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9 Best Go Go Bars in Angeles City

In this guide learn where to find the best go go bars in Angeles City. The Philippines is definitely one of the countries in Asia that everyone should be looking forward to. As you go over the country, there are indeed a lot of cities that are worth visiting for but if you wanted to

La Cafe Manila Nightclub Review

In this article you’ll find out my review of LA Cafe nightclub in Manila. To make it clear this place is mostly fully of hookers. For the past years of going over the countries and cities in Asia, checking on what’s the best thing to do in a particular place will be that easy for

Review of Black Market Nightclub

In this article I review Black Market nightclub in Manila If you are a party person who visited the Philippines not only to tour around the great attractions the country can offer you but also to try the nightlife scenes Philippines have then you surely in the right country. The Philippines may have vast touristy

8 Best Clubs in Quezon City

In this article learn where to find the best clubs in Quezon City. If you’ve been looking for a country within the premises of Asia that can surely make every moment of your stay a worthwhile one then you should try the Philippines. The country is also a known one for its nightlife scenes that

A Quick Run Down on Manila

I’ve been spending a little bit more time in Manila this year and my friends keep asking me why. In this article I’m going to compare both cities and tell you why you need to visit Manila more, but to still live in Bangkok. Cost of living breakdown The cost of living in Manila is around