Tourist Guide To Blok M In Jakarta

Have you been to the historical National Museum of Indonesia or to the Ancol Dreamland which are both found in Jakarta and you are still finding for things that Jakarta can offer you?

Then you might want to shift from their solemn attractions to the blasting one and try their awesome and well-known Jakarta nightlife.

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Jakarta is indeed a city that is known for its prehistoric and preserved culture but as you go along the city’s nightlife, you will be able to see the other side of Jakarta. The city doesn’t just offer a solemn place to tourists and foreigners but they also have their own way of getting along with the trends nowadays.

If you go along streets of Jakarta to experience how nightlife goes in the city, you’ll be able to find various attractions and party atmosphere in the place such as their clubs, bars, pubs and even loud discos in where you can party all night long.

Have you ever heard the famous Blok M in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Indonesia? If you are in South Jakarta, your visit won’t be complete without checking out the place. Blok M Jakarta is a well-known place for its relatively low price range for their inexpensive property cost compared to other businesses and shopping quarters.

Whatever you are looking for in Blok M Jakarta nightlife, the place has it all. If you are looking for a place in where you can relax, you may wanted to visit their best sex spas in Jakarta and massage parlours and if you wanted to have fun all night long, you can go visit their loud disco bars.

Bars and Clubs in Blok M Jakarta

Blok M is really one of the many red light areas of the city and here is actually a list of mine of the tops five Bars and Clubs in Blok M Jakarta that is definitely a must try:

A bar found in the middle of Jalan Pelatehan of Blok M Jakarta nightlife that has been running since mid-80’s. For the past years that Jakarta has been improving, Top Gun, was there and fighting over the changes of the city that is indeed obvious for still being one of the top bars in the city.

If you are a new comer in the city particularly in Blok M, you should definitely try Top Gun first. The bar is equipped with loud music and liver atmosphere which is perfect for those party goers. They do also have a pool table to add some fun in the place and not to mention their pleasant and prompt bar staffs.

  • D’s Place

Are you looking for a bar in Block M in where you can get drinks in a cheaper price with an honest billing? Well, D’s Place is a well-known bar in the area for being an affordable one and yet you can have a great night with their decent and great ambiance.

, Tourist Guide To Blok M In Jakarta

You may also be searching for a place in where you can find a lot of girls in Jakarta to whom you can spend the night with which is one of the best aspects of D’s Place for they do have a large number of girls specially after 10:30 in the evening where you can see them wall0to0wall just upstairs. They do also have some pool table downstairs whenever you wanted to have a short game with your colleagues.

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  • Sportsman

A bar located just next to D’s Place and just like the two other bars I have mentioned above, Sportsman do also have their pool tables downstairs and another one just upstairs of the bar which gives you a lot of opportunity to play when in the bar.

Expect to find the odd Jakarta ladyboy here.

Well, aside from their spacious bar downstairs, they do also have an eating area towards the back of the bar for you to have some meal before partying all night long. If you are strolling around Blok M to look for girls then Sportsman isn’t the right place for you since it is much like a guys’ bar and no girls are allowed in the place unless they are accompanied.

If you are looking for a bar with a unique yet great ambiance, you must go and visit Everest. The bar is located at Jalan Pelatehan and is a two-floor bar. What you can see downstairs is a podium for their live band, an eating area for some meal, and a classical bar for everybody to have their drinks for the night.

Meanwhile, upstairs is composed of a traditional pool and a dining area. Although half of the floor is the only part that is occupied, you can still enjoy the view from the first floor specially their live band. The bar is indeed a nice place to spend your night with plus their friendly and accommodating staffs.

It is a bar that is found in the main road of Melawai Raya of Blok M Jakarta that has been famous for the past years. The bar is consisting of a dance floor for their disco scene and a bar with some pool tables. It is actually a landmark establishment in Blok M and is a great place if you wanted to find some girls within the place.

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Lintas Melawai is a famous bar for being accessible hence, it is just near Melawai hotel and once you are to drunk and wants to get a taxi then, you can simply get one from being a constant stream of late-night taxis in the area.

As you stroll around Blok M, you can also find other bars and clubs that aren’t on my list either way, you can try whatever bar you wanted as long as it suites you tastes and needs. There are also other ways for you to enjoy Blok M Jakarta nightlife; you just have to find the perfect scene for you.

Other destinations in Blok M Jakarta

Aside from being famous for Blok M’s nightlife, the place is also a known one for its shopping center in where you can find great deals and enjoy shopping till you drop. When you visit Blok M you can find the two massive shopping centers in the area which are the Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza.

Rest assured, when you are in Blok M Square and Blok M Plaza, you can definitely find what you are looking for from their stalls that do caters various kinds of products and services from their printmaking for souvenirs to their great variant of foods.

Although Blok M isn’t that developed compared to other cities in Jakarta, the place is still the home for city’s biggest bus terminus hence, it is very accessible wherever you are in Jakarta. The place is a very great one if you are finding for a cheap drink that could get you accompanied till the sun comes up without getting poor afterwards., Tourist Guide To Blok M In Jakarta

Jakarta is indeed a great place for both tourists and locals and if you would just look around the city, you would surely enjoy yourself.

The city is equipped with various attractions and every penny you spent just to tour the city is definitely worth it especially if you are able to experience the fun in Blok M Jakarta nightlife. A place worth visiting for!

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