jakarta would want to hang out to. You will be able to see girls that are spoiled and those belonging to the middle class.

You will be able to see different types of girls but that depends mainly on which mall you will be going to. Go to an upscale mall and you will be able to meet rich girls. Going to a low key type of mall will lead you to girls in Jakarta belonging to lower class families.

Online – if you are not keen enough to go out and walk towards any Jakarta girl, then going online is your best bet. There are several online platforms that you can use in order to meet girls in Jakarta.

If you are a foreigner, make sure that you upload a decent photo on your profile so that you will attract decent girls are well. Otherwise if you uploaded lewd photos, chances are these women will not even respond and get scared.

Where to find “Naughty” Jakarta Girls?

Now on to some dirty business – is it possible to meet naughty Jakarta women who will be up for some casual fling? The answer is yes. Just like in other Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, Indonesia also have night clubs, brothels, and other types of establishments within the sex industry. These include – bars, nightclubs, massage parlors and even sex clubs.

One of the most famous bar where you can find girls in Jakarta is Blok M. Otherwise called as Jalan Falatehan. You will usually see older expats coming and going to this Ayam bar.

Most of the women here are actually Jakarta hookers looking for an expat they can hook up with for money. Just don’t get yourself attached emotionally because you would not want to get involved with someone who are saying that they have a Western boyfriend, but still they are working at night for a couple of bucks.

If you find Blok M is not within your taste, you can also try “Little Tokyo” which is near Jalan Falatehan. Most of their patrons are Asian tourist comprising of Japanese and Korean businessmen. This also means that there are several karaokes and bars in that strip which is their usual type of entertainment.

You can certainly find sex in Jakarta at Blok M.

Another place where you can find women in Jakarta is North Jakarta. You can go to places such as Taman Anggrek or Daan Mogot.

In these areas, you will be able to find locals where there are casinos, nightclubs, massage parlors, bars, and spas.

The good thing about this place is that these Jakarta women are not working as a freelancer. They are usually under contract with management. There are also high-class prostitutes and escort girls. This means that these Jakarta women are absolutely stunning and model-like looking. They actually have regular customers who are willing to pay them cars, buy them houses and provide them with such luxury.

Bars in hotels are also a good way to meet Jakarta girls. You can find them at BATS in Shangri-La or CJ in Hotel Mulia. Of course, there are also expats and travelers in these places looking for the same. However, Jakarta girls that you can find in these hotel bars are usually just interested with money and designer bags, shoes, etc. But they can actually be pretty smart and interesting to chat with.

If you are tired of the bar scene and just want to bang a Jakarta girl – you can actually find them online as well. Online prostitution is booming in Jakarta.

You will be able to find several apps online where you can look for a date for the night. Scroll over their profile and you will get an idea if they want money or they are seriously looking for a relationship. Most of these Jakarta women wanting to get hired for sex would show pictures with lots of skin. It is not too hard to identify which one is which.

Taking back to your hotel room is not difficult as well once you have decided to spend the night with them. Most of the hotels in Jakarta are girl-friendly. There is no need to pay extra when taking a Jakarta girl into your hotel.

Jakarta girls, Where to Meet Girls in JakartaIf you would like to meet girls from Jakarta for free, check out this article.

If you are not into the dirty side of hooking up with a girl, you can find and probably meet a decent girl from Red Square which is located on Jalan Sudirman.

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