10 Best Spa Massages in Jakarta (Sex Clubs)

Are you looking for the best Spa massages and sex clubs in Jakarta?

Jakarta is a well-known city for its various attractions and if relaxation is your priority when visiting the city then you should definitely give their Spa Massage Jakarta a visit which is actually numerous all over the city.

As Spa Massage Jakarta has spread all over the city, spa owners been able to find different styles and techniques in running the business and here are ten of the best Spa Massage Jakarta.

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, 10 Best Spa Massages in Jakarta (Sex Clubs)

Sun City Luxury Spa

If you are looking for a new environment in Jakarta then this night club is the right place for you. The spa is one of the newest night clubs that can be found in the city but if you’ll going to check the place, you can also see how luxurious it is.

What’s great about this night club is it is a home to various entertainments such as their hotel that is actually made for short-time sex, karaoke, Chinese Restaurant, ballroom, and of course their spa massage Jakarta. If you happen to be looking for Jakarta girls, the night club also has it especially during weekends where the place is definitely crowded.

You can also book a party here in Sun City Luxury Spa where you can have a private place at their function rooms. They also have their live bands which are playing every day and if it’ll become later, they also have their DJs that would indeed make your night at Sun City Luxury Spa a memorable one.

Alexis Hotel’s Bathhouse

The place is actually not like those usual hotels for it is more like a brothel. What people love to try here in Alexis Hotel is their Bathhouse is their girls whom can entertain and can give you a very relaxing massage. They have a wide variety of girls from their Russians, Uzbekistani and also their Myanmar’s where you can definitely choose one girl from the other depending on your taste.

Aside from their Bathhouse they also have their karaoke which can be found on the 5th floor. Although their karaoke is an expensive one with Rp 3.5million, you can definitely enjoy their flat screen TV and a very nice sound system which is good for 4 people.

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And if you are aiming to have an interesting night, you can also pay a visit to their club where you can witness a live show of girls who seems to have sex in Jakarta spas but you can only see their shadow which is actually a known event at the hotel that people called as Aquarium. If you wanted to see the show, you can find Alexis Hotel at Martadinata North Jakarta.

Malioboro Hotel & Spa

The bar can be found at Jalan Gadjah Madah No. 13 and it is open every day from 11am until late which is usually until 3am. What’s good with Malioboro Hotel & Spa is it has no rule thus you can do everything you want in the place as long as you’ve got money.

, 10 Best Spa Massages in Jakarta (Sex Clubs)

If girls are what you are looking for then you surely find a lot in here and they are not just sexy but they also show their body by walking around the club half naked or even stripping. Malioboro Hotel & Spa is a massage place but if you wanted to party all night long, you can go to their lounge bar.

The place is not just expats for when you visit Malioboro Hotel & Spa; you can also find some foreigners enjoying their night in here. Malioboro Hotel & Spa is indeed a very good place with a lot of activities for you to choose from and if you wanted to stay close in this hotel and spa in Jakarta, you can actually find a lot more places near the area where you can stay.

, 10 Best Spa Massages in Jakarta (Sex Clubs)

Fortune Spa Jakarta

What makes Fortune Spa became a popular one in Jakarta is their massage parlour that is actually a high-class one. It can be found at Golden Triangle, Central Jakarta which makes it an accessible place for everybody staying at the city.

Fortune Spa is a great place for you can find various entertainments in the place aside from their spa massage Jakarta such as their sauna, fitness center, swimming pool, billiard and mini-theater. They also have their own disco bar but sadly, it is usually empty. If you’ve got to try the services of the spa, you can see that it is a bit expensive but all is worth it with their staffs and masseuse nice services.

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If you are into bar hopping, you can also visit the place’s neighboring bars such as the Delta Spa and My Place. Fortune Spa is actually not a sexual massage parlour where you can find prostitutes but it is rather a mild one where you can get a happy ending after your massage.

Delta Spa

The spa is indeed one of the most famous one in Jakarta which makes Delta Spa owner expands their business all throughout Jakarta and as of the moment, they already have more than 10 branches all over the city. Operating hours of the spa actually varies from one spa in Jakarta to the other but most of them are open from 11am to 11pm.

Delta Spa is not a sex spa but you can still get a plus-plus from their masseuses. The spa is known as a cosy one that would cost clients Rp 600,000 for a 3-hour massage but with their masseuses expertise and skills, your money is definitely all worth it.

They also have their Jacuzzi, swimming pool, and sauna and fitness equipment for a more relaxing stay at the place. If you’ve been looking for a branch of Delta Spa, you can always check their site for a list of their spa massage Jakarta branches but you can surely find one from North Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta and even in Central Jakarta.

Sumo Spa

Have you ever heard of shiatsu massage? This massage is actually a technique by the Japanese which is now being used not just in Japan but also here in Jakarta; thanks to Sumo Spa for introducing this kind of massage to the city. Shiatsu massage is surely a very relaxing kind of massage where the palms and hands of the masseur have to apply a hard pressure as massaging the lucky client.

The spa is not a family spa for they could also offer their clients a happy ending massage and may even be more than a happy ending. If you would visit the place, you may also notice some Russian girls along the Spa.

Sumo Spa can be found Kelapa Gading Jakarta. If you are into a budget, you can avail their happy hours which is from 12pm to 5pm where you can get as much as 60% off from their facilities and also a 25% off from their food and beverages and just like with some other spa in Jakarta listed here, Sumo Spa has also their own Sauna, Gymnasium, Whirlpool and Ginger Steam.

B’ Fashion Spa

The place is actually not just a spa massage Jakarta but also a real hotel where you can find guests thus if you are looking for a place where you can stay, you absolutely choose B’ Fashion Spa which can be found in West Jakarta.

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What’s good about this place is it is a home for prostitutes and if you wanted to have a fun and exciting night in Jakarta, a visit in B’ Fashion Spa is a must.

The place has various services offered to their clients which makes people who are into plus-plus places loves to go back here in B’ Fashion Spa.

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The most popular services of the spa are their ‘Ice Mouthly’ where the girl puts an ice at her mouth and play with it while doing a blowjob, ‘Sweet Honey’ where you will be covered by honey all over your body and the girl would lick the honey, they also have this ‘Butterfly’ which is done by giving you a private body massage and a ice blowjob and lastly, their ‘Tiger Claws’ where you’ll be given an extreme licking all over your body which is then followed by a sex.

My Place

Just like with Delta Spa, My Place owner was also able to expand their services all over the city of Jakarta and as of the moment, they already have about seven branches in the city and also in some other cities in Indonesia such as in Bandung, Surabaya, and Balikpapan.

If you’ll get the chance to try the services of My Place, you can see how excellent they are when doing the massage and their facilities are also clean and neat which makes the place a perfect one for all kinds of clients.

My place is actually a good place for men especially if you are looking for a happy ending or plus-plus massage. They do also offers Shiatsu massage, Herbal massage, Body Scrub and a lot more which clients can choose from. The place do also have a bar, a hot or cold swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym facilities and also a restaurant where you can enjoy a nice meal.

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This club was actually raided by the police a few years ago which made the management close the club. The club is consisting of girls working as prostitutes and if you are into other nationalities for girls, you would definitely love Emporium. The place has various girls which came from China, Uzbekistan and Thailand.

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As of the moment, Emporium resumed their business but it is now under Alexis Hotel. One of the things you should try when in Emporium aside from their spa is their club which is called Tease where you can see some live sex show and a full nude striptease that you would surely enjoy.

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Emporium can be found at Central Jakarta and their spa is open from 2pm until 2am but it is closes at 1am every Sunday and also during Public Holidays. Their Tease Club is also open 9pm until 4am every day except Sunday which is only operational from 8pm to 3am.

Sense (ex Sands) Spa

Sense Spa is good place for Chinese people since they offer services from a Chinese theme. They have their regular mandarin singers which uses Chinese songs and the menu from their restaurants are also mostly Chinese food thus making the place perfect for all Chinese. When you are in their club, you can also find sexy dancer who are actually from China.

The club has a big and loud disco where you can enjoy a night and if you’re going to spend a later night here in Sense Spa, you can see how lively it is since you can also find some drug users and even addicts around the place.

Since Sense Spa is one of the most popular nightlife in Mangga Square, it is now a very crowded place especially during weekends where people love to party all night long. You can find Sense Spa at Mangga Dua Square and if you wanted to try their spa in Jakarta and karaoke, it is open until 2am.

You will find very few ladyboys in Jakarta at these venues, you’re better off looking on the street for that.

, 10 Best Spa Massages in Jakarta (Sex Clubs)

As you can see, the city is a home for various spa massage Jakarta thus giving more choices to where you’ll going to spend a very soothing and relaxing time.

Spas in Jakarta do also have their services which are definitely a must try for everyone and if you are going to visit the city, you can also check on their other attractions such as their museum, monument, and also their nightlife scenes.

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