Where to find Ladyboys (Waria) in Jakarta

If you are going to check on the countries and cities in Asia, I guess Jakarta is one of the most known cities in Asia next to Thailand and the Philippines when it comes to nightlife scenes and that’s because of all the pubs, lounges, bars and clubs found in the city premises.

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, Where to find Ladyboys (Waria) in Jakarta

Aside from these pubs, lounges, bars and clubs, you may also wanted to try on exploring new things in Jakarta which is through getting hooked up with their warias or the ladyboys that are from the country of Indonesia.

Some may think that this idea might be different but as you get to know them, you would surely find them amusing and lovely. After getting to know a number of warias, I was surely able to have a great time hanging out with them and you would surely do as well if you’ll just give yourself a chance to know them.

How to find Ladyboys ( waria) in Jakarta?

Waria hunting is truly not an easy job but there are actually some ways on how you can find a waria in Jakarta such as going through the online dating sites available in the city or you may also visit the city yourself and check on the places in Jakarta where these warias usually hangout.

Online Dating Sites

One of the ways for you to easily find ladyboys in Jakarta is through online dating sites. In the world we move in today, we are already very attached with the technology we have thus it isn’t shocking if even when it comes to dating, we are still going to use our technology.

In online dating sites, we will be able to find and meet new people all over the world and so goes with meeting some ladyboys in Jakarta too. There are actually numerous online dating sites that are available on the internet today but as of the moment, Indonesian Cupid works best for me.

, Where to find Ladyboys (Waria) in Jakarta

This is an online dating site which is open not just for warias in Jakarta but also for all those single men and women in Indonesia which give all the foreigners a greater chance to meet more and more people.

If you wanted to try Indonesian Cupid, you can easily register and sign up on this online dating site for free which basically is the reason why there are a lot of people getting hooked on this site lately.

As of the moment, there are already over 1million singles that are being connected to each from Indonesia to the rest of the world through the help of Indonesian Cupid. Hence if you are looking for ladyboys in Jakarta, you can surely find one in this online dating site.

Aside from being the largest online dating site in the country, Indonesian Cupid is also a very easy to use through its navigation which is indeed one of the things that we should consider when choosing an online dating site.

There are also some other online dating sites available in Jakarta therefore you can always check on some other online dating sites you can find on the internet and try with which one works best for you.


If you are the person who’s been indulged in the internet for a long time now then you probably was able to hear about the famous Craigslist. This site is actually being used all throughout the world and not just in Jakarta but if you’ll just check on the site, you’ll surely find a number of warias who are also able to register in the site.

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Some may think that Craigslist is just used for selling things, looking for a certain service or to look for an online job. Well, Craigslist can also be used in dating hence there are already a lot of singles who are using the said site to find single men and women all over the world.

All the girls here are Jakarta hookers.

Jakarta Backpage

Jakarta Backpage is also a known site and in here, your choices are going to narrow down with all the singles who are registered in the site from Jakarta. As what I have observed a number of member from this site are more on ‘no strings attached’ thus a perfect one if you’re just looking for someone to hang out with or have sex for a short time.

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Aside from going through the internet and going through these sites, you may also try going through the premises of Jakarta and look for them in the city yourself. Jakarta is indeed a big city and if you’ll just be patient enough when looking for these ladyboys in Jakarta, you’ll surely be able to find one.

Are ladyboys in Jakarta easy to find?

As ladyboys are being accepted to our community today, there are already many countries where ladyboys express themselves through the way they dress and after going through the countries in Asia, I’ve found out that most ladyboys are found in the Philippines and Thailand.

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Ladyboys in Jakarta are honestly hard to find. Most of the waria in the city are more likely a conservative one which is definitely the reason why you don’t easily find them in Jakarta’s nightlife scenes compared to the two other countries stated above.

Blok M Jakarta

If you’re just too tired enough to look for these ladyboys then why don’t you just have fun for the night? Blok M, Jakarta is actually a place in the city where you can find numerous of bars and clubs.

Although there are still no ladyboys in Blok M, you may also want to try their Jakarta working girls which are also a good try especially if you are too frustrated with not being able to find the one you’ve been looking for.

Apart from the working girls, these bars do also offer a drink that is definitely a perfect one for those foreigners who are in Jakarta to chill and have fun. You can do this as well through listening to the live bands or DJs these bars have which is more relaxing mainly after a very long day at Jakarta.

Warias may be hard to find but ones you are able to find one, you wait and effort will definitely be paid off. Warias are not just a good partner but you can also rely to them anytime which made them a good choice for those who have been looking for someone to spend their lives with.

Aside from the ladyboys and nightlife scenes in Jakarta, you may also want to try some other activities in the city that would surely make you stay in the city a perfect especially if you are going to do it with a ladyboy with you or you may also do it alone.

If you want to meet ladyboys in Jakarta discreetly, then check out this article.

, Where to find Ladyboys (Waria) in Jakarta

Some examples of these activities that you can probably try when in Jakarta are touring around the monuments in the city, check on their museums and if you are the person who’s fun, you can visit their beaches and resorts as well. So, don’t forget to have fun in Jakarta and good luck with your ladyboy hunting in the city!

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