The Cost of Sex in Bali

In this article you’ll learn everything about sex in Bali.

Bali is another spot for tourists because of its great beaches.

Sex in Bali is not as rampant compared to Bangkok. If you are also wondering, prostitution in Indonesia is not considered legal.

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Sex in Bali, The Cost of Sex in Bali

But it is commonly practices and regulated.

When you travel to this place looking for sex, then you should know how much it costs and where should you go to help you get hooked up with a local girl in the Bali nightlife.

Sex in Bali is not bad especially when these Balinese sex workers don’t look bad after all.

Sex in Bali tips

Coming for Bali sex on your next trip? Here are two very important tips to follow before I go into this article.

Ask for ID – if you’re not sure how old your Bali hooker is, then always ask for ID before you do anything.

The minimum age for Bali sex in Indonesia is 16 for girls and 18 for homosexual activity.

However do keep in mind that the law in your native country also applies, and if you fly back home and are found out you can go to jail.

For that reason always ask the girl for her age before any Bali sex.

Wear protection – If you plan on having sex in Bali with a normal girl or working girl, always wear a condom.

Be safe when taking home working girls – when bringing a girl back to your room who is a freelancer, place your wallet and valuables in your safe.

Chances are nothing will happen, but when both parties are drunk this is when you can wake up with your passport missing.

I should say this only happens if you’re super drunk and aren’t good judge of person and pick up the wrong girl.

In most cases you’ll be fine but it’s also wise to be safe.

When visiting any of Bali’s red light districts areas, watch out for pick pockets and always take good care of your drink if alone.

Good or Local Girls

You can also be able to hook up with good girls or local girls for sex in Bali. You can be able to find them usually through online dating sites such as Indonesian Cupid. What I like about it is that it is easy to navigate. You can be able to scroll some profiles and set up a date as you get ready for a night out.

Hookers or prostitutes also post their profiles through online dating sites in hopes of getting more clients for the night. You can be able to identify which ones are simply looking for a great time or looking for customers just by looking at their taglines or profile photos.

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Massage Parlours with Bali girls for sex

For foreigners, it wouldn’t be difficult to find sex in Bali from massage parlours. Some massage parlours actually look legit so you can ask if they offer extra service.

Another way of finding out if the massage parlour offers happy ending services is that if there are Bali girls lined up in some sort of an aquarium where you can choose from any of these women workers. Some of the girls from these establishments are between the ages of 20 to 30 years old.

About 80% of taxi or cab drivers would offer to take you to “sex massage.” There are several places where you can actually get a full-fledged sex from any of these massage parlours. This does not only mean a hand job or a blow job, but I am talking about the whole thing.

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Your best bet would be the areas of Sanur, Kuta, Renon and Denpasar. You can go to Kuta Bugar, The Maharani Spa, Melati Spa and Bidadari Biru to name a few. The cost of sex in Bali for these massage parlors would be about 1 million Rp (these include massage and sex) plus 500,000 Rp for the room.

Sex with Bali Freelancers

You can find freelancers who offer sex in Bali for the right price at dance clubs. They are usually women dancing on stage. They are easily spotted because of how they dress.

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Skimpy or too revealing clothes with too much make up. These freelancers come from Indonesia or they could also be coming from other parts of the Southeast Asia. You can also find Thai sex workers coming to Bali because they have less competition there.

They usually target foreigners because of the money. These women also tend to be really friendly up to the point that they will grab you by the arm offering their services.

The price for sex in Bali with freelancers actually depends on your negotiation skills. The average price for these freelancers can go between 500,000 to 1 million Rp for a night. If you are a “high roller” a girl can give you a price for 2,000,000 Rp.

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Sex tourism in Bali – Cowboys or Gigolos

Unlike in other parts of Southeast Asia, sex only caters to men patrons or tourists. But they also offer sex in Bali for women and gay men as well.

They are called male gigolos, cowboys, Whitey Hunters or Kuta cowboys. They are usually on the hunt for foreign women who come to the island in search of pleasure from these young local muscular men. There are actually two ways to pay these men for their services.

Sex in Bali, The Cost of Sex in Bali

You can either pay them upfront (which most gay men would do) or you can also send gifts such as clothes, meals, or motorbikes. You can also send them money each month.

While this may not be something that you are interested to know, just thought that it would be of good use for someone else reading my guide to sex in Bali – the price for a service for men gigolos could be free for a night or you could be paying them more if you “fall in love.” Their clients consist of foreign women from Europe, Australia or single, wealthy Japanese women.

Most of these men would approach you especially when you are a female tourist and walking alone the streets or the beach. You can also find them in night clubs or bars.

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Sex tourism in Bali for girls is huge and one of the biggest spots in the world for girls.


Like any other countries, you can also find escort girls offering sex in Bali. There are also establishments which offer escort service in Bali.

Price range may vary depending on the girl’s looks. So you would have to do some soft negotiations. You would be able to find these establishments online, set up an appointment and they would either go to your hotel room or meet you in a bar to hook up and bring her back to your place later on.

Sex with ladyboys

Ladyboys are not just found in Pattaya, Thailand.

You can also find these Bali ladyboys offering sex and other stuff.

They usually go about in their mopeds offering a blow job for 10,000 to 50,000 Rp depending on your negotiation skills. I know some men are into ladyboys because I hear a lot of stories about how amazing having sex with them.

If you are lucky, you can also get laid with a ladyboy for free in the hopes of you falling in love with them. Of course, they would benefit with the fact that they will have a “new boyfriend” in the island. So if you are a foreign man walking alone the streets of Bali especially during late at night, you might be offered a blow job by ladyboys for free or for a price (anywhere in between 10,000 to 50,000 Rp).

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Where do you think is the best place to get sex in Bali? Leave a comment below for others.


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