Ultimate Guide To Using Tinder in Indonesia

Indonesia is the epicenter for hot southeast Asian babes, and Tinder is a great place to meet them.

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tinder in Indonesia, Ultimate Guide To Using Tinder in Indonesia

Millions of tourists visit Indonesia, and girls really dig foreigners. For some girls, one night stands, and hook-ups can be exhilarating, knowing that there will be no strings attached. 

Typically Indonesian girls have a unique look compared to other Asians. They have a darker skin tone, larger eyes, long black hair, and a tight little body. Although they may appear conservative at first, they are quite open once you get to know them. 

Tinder in Indonesia is fantastic if you know what you’re doing. We’ll give you the blueprint to find beautiful and smart Indonesian girls.

Why Tinder in Indonesia is Amazing

  • Wide Selection – Cities such as Bali and Jakarta have a plethora of girls to choose from. Many of whom are open to meeting tourists. You’ll find tons of beautiful girls that are lonely looking to meet a cool guy like yourself. 
  • Girls are Down to Earth – Indonesian girls are one of the best ethnic types to date because they have amazing personalities. Overall, they are very simplistic people and don’t expect incredibly fancy dates or look for a guy with an extravagant job. These girls really appreciate the finer things in life. 
  • Very Responsive – There are fewer users that use Tinder and online dating apps in general. However, the ones that do are quite responsive. In most other big countries, I find that sometimes, you might get a lot of matches, but a few actually respond. And even a smaller percentage is actually down to meet-up. In Indonesia, some girls live in small towns, so they want to meet new guys.

Things About Tinder That Aren’t So Great

  • Sex Workers – If you’re into finding girls for paid sex, then, by all means, you do you. But this guide is meant to show you how to find regular girls who won’t charge you money. Indonesia is filled with tourists, especially cities such as Bali. Although sex workers are notorious for hanging out in the streets, they have moved to Tinder to not get caught by the police. Be aware of these people. Meeting at a hotel, and openly talking about hook-ups is a red flag.
  • Catfish – Catfish is a real thing, so be cautious. Personally, I always ask for their social media profile so that I can thoroughly stalk them beforehand. To double-check, you can even ask Facetime with them prior to your first date. 
  • Time Wasters – A lot of girls are looking to find a long-term partner, which is great for them. For you, this means you have to do your due diligence to vet the girl to see what she’s looking for. The worst thing you can do is talk to a girl for weeks or months before ever meeting up.

What’s It Like Tinder Bali

Most people in Indonesia are Muslims, and many girls don’t give in to sex or drugs before marriage. With that being said, Bali is a gold mine! This is the only province where most girls do not practice Islam. Girls in Bali aren’t hesitant to be a little wild and reveal their sexual side. Think of it kind of like Miami or Las Vegas in the United States. People go there for spring break or to party.

Coupled with the beautiful Bali babes, these girls can be seen walking in tight bikinis on the beach. There are incredible beach spots for dates such as Kuta, Jimbaran, and Canggu. 

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Get More Dates 

If you want to win on Tinder in Indonesia, you’re going to have to step up your game. 

  1. When you’re texting a girl, make sure to use simple English. Most people in Indonesia aren’t fluent in English. Use google translate to speak their language if necessary. 
  2. Don’t objectify women. I know it might be tempting to just get down to business because of your horniness, but trust me on this one. You want to play it cool. Just get to know them and show them a good time. Show these Indonesian cuties that you can be relaxed and not think about sex all the time. Ironically, you’ll probably hook-up faster this way. 
  3. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Tinder is very much a swipe right or left game. So your first impression falls within your picture. Show your personality through your pictures. For example, having a goofy picture can work wonders. 
tinder in Indonesia, Ultimate Guide To Using Tinder in Indonesia
Tinder Bali

What’s It Like Tinder Jakarta

Sadly, many women are Jakarta practice Islam and wear clothing that covers their bodies. Despite that, you can still see that these women have beautiful figures. Many of these girls are very conservative and shy around meeting new people. 

Pro Tips to Land Dates in Jakarta 

Since you’re working with very shy girls, I highly advise against being too direct or forward. It’s best to be extremely friendly and almost be that “nice guy.” 

You want to look out for girls that show signs of being more open than others. For example, do they like to go to bars and clubs? Do they enjoy drinking and doing other social activities? You may also gauge their previous relationships. 

It may take a bit longer to gain the trust of a woman from Jakarta. But if you show her that you’re some who can be trusted, she might be a perfect woman for you. Trust me; these girls are drop-dead gorgeous and worth the wait. 

tinder in Indonesia, Ultimate Guide To Using Tinder in Indonesia
Tinder Jakarta

Alternatives to Tinder in Indonesia 

Tinder isn’t the only spot to date Indonesia baddies. Like other Asian countries, Tinder can be filled with an overload of cringy guys. Sometimes you might get a bad response simply because the girl just thinks all guys are evil. 

If you run into some trouble on Tinder in Indonesia, try Indonesian Cupid. One great feature that we love about this app is that users can answer questions about their preferences in a partner. For example, a girl could say they prefer short term dating. Looking at these preferences when matching a girl gives you a sense of what they’re looking for and what they like. Always read their profile before messaging them! 

Indonesian Cupid makes it fast and easy to get started. You would create a profile, select your preferences, and begin browsing. Once you get matches, you can flirt with girls and use our Tinder tactics to land dates.  

Final Thoughts 

Indonesia girls are one of the most underrated types of women in the world. Just ask the tourists that visit every year! Don’t be afraid to use Tinder and other apps at once. Sometimes you may find luck on another app instead. These strategies are meant to be timeless and work across all dating apps. 

if you want to meet girls for free in Indonesia, then check out this article.

tinder in Indonesia, Ultimate Guide To Using Tinder in Indonesia

Once you get the hang of it, you’re going to be booked with dates!

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