7 Places to meet good Girls in Kyoto

Need to know where to meet beautiful girls in Kyoto? This post was written exclusively for you. I will provide you with places and tips that will hopefully win you a Kyoto darling.

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More and more men are traveling to Kyoto to experience what the city has to offer regarding women. I will also guide you on the best ways to meet girls in Kyoto during the day, the nightlife and the best way to meet them online.

First things first. Japanese girls like foreign men, popularly known as gaijin. This could be due to a variety of reason. Some love gaijin confidence, romance and looks even when you are considered a less than average in looks.

One thing that is unique about girls in Kyoto is that unlike most other Asian countries Japanese girls are not money oriented. Like I said, they could fall for you since you are different, want you to be a trophy to brag to their friends while others want “half” kids and toss you later.

Whichever the reason, you shouldn’t be afraid to try them out. After all, all these could happen in your home country too.

Now let’s get on where to meet cute girls in Kyoto and how they compare to Tokyo girls.

Kyoto shopping malls

This is the easiest and probably the best place to meet girls in Kyoto during the day. Kyoto girls love to shop and Kyoto have plenty of malls to quench this thirst.

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One of the best areas in Kyoto to meet girls in malls is on Shijo Street.

Teramachi and Shin Kyogoku shopping arcade

Location: Kawaramachi intersection

The area is packed with a younger crowd meaning more girls.

Porta underground shopping

This is another solid option to find girls in Kyoto.

Other shopping areas include Nishiki market, about 100 meters north if Shijo street.

Girls in these places are very comfortable as they feel safe contrary to when walking in the streets. Start a little conversation with them, smile a lot and they might just get receptive.

If she gets freaked out, just back off to avoid a scene.

Meeting Kyoto girls in cafes

Kyoto girls love tea. They will sometime hang out in café, in groups or alone just to see new faces. If you get in any of these cafes, make an eye contact with one.

If she shows interest, offer to buy her a snack and get talking.

girls in Kyoto, 7 Places to meet good Girls in Kyoto

Yojiya café on 15 Sakyong

Dessert café on 604 Maruyamacho

Efish café on 798-1 Nishi Hashizume

Meet Kyoto girls in tourist attraction sites

Kyoto has a rich culture. There many are shrines and temples in the city. While you may be there to see the building, the locals go to these places to pray. Therefore, you could meet a girl, ask her to show you around and so on.

The three famous temples here are Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kinkakuji, and Kiyomizu–Dera.

Meeting beautiful girls in Tokyo during the night

If you want an even easier way to meet good girls in Tokyo, you might need to try it out during the night.

girls in Kyoto, 7 Places to meet good Girls in Kyoto

Sometimes you can pick a girl at these spots without talking after all these places are too loud to have a conversation anyway.

Meeting single women in Kyoto karaoke

Japanese girls love to sing, an explanation as to why karaoke is a staple of Japanese life. You don’t have to understand what the girls sing, or judge their voices but stay interested.

If you are good at singing or enjoys it there are English song selection so go get popular. Spot one of the cutest girls and sing a romantics song for her. Make sure you keep pointing and looking at her during the song.

Jankara karaoke

  • Location: 296 Narayacho Kawaramach, 6th n 7th F

It’s the most popular karaoke venue in Kyoto. Unlike karaoke in western countries, the price to sing is cheap, usually $1 or 100 yen per hour.

Ki Bar

  • Location: 122-1 Isiyacho, Nakagyo –Ku
  • Karaoke Studios Doredoredo
  • Location: 98 Sakuragicho, Shimogyo-ku.

Meeting hot girls in bars in Kyoto

If you would rather skip singing and stick to beer when looking for a girlfriend, worry not as Kyoto has plenty of pubs and bars. We can all agree that girls are more receptive when drunk.

As per we the gents, we see no walls between us and the girls, compared to when sober. Offer to buy drinks for the girl and maybe she will give you good company for week or years to come.

Some of the top bars to meet girls in Kyoto include:

  •  Fishbowl on Empire Building 7th F
  • Beer Komachi on 444 Hachikencho
  • Jo Social Sake bar on 126 Ishiyacho
  • Sayura Vins Fins on 570 -120 Gionomachi

Cost: not expensive.

Tip : Ask for Nomi-haudai. It cost $20 for 1 ½ hour and you will thank me.

Meeting girls in Kyoto nightclubs

If sitting in a bar seem tame for you, then you should try meeting girls in nightclubs. Luckily, Kyoto has a thriving nightlife, particularly around 3rd street and the Kamogawa River.

Some of the must visit clubs for easy hookups include

  • Butterfly on 604-8031 Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto
  • Club World on Kyoto-shi
  • Kitsune Kyoto on Kyoto-shi, Kiyacho.
  • Surfdisco on 600-8001, Shishimogyo-Ku, Shincho.

Opening hours for these clubs: 19:00 -02: 00 (Sunday to Thursday), 19:00 -04:00 on Fridays and 19:00 – 05:00 on Saturdays.

Caution: Japan is not famous to pay for sex but there are prostitutes. Since we are after good girls, you need to be on the lookout when hitting on girls with revealing clothes.

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It’s quite hard to find Japanese hookers in Kyoto as it’s not a big city, much easier to find them in cities like Osaka where girls will talk to you.

Meet girls in night view

While Kyoto is famous for its temples and shrines, where else can you meet girls after this places are closed?

Let me introduce you to Kyoto night viewing.

Kyoto station building night view

You will get a heartwarming experience on the 10th floor of this building. Take advantage of the serene atmosphere and ask a random girl out.

Hours of admission: 10 am -10 pm

Cost: free

Other places to meet girls during the night include:

  • Funaokayama park night view
  • Kodaiji parking sunset and night view
  • Ryozen Gokuku shrine night view

Meeting Kyoto girls on online dating sites

Since most Kyoto girls do not speak English, dating sites comes very handily. Girls here can use Google translator to meet gaijin raising chances of a successful dating.

One of the best site to meet girls in Kyoto is Japanese Cupid. The site is free to use and you can get hundreds of girls online at any time.

All you need is sign up and get introduced to local and other girls within Japan. For Gaijins, Japan Cupid is considered the best wingman.

My thoughts on Kyoto girls

Women in Kyoto are super sexy so you will not have difficulty finding a cute one. As you approach them, always remember to be kind and respectful. Try putting a big smile when you talk to them.

Keep the conversation simple and interesting. Like I said, most of these girls are not after money so being a nice guy will take you a long way.

If you want to meet local girls in Kyoto for free, check out this article.girls in Kyoto, 7 Places to meet good Girls in Kyoto

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