Best Beijing Nightlife Guide to Meeting Girls

If you wanted to look for a country in Asia where you can have a massive choice on what to do then you must have China on top of the list. China is indeed one of the countries in Asia where you can have the cheapest vacation and yet a very worthy one.

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, Best Beijing Nightlife Guide to Meeting Girls

Going through the country of China, you would surely have a hard time deciding on where to go especially that the country is a big one but if you would only specify on which city you’d visit first then it should be easier for you.

Beijing is actually the country’s capital city thus you shouldn’t miss Beijing when visiting China. The city does actually have a lot of stuff to offer its locals and tourists such as their very well-known Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City which are both worth visiting for.

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Aside from these touristy attractions that can be found in the city if Beijing, the country does also have some other aspects that everyone also looks forward to when in the city and if you are the person who loves to go out every night then you could also like these aspects I’ve been talking to.

Clubs in Beijing

Although Beijing do have a great culture and tradition it is still inevitable for the city to have its nightlife scene which is now the mainstream for every city that can also help in boosting a city’s tourism and here are eight Beijing clubs that are worth trying for:

Suzie Wong

Are you the person who’s into classic style clubs? Well, Suzie Wong is a place found at Chaoyang Park, Beijing and is operational from 8pm until 3am every day. Suzie Wong is actually a place that could give youa very relaxing and comfortable feeling once you are inside the club.

What I really love here in Suzie Wong is their sense of style. Here, men and women can definitely wear any costume that they’d like from nurse costumes, angel or even a costume for a corpse and when it comes to their drinks, they also have their ‘bloody’ cocktails which are absolutely perfect for your dress up.

When it comes to Suzie Wong’s crowd, hot girls on their twenties usually goes here thus making the place a perfect past time for those foreigners who are looking for Chinese girls or even foreigners to hook up with in Beijing clubs.


Propaganda is a club that is located at Haidan, Beijing and is open from 8pm up to 5:30am. Propaganda is actually one of those new Beijing clubs but even though they are new in the industry, Propaganda was already able to make a good name thus one of the best clubs in the city today.

The club is consist of two floor where you can find the dance floor downstairs with all those party people having fun while the second floor is where their lounge is where you can have your drinks.

, Best Beijing Nightlife Guide to Meeting Girls

Thursday is actually Propaganda’s perfect night for it is their ladies night which gives you a bigger chance to meet a lot of girls from various places hanging out in the club. You may also have a great time in the club during weekends where a lot of professionals spend their night here in relax from all the hustles the whole week gave them.


Babyface does have three branches in China and two are in Shanghai and Guangzhou while the third one is located here in Gongti West Gate, Beijing. What actually made Babyface a known one in Beijing is its international look.

When you get inside Babyface, you would then observe its world-class interior design with its ‘lounge club’ concept which is definitely unique in Beijing clubs. They also have their theme parties which happen very often every month so don’t miss to check out Babyface more often and experience one of their theme parties.

Aside from the club’s looks and theme parties, they also have their DJs who visit the club five times a week which gives the club a very great crowd especially with the help of their lighting that brought the club’s exciting atmosphere.

The Boat

With its name itself, The Boat is located at Liangma River, Beijing and is a perfect place for both young locals who want to have a hangout and for foreigners or tourists as well who loves to meet young Chinese girls.

The place has two levels as well where you can find their lounge or bar upstairs while downstairs is for those who want to shed some sweat through dancing their arse out along with the energetic crowd. They also have their VIP just behind the DJ’s booth where you can have your own space with your friends.

The Boat is a known club in Beijing with their electronica but if you are looking for some live acts, you can also find one in here since the owner brings one often. If you’ll visit the place during Thursday night’s then you can experience their 70s to 80s anthem.

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Angel Club

Angel Club can be found at Chaoyang, Beijing and you can visit the place from 8:30pm until 5am every day. The club is actually a new one in the city but they are already trying to spread the brand all over China particularly at Shanghai nightlife and Guangzhou where nightlife is also prevalent.

They also have their two lounges; one is for those dancing crowd and the second one is made for private parties held at the club. So, if you wanted to have your own room with some friends while chilling out, you can surely reserve one before the planned date.

Since Angel Club is a new one, its makers was really able to make its interior design a nice one with its lightings, podiums and their large dance floor that could accommodate a large crowd and speaking of Angel Club’s makers, the owner of the club is a Chinese celebrity that’s why no wonder if you can find some famous personalities in China partying in the club.


You can find VICS at Inside Workers’ Stadium North Gate, Beijing and as of the moment, there are also a lot of locals and foreigners who love to visit the said club because of its space which can accommodate a large number of guests who wants to have fun in Beijing clubs.

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What made this club a famous one if Beijing is its music preference which definitely brought the great atmosphere on the club’s dance floor. VICS has two dance floors by the way and one is for those who love hip hop music while the other one is for those who are into electronic music.

And for the ladies, you should keep yourselves updated for VICS usually have their ladies night which gives you a free entry to the venue. Also, as you observe the club’s design, you can see how it can be compared to world-class clubs which made it a nice place for those foreigners who are used to world-class clubs.


From the name itself, you should expect to find a number of people in this Beijing nightlife from anywhere and if you’ve been looking for some Beijing clubs where you can party very hard then Mix is the right place for you.

You can find this club at Inside Workers Stadium, Beijing that is operational from 8pm up to 5am and what really made this one a known one in Beijing is the fact that it is the largest club in the city. Here in Mix, you can find three halls and these halls divide the class or characteristic of its guests thus you should definitely look for the hall that suits you.

Aside from these, Mix usually plays Hip hop music with crazy atmosphere and their lighting is great as well which made the place a lovable one for those elegant yet wild girls not just in Beijing but maybe in the whole China as well.

As what you can observe, most of these Beijing clubs closes very late from 5am up until 6am thus making these clubs in the city a great one for those foreigners or tourists who’ve been looking for a place not just to relax or hangout with but also to have fun and meet new people.

Coco Banana

This one is also one of those famous Beijing clubs where you can have a great Beijing nightlife experience. Coco Banana is located at Gongti Xilu particularly at the West Side of the well-known Workers’ Stadium of Beijing.

Coco Banana is actually the perfect place for those locals and foreigners who want to experience having fun with some Beijing girls (learn more about Shanghai girls) who are working in this club. Yes, Coco Banana has their gogo girls who are very willing to have ‘fun’ with you for money.

Gogo girls from Coco Banana club dances on the stage or in the club’s dance floor where you get the chance check them one by one while looking for the one that you’d like to take with you for the night. Prices of these girls vary from their beauty and also if you wanted a short time or long time while their beer starts at 30rmb a bottle.

Other Nightlife Scenes in Beijing:

If you are the tourist who’s also looking for some alternative fun in Beijing aside from those Beijing clubs then you must also try the following:

Tiananmen Square

Many tourist visits Tiananmen Square during the night for its historical infrastructure but what some didn’t know is that the Square is also great during night time. Tiananmen Square tends to be less crowded at night which gives you more chance to appreciate its beauty and importance.

Also, Tiananmen Square is a great place for those who want to know Beijing or the country of China itself. Here, you can find a lot of government buildings and during their National Day; you can also have a great experience on how they celebrate it with some festive gatherings.

Dong Hua Men Night Market

Are you familiar with Asia’s night markets? Night markets are now the top most visited places in Asia and if you wanted to try a nice night market in Asia then you should have Dong Hua Men Night Market a try.

You can find the said night market at Wang Fu Jing, Beijing and here in Dong Hua Men Night Market, you can surely have a great Beijing nightlife experience where you would definitely have a hard time choosing what food you would eat or souvenirs you would buy for there are a numerous of these in the place.

Chang’an Avenue

This one is actually a street that can be found in Beijing but it isn’t just a normal street; Chang’an Aveue has a name of being the widest and the longest street in the world. The avenue is consisting of only 4km road but it is too straight which made it look wide and long.

Here in Chang’an Avenue, you can find a number of buildings and historical infrastructures which made the place a must visit for those who are in Beijing to know the city even more. Tiananmen Square is also located in the Avenue and some other great places where can have a nice Beijing nightlife experience.


Well, karaoke is definitely Chinese’ favourite past time thus you should also give this past time a shot. There are actually a lot of karaoke bars in Beijing nightlife but one of the best karaoke places in the city is in Karaoke Hotel. Singing is indeed one of the best ways to relieve stress and so you must include this one in your list if you are in the city for relaxation.

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, Best Beijing Nightlife Guide to Meeting Girls

Beijing nightlife is surely the best in China thus you shouldn’t miss this city once you are in the country and with this article, it would definitely give you a number of ideas on how to spend your holiday vacation in Beijing with so much fun and excitement.

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