4 Places to Find Ladyboys in Bali

In this article I’ll show you where to find Ladyboys in Bali, the best bars and clubs to meet them on holiday. If you want to meet normal Bali women read here.

Nowadays, holiday vacations are best spent if you are able to travel from one country to the other and if you are that person who loves to visit different countries and discover new things from their culture, tradition, and people then you should give this guide a read.

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, 4 Places to Find Ladyboys in Bali

Among all the contents the world has, Asia is indeed the top country where you can see the difference of each country especially when it comes to the various traditions these countries have but amongst these 48 countries in Asia, Indonesia is truly one of these that you should place as the first one in your must-visit list.

Indonesia is best known for their temples, monuments, volcanoes, and mountains but if you wanted to find more in this particular country then you shouldn’t forget the beaches in Indonesia which is a must try ones you are in the country especially the beaches you can in the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Bali is a small island in Indonesia but not because it is an island then you can belittle this island for in here, you can find the best beaches in the country and aside from the beaches, they also have their Bali girls and most of all the ladyboys in Bali that would absolutely make your vacation in this island the best one.

Ladyboys in Bali are surely very known ones who are all very expert and experienced in giving tourists and foreigners a great time every time there are on the island. If you are thinking of these ladyboys in Bali as just some possessions for sex and such then you are absolutely wrong.

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These ladyboys are truly not just for pleasure and all but they are also good at keeping you accompanied especially with the very jolly and kind attitude they have which most of those foreigners and tourist are looking for.

Where to find ladyboys in Bali?

There are actually a number of ways for a foreigner to find some ladyboys in Bali but if you wanted to them fast when you go and try to visit Seminyak’s Dhyanapura area where you can find a number of ladyboy and gay bars spread all over the area.

Ladyboys and Gay Bars in Bali

One of the best ways for you to find these ladyboys in Bali is through those ladyboys and gay bars you can find on the island. Gay bars in the island is indeed famous in Bali which is able to draw attention to foreigners and locals for all the entertainment and fun these bars can offer their guests.

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If you are a straight man, you might think that entering a gay bar is a very awkward thing to do but ones you are already inside the establishment and experience how fun and exciting it is to watch their shows, you would surely love to visit the place over and over again.

Bali Joe

Bali Joe, for example, is a gay bar that can be found at Dhyanapura where you can surely have a good time watching all those ladyboys in Bali perform on their stage. In here, the ladyboys perform some role-playing and such which are indeed funny and exciting to watch.

, 4 Places to Find Ladyboys in Bali

They also have a cabaret shows that you would surely love especially if you are the person who’s into comedy shows and after their cabaret shows, you can then watch their “Midnight Extravaganza” where there are a number of girl impersonators in Bali that would entertain each one of you in the bar.

But the night in this gay bar doesn’t just end there for they have their gogo boys dance which is definitely entertaining and the best in Bali plus their drag queen lipsynch performances that are absolutely worth watching for whenever you are in Bali.

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What I love with this gay bar as well as their stuff which is all accommodating and nice, making sure that you are having a great night in their bar. They have a number of bartenders too who are truly professional in providing things inside the bar.

There are also some other gay bars that you can find in the area and aside from the gay bars, there are a few pubs that you can find in here as well but if you really wanted to make the most of your night in Bali then you should definitely visit first their ladyboys and gay bars.

You will find more ladyboys in Bali than Jakarta.

Bars and Pubs in Bali

Aside from these ladyboys and gay bars that you can see in Bali, you can also find some of these ladyboys in some other bars and pubs in the island. It is actually not that hard to notice these ladyboys in Bali for they usually wear heavy makeup and very heels as well and when it comes to their voice, some of them is still not that perfect in hiding their ‘real’ voice.

Beaches in Bali

Since Bali is best known for its beaches then you should also give their beaches a try. Whenever you are in one of the beaches on the island, you may be lucky enough and finally find a ladyboy from all those foreigners and locals having a great time under the sun.

You should also have to know that there are many ladyboys in Bali that were already able to do some changes in their body thus it is inevitable to find a ladyboy in the beaches of Bali wearing a swimsuit and do really looks like a woman; you just have to be clever enough to know the difference.

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If you are a foreigner especially a Westerner, it is actually not that hard for to get hooked up with one of these ladyboys in Bali for most of the people not just in Bali but in Asia loves to hang out with foreigners thus giving you a great chance to be approached by one of them.

Online Dating Sites

I guess this one is one of the easiest ways to find ladyboys in Bali where what you only have to do is to look for an online dating site that is available in Bali such as Indonesian Cupid and then make your own account.
, 4 Places to Find Ladyboys in Bali

From the account you’ve made, you can already have an access to communicate with all those single girls and ladyboys you can find in the online dating site you’ve tried. It’s surely pretty easy to be apart with these online dating sites and not to mention that you can sign up with most of these online dating sites for free which makes this the best choice for everybody.

Tips for dealing with these ladyboys in Bali:

Although hanging out with these ladyboys in Bali sounds interesting, you should also know that there are some rumors that a few of these ladyboys can’t be trusted and so you really have to make sure that you are able to go out with a trusted one.

  • Don’t give too much information

I guess this one is the best thing you can do in protecting yourself with the ladyboy you’ve just met in Bali. An example of an information that you must not share to your ladyboy is the password of your bank account which some foreigners fail to do that would eventually end up with you going home to your country with no money at all.

  • Don’t leave your things unattended

There may be a time when you really have to leave the ladyboy you are within your room alone especially when you are going to the bathroom or elsewhere then the best thing you can do is to place your stuff and any important things such as your wallet and gadgets in a cabinet with a lock just to make sure it is secured.

  • Avoid sending money

You might be able to meet a ladyboy on an online dating site and after a couple of weeks or months perhaps she starts to ask money from you. Well, tempting it may be, you shouldn’t give in to this scheme easily. There are already a number of issues reported that whenever they are able to get what they want from you just like the money you’ve sent then they would eventually disappear like nothing happens.

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Even though not ever ladyboy here in Bali can’t be trusted it is still the best thing to do if you would help yourself from being tricked and you can already do that by just simply following these three tips and I am pretty sure that your ladyboy hunting in Bali would go smoothly.

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, 4 Places to Find Ladyboys in Bali

Bali is truly a place where you can absolutely have a great time especially with all those white beaches, loud music from clubs and of course those nice, fun and exciting ladyboys you can find in Bali hence you shouldn’t forget to include the island in your next destination this coming holiday vacation.

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