Hoi An Nightlife Guide For Meeting Girls

If you have been to Da Nang and experience its nightlife, there is also a good place to go to which is just about 30 minutes away – Hoi An.

If you want to meet Vietnamese girls for free in Hoi An, then check out this article.

Hoi An nightlife, Hoi An Nightlife Guide For Meeting Girls

Hoi An also offers vibrant nightlife and you can be able to enjoy up until the wee hours of the morning.

While most of these places or establishments close by 3 p.m., it does not mean that it is not boring, although it’s not as big as Hanoi’s party areas.

Just like any other town or major cities in Vietnam, you can be able to enjoy Hoi An nightlife in different types:

Mango Rooms

This is not necessarily a bar, but more of a restaurant and café type that offers a huge list of drinks ranging from cocktails, wine, spirits and mocktails

. They also offer great food choices which are inevitably delicious. It also goes by the name Mango Mango. The best thing about this place is that you can be able to enjoy eating while looking at the riverside. Great place to unwind especially in the afternoon. They are open from 8 am until 12 midnight so if you are craving for a midnight chow, you know the place to go.

White Marble

Not necessarily another bar, but it can pass as this is really a wine bar. Located at Le Loi Street and it is within a refurbished heritage building which means that you can have a little feel of nostalgia when having a few drinks with friends.

Hoi An nightlife, Hoi An Nightlife Guide For Meeting Girls

Most wine lovers/ enthusiasts visit this place so you can be able to see locals and foreigners – but you will seldom see young patrons because they prefer beer or liquors compared to wines. The place is open from 7 am to 11 pm and they offer a wide range of premium wines from all over the world.

Hoi An Sports Bar

You are probably thinking – “this is the place I prefer to go to!” If you like to have a few glasses or bottles of beer while watching your favorite game then you should head to Hoi An Sports Bar to enjoy a younger Hoi An nightlife

. Open every day from 11 am to 11 pm, you can have a drink of your favorite beer and also enjoy their Games Corner where you can play board games and other popular game consoles. This is a place for travelling sports fan and you can also see young locals and tourists hanging out in this place.

Q Bar

Q Bar is located at Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and offers a wide selection of drinks. Their interior is upscale which also complements the price for their drinks.

Their drinks start at 50,000 VND up to 150,000 so this place is for those who have the budget to spare. This is considered as a popular Hoi An nightlife and this tends to be busy especially during the weekends.

Dive Bar

Dive Bar is also another popular place to hang out among locals and foreign tourists. Most people come here to enjoy live music played by different artists and bands. This bar mostly caters to scuba divers from all over the world and they are open from 10 am to 12 midnight. Drinks are priced starting at 25,000 VND to 110,000 VND. They also serve Western pub grub at affordable price.

Before and Now

Another part of the Hoi An nightlife is Before and Now located on 51 Le Loi. This bar/café offers a wide range of food and drinks (including beer, mocktails and cocktails) which suits everyone’s taste. They also have a happy hour that runs between 6pm to 10pm which is not bad because normal happy hour starts from 5 to 7pm. Their food and drinks are offered at a very affordable price and the place caters to local, expats and tourists.

Why Not Bar

Why Not is located on Pham Hong Thai and is open up until 5am. They have a pool table for your pleasure. Their food and drinks are fairly priced. They usually held themed parties as well and are flocked mostly by young patrons or group of backpackers which can get pretty busy during the weekends.

King Dragon

King Dragon is a family-operated business and is open up until late night. They offer food and drinks such as beers and cocktails at a very reasonable price. They also offer freshly brewed beer for just 5000 VND and this is also a place where you can watch your favorite football, rugby or baseball game. The place is located at Phan Boi Chau Street., this place is not too hard to miss.

Meeting Hoi An Girls

So enough about the bars and let’s get down to business. You would probably be wondering if it is difficult to get laid with Hoi An girls. But to jump start, you would need to know where to look first.

Girl in Hoi An are a little easier to talk to than Hanoi women simply because the culture in the middle of Vietnam is more laid back than the north.

Hoi An’s prostitution or sex trade is illegal compared with neighbouring cities or countries for that matter.

In fact, you will actually get disappointed. If you would like to release your load the easy way, the best place to go to is Bangkok or Ho Chi Minh impressive nightlife.

You can opt to go for a massage but you would have to ask the girl politely and discreetly since it is not tolerated in Hoi An. If she agrees, she might give you a hand job massage in Vietnam but don’t expect anything more than that.

You must do it with complete and absolute discretion otherwise, she will get fired from her job or she will be sent to jail.

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But if you are looking to date a sweet Vietnamese girl, then you can go to Hoi An and find a girl there however, you can’t expect them to converse with you since they know broken English. But to give you a little bit of something to look forward to, these Hoi An girls are absolute stunners.

Hoi An nightlife, Hoi An Nightlife Guide For Meeting Girls

On the other hand, since the place is a tourist attraction, maybe you can hang out with girls who are on vacation as well – who know, you might get lucky and be able to bang someone during your stay.

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