King Cross Jakarta Review (2018)

Indonesia is one of the best places to unleash your sexual desires. Apparently, it’s illegal to pay for sex here, but Jakarta is somehow exempted. In this city, clubs and parlors are located in plain sight. This article informs you about King Cross Jakarta , it’s location, kind of service to expect and how it will cost you to have fun with girls in the club.

If you want to get laid in Jakarta for free, then check out this article.King Cross, King Cross Jakarta Review (2018)King Cross  Jakarta strip club has some of the hottest girls in Jakarta and at a relatively low price. There is a range of girls to choose including Russia girls, Uzbekistan, Thailand girls, China girls, etc. The rates for foreign girls are more but still very reasonable.

How to get to King Cross Jakarta Strip club

Most visitors to North Jakarta find it challenging to get to King Cross on their own. However, if you have a smartphone, it becomes much more comfortable. If you prefer to avoid all the hustle, you can choose to use a taxi.

  • Location: King Cross, Jakarta Kokan Permata Block E38-42.

Jalan Boulevard Bukit Gading Raya

Kelapa Gading Jakarta, Indonesia

  • Open Hours: 9 PM – 6 AM
  • Call: +62 21 4517353

Services offered in the club

At the entrance

King Cross is mostly called KC (pronounced as KaTche) by the locals.  It is among the largest adult entertainment complex for men besides Alexis Hotel and Malioboro.

Once you get to the club, visitors are briefly looked over by security guards before entering. VIPs get no checks at all.

Once you get in, you will get a wristband that will be used to record your expenditure during your fun time in the club. Once the bracelet is fixed, you are now free to explore the complex and experience the different kind leisure.

In the 4 floors

On the ground floor of the club

Here here is a lively lounge known as “Resto & Pool Bar.” It consists of a large bar with dozens sitting places. The light is low and music a bit loud.

People are allowed to smoke here with the room well aerated. You can take drinks here and but for a lady of choice. By the way, lady drink cost the same as customers.

On both sides of the KC lounge, there are 20 to 30 women seated, wearing numbered badges.  These women can join you for a drink and have a chat.

If you like a girl among the paraded ones, you can summon her or ask the floor attendant to do so. To make the job easy, keep your English simple and direct.

In Indonesia, English is not widely spoken, except for the desk workers and a few managers. If you do not wish company from the ladies, you can have your drink and enjoy the stage show.

The stage show starts by some Indonesia girls matching in with bikinis and progress to undress as the night goes by. Some of these girls are available for full service.

On the first floor of the building

In this floor, there is many hotel rooms and karaoke section.

On the second floor of the club, you will find a massage parlor. It is easier to choose a girl here for sex than in other areas. In fact, some are Jakarta hookers by profession.

On the third floor is the club section. This section is the most popular among the four. Like other clubs in Jakarta, this club has loads of working women and some dancers.

Drinks cost more here in local standards, and you can get lap dances too. The rooms in King Cross Jakarta club are better than in massage rooms below.

These rooms have a shower place, a mirror, and a large bed. The services in these room range from “standard” to “great” depending on your request.

Women working in KC Jakarta get regularly tested for illness with all sexual encounter done with protection.

It’s much safer if you bring your protection, rules get always broken. The girls here do not ask for tips, but you can always appreciate their service.

Most of the Indonesian girls working in KC club Jakarta are stunners and “models.” Once you have all the fun in the complex, you will walk to the front desk and settle the bill.

At the exit

After paying, you will get issued a receipt which you must produce at the exit. With the range of girls and adult service provided in this club, King Cross Club deserve a four-star rating.

At the exit, you can summon a taxi or arrange your transportation.

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Cost of services in King Cross

There is an entrance fee of 70,000 Rupiah. You will pay this before getting the bracelet.

Drinks in the lounge cost 30,000 Rupiah. Same price for ladies drinks.

For girls in the lounge, it will cost you anywhere between 335,000 and 558,000 Rupiah.

If you prefer the dancers, it will cost you 1,200,000 Rupiah for full-service massage. Note these girls are choosy. They might say no to you and yes to another customer and vice versa.

On the second floor, the full massage cost 500,000 Rupiah. You will find the masseuses in different wear every day of the week. Some themes are very sexy.

In the club full massage cost at least 1,200,000 Rupiah. Drinks cost more here, but they come with a lap dance when a customer purchase 50,000 Rupiah shot for the ladies involved.

The more drinks you buy for the ladies, the “more” the service gets. Some girls do offer quick blowjobs if they like you.

The dancing girls (strippers) are among the hottest girls you can find in Jakarta. If you buy them enough drinks, you can rub their tits, and in return, they will play with your manhood.

Model categories cost approximately the same as the dancing girls. I advise you go for the model as you are assured of sex. Most of the dancing girls offer blow job at most.

In King Cross, you will get girls between age 19 and 25 years. The massage girls on the second floor are a bit old, in the thirties.

My thought on this Jakrta brothel

Northern Jakarta is a place tailored for locals and sex tourist to blow money. You can find everything, from family massage to full massage offering sex.

Although most of the girls here do not know English, they speak simple English just for a chat. If you struggle to communicate, I advise you find girls through IndoCupid.

By using Indocupid, you can either indicate in your profile that you need girls that know English or use a translator to hook up with thousands of local girls online.

Note that sex workers have overtaken most dating apps. They use coded phrases, e.g., “I like shopping” on their profiles to indicate their profession.

One thing I fond different is the strip pole dance. Most of these Jakarta girls play erotically with the pole but not the synchronized choreographic and splits you see in Hollywood.

If you want to try more strip clubs in Jakarta, you need to know the type of the club. The clubs here get categorized into full nude, topless and bikini.

Other full nudes besides King Cross Jakarta include Diamond, V2, Club 36, Classic Hotel, Malioboro and Tease Club. Keep checking the update on these club as they are in a constant feud with the Indonesia authority.

D’s Pace has Bikini in the main room and fulls nude in private.

Golden Crown and Sumo Spa are the topless strip club in Jakarta.

You can find most of these venues in North and West Jakarta in these districts: Kelapa Gading, Gadjah Mada, Taman Anggrek, Taman Sari, Mangaa Besar and Lokasari.

If you want to get laid in Jakarta for free, then check out this article.King Cross, King Cross Jakarta Review (2018)

Keep in touch for more up to date information about King Cross and other striptease clubs in Indonesia.

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